Friday, May 2, 2014

SINGSALE Flash Frenzy

A lot of times when I post photos of my new stuff (especially clothes) online,
I get people asking me where I got them from...

For those whose questions I missed answering, it's mostly from SINGSALE!!! ^~^
SINGSALE is a private online shopping club that offers exclusive discounts at up to 80% off across women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, accessories, beauty, homewares, gifts and toys,
and I'm not shy to say that I'm one of their regulars hahah!

The fun part about SINGSALE is that all their items will only be put up for a limited period of time,
like a flash sale.
So you really have to check back regularly on the SINGSALE website/ app to grab the best deals the moment their sales are launched!
And personally, I get a huuuuge amount of excitement and adrenaline when shopping on SINGSALE!! :P

Apart from the ton of apparels, I also bought my first branded Gucci shades, bags, Swarovski Elements jewellery, pots and pans and even baby clothes (for my friend's kid!), weighing scale and so much more from SINGSALE!!

And they're all at super low prices!!!
Here are just 10% of the stuff I got from SINGSALE...
I usually get my bags at about $10 to $15~

Chio new gym bag to motivate me to work out hahah!
And then I realised that their pans and baking equipments are super crazy cheap too, so I bought 4 cupcake stands, a pink metallic whisk, a zebra print spatula and some colorful pans cause they're all super pretty!
Plus the pans are ceramic too!! Usually ceramic pans are more expensive when you buy them from stores :p
Swarovski element jewelry which are usually sold for $xxx and I got them for $13 on SINGSALE omg lol

Baby clothes at $5 each??? :D
Great for parents who like to dress up their babies but don't want to cause too much damage to their pockets!!
I fell in love with the SINGSALE app the moment I was introduced to it and have also recommended it to many people around me!
I mean, how do you resist new SALES every day??? :D
Everything on SINGSALE is as its name suggests, is sold at a reduced price from its regular retail price.
And there are sales for the top fashion brands in the world on a daily basis!
I've seen sales for designer labels like CHANEL, Gucci, COACH, Michael Kors and many more,
and the prices are always super tempting indeed!! ^~^

And next month, SINGSALE’s biggest online shopping event returns as MYSALE hosts the next Flash Frenzy exclusive to their members,
with new sales being launched every half an hour and DISCOUNTS of up to 80% on all participating sales!!!

Held previously in November 2013, Flash Frenzy quickly became the largest, most successful online retail event of the year!
Boasting a 100% increase in new visitors and selling 2.2 items per second~~ :O

SINGSALE is currently in negotiation with their biggest brand partners both locally and internationally to secure the best deals ensuring that this Flash Frenzy is their best ever!
On a regular basis I think the stuff on SINGSALE is pretty friggin amazing already, so I really can't wait to see what awesome-r deals they have in store for us during the Flash Frenzy!!!

For three days only,
SINGSALE members will be able to purchase the best products by 60 leading local and international brands, including Coach, Bonds, Revlon, Zara, Quiksilver, Havaianas, Pandora, Dermalogica, Rayban, Redken, Australian Leather Uggs, Luxor Linen, Fitflop, Desigual, Thomas Sabo, Charlie and Me and many more!!

Members will also be able to shop via the SINGSALE App, and members who shop on the app will get access to Flash Frenzy an hour early!!
If you aren't familiar with the SINGSALE app yet, I'll tell you that this ONE HOUR advantage can change the entire game!
You can view the sales before others do, choose the best items out of the sales before others do, and you'll get to choose your perfect size for the items before they're all snagged up!
Quick grab your phones and download the SINGSALE app now!!!
Membership is free by the way! The easiest way is just to sign in via Facebook ^~^
Mark your calendars, stay by your phones/ computers and brace yourselves for one of the world’s largest shopping events!
Trust me, you won't want to miss this!!
4th May - 6th May 2014

May the fastest fingers grab the best deals during the Flash Frenzy!! :P
Thank you for reading, love you all!