Monday, June 23, 2014


AshInCans needs no introduction.
They're one of the most established online boutiques out there, with a strong supportive base of chic and trendy customers who are always looking forward to their new collections!
And I'm not shy to say that I, too, have been a follower of their collections since waaaay back! ^~^

I'm always thrilled to get to work with them
and today I'm going to share with you girls 3 gorgeous pieces that I got from AshInCans!! :D
Quote "rachell5" for 5% OFF TOTAL BILL!

I chose 2 babydoll pieces of similar cutting because I'm recently super into babydoll dresses!!

These dresses are not only really comfortable, they're also totally flattering because they hide our tummies and flare out at all the right areas to give that adorably sweet silhouette! ^~^

Love them so much!!!
Plus the lovely floral prints balances out the cuteness of the dress by giving it a feminine and matured vibe!
Perfect for casual days out with your special someone!! ^~^

Mono Floral Keyhole Back Dress
Under the AIC Label
This dress is a little more special than the other because of its keyhole back, both I love both equally much!!! :D

Last but definitely not the least, my Crochet Romper Skorts from AshInCans! :D
I'm obsessed with this gorgeous piece because it appears as a sweet and dainty little white dress,
but it actually gives you the full comfort of wearing shorts without feeling restricted with your moments at all hahah! xD

You know that thing girls do where we try not to repeat our outfits....
well I've worn this out three times since I got this already!!!! :O

Look at the details of the crochet design!!! :D

Candid photo of me when I wasn't ready, but check out the pretty flare of the skorts!!!! *o*

By the way, good news!!!
Ashincans has very generously decided to host a giveaway for you girls, yay!!! ^~^

All you have to do is:
2. Repost this photo of me wearing this AIC Label piece on your instagram
3. Tag @ashincans in the photo

And you can stand a chance to win the apparel!!! :D
Super easy! ^~^
Also, do remember to quote "rachell5" for 5% OFF TOTAL BILL when you purchase at their site!
New collection tomorrow night (24th June) at 8pm!!

Happy shopping! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!