Sunday, May 4, 2014

Prettiest Starbucks in SG

Have been wanting to wear my DIY Starbucks Inspired Charm Bracelet for the longest time,
and what better time to wear it than when going to the PRETTIEST Starbucks branch in Singapore? ^~^
Starbucks Coffee
37 Rochester Drive Singapore 138640
Mainly picture post cause I'm quite lazy to type today hahah!
Plus I don't think anyone needs an introduction to Starbucks right...? :x


 Used my SUPER OBSOLETE digital camera for this post cause my DSLR is dead and I've sent it for servicing, which explains my lack of updates recently T~T

 The place is unlike any other Starbucks and it's sooo pretty and spacious!
But surprisingly packed with people too haha!
I guess no one can resist the prettiest Starbucks huh~

 Oh and this Starbucks is huuuuge and has TWO STOREYS ^~^

Pretty neat place to hang out and study at if you're near the area!
I've been trying to vlog recently, not sure if you guys will like it, but I'm trying to do that with a digi cam I just bought while my DSLR isn't with me for now~
HOPEFULLY I'll be back to blog more soon!! ^~^

Check out my TUTORIAL for the Starbucks Inspired Charm Bracelet here:
Thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^