Thursday, June 5, 2014

My favourite shops @ Bugis Street

And today, I'm going to be blogging about where you can buy a ton of happiness,
at really low prices!!! :D

Bugis Street is definitely a familiar place to all of us.
Located super conveniently at BUGIS MRT Station,
it's the LARGEST street shopping experience in Singapore
with some of the most competitive prices you can find!

I am obsessed with Bugis Street because
it's a place where fashion is made accessible to all.
Regardless of status, wealth, age group etc,
EVERYONE who steps out of Bugis Street will be able to dress with style at crazily affordable costs! :D

When I feel like my wardrobe is in serious need of change and I need to go on a huge shopping spree,
the first place that comes to mind for me is Bugis Street! xD

Anyway, I headed down to Bugis Street with Ben the other day with a $100 budget each!
Even though I was already expecting to get a ton of pretty items out of this shopping trip,
I was still immensely surprised by my haul!!! :D
Read on till the end to see what I bought!! ^~^
Coincidentally, my outfit of the day was also from my previous shopping trip to Bugis Street LOL

A gloriously sunny day to shop!!!! xD

Everyone knows Bugis Street for its huge selection of shops and the unquestionably fantastic shopping.
But if you actually take a closer look at Bugis Street,
you'll notice how much effort has been put into decorating the place - it's actually really pretty!!
Not to mention fully air-conditioned!! :O

I LOVEEEE the Christmas lights on the ceiling especially
(look up & you'll see this the moment you enter Bugis Street)!!

But I can understand why though!
Most people miss out on these beautiful little things because the rush of adrenaline upon arriving at Bugis Street is uncontrollable hahah xD

For those who haven't been there in a really long time, Bugis Street is made up of 3 levels.
There is a vast mixture of styles of the shops in each level,
but if you don't happen to have the luxury of time to slowly scour through each level for the buys you're looking for that day,
here's a general style guide (my interpretation) of each level to help you with it:

First Level:
Your go-to place for everyday wear.
Casual yet chic, where style meets comfort perfectly!

Second Level:
Here's where all the cool kids and fashionistas love to be!!
I seriously don't think you'll ever find such chic clothes at prices as low as $5 anywhere else!
This is personally my favourite level to shop!!! :D

Third Level:
If you're looking for something more dressy, high-fashion inspired or even leaning towards avant garde,
this will be your retail heaven!
Think mesh panels skirts, structured sleeves, aztec prints, asymmetrical capes and more!

Among the hundreds or thousands of shops at Bugis Street, I've decided to sieve out
my top favourite shops @ Bugis Street
in this blogpost just for you all!!
Prepare your pen and paper, cause you'll definitely want to check out these shops in particular when you visit Bugis Street!! :D

First up,
at Level One
Among the other shops selling slogan tees, denim shorts, basic tops and the likes,
Love Shop really stood out to me!

It had the nice soft lighting, gorgeous wooden tiled flooring, and a large amount of beautiful pieces of apparels hung up on display!
I don't think anyone would be able to resist walking in!!

Apart from their pullovers, cropped tops, bags and pouches,
Love Shop also has caps ($10), beanies, super adorable plushies, and even ONESIES!!!

BEANIES AT $5????!!!!

Sometimes when there're too many nice things to buy, it's quite a headache to decide which to get..
But it's a good kind of headache... the kind of headache I wish I could get everyday HAHAH xD

And here are the buys I got from Love Shop!!
at Level One

Striped cat teeshirt dress at..... $10!!! :O
I really couldn't believe the price I got it for?!
I could swear that I saw a similar piece elsewhere asking for $28 because it's kind of Korean fashion inspired with the whole bold stripes thing going on!

And I really really like the doe-eyed cat with a beanie printed on this piece!!! :D

And because this is a teeshirt dress, I only had to put on this looooong teeshirt and I'm ready to head out!
Super fuss-free and yet looking all dressed up! Love it!!! xD

The cat's expression totally fit the "help me, I'm stuck!!" look of this photo LOL!

And to store all my essentials for going out (like my ginormous DSLR), here's my
also from Love Shop!

I'm calling it the K-PONY bag pack because the pony somehow just looks really Korean, and even my friends agreed!! xD

If you love Korean fashion (which is the hype now!) but don't want to hurt your wallets,
I'd strongly recommend Love Shop at Bugis Street Level One! :D

At the Second Level, I noticed this shop that epitomized the phrase "Less is more".
Their layout is simple and straightforward.
All their apparels are clearly displayed such that at one glance you'll be able to see what you like without even touching the racks,
and the prices are all openly stated in the shop.
And this makes shopping really quick and easy!!

But as there're no signboards to show the shop's name, the best way to spot it is to identify their neighbour shop, SERENE'S IMAGINATION, which is generously covered with pretty roses!

One look and I've spotted a romper that I love!!!
Do you see what I see?? ^~^

Grabbing a whole bunch of clothes off the rack to look at them in the mirror
because there were other shoppers in the shop and I'm competitve like that :P

It's only $15 and the material + cutting is superrrrrr amazing!!
The type of quality that if a shop sold for $40 I'd still pay for it!!!
but I'm just saying... don't raise the price for real okay :X



at Level Two

One of the prettiest Floral Romper I've ever owned,
for only $15!!!
The dark blue colour really makes one look fairer, love it~~~

The contrast of the floral prints on the dark coloured romper is just stunning!! :D

My Red Checkered Dress from
Got it at $15,
 and the material as above mentioned, is unbelievably good!!
It's non-sheer, stretchy, and its really soft and smooth!
(not the itchy kind of flannel material!)

Also, the cutting is sooo flattering!! :D
I love the skater skirt cutting cause it always makes our waist look tiny and gives a really nice silhouette!

So in love with this dress I've worn it out TWICE/ THRICE since I got it hahah!

It definitely looks like it's worth so much more than $15!!

Also on the same level, we chanced upon
✓ along [CSL/B15]
at Level Two

I think Ben and I spent the most time at this shop!! :D

I'll be honest, it was the cat print teeshirt that caught my eye hahah xD
But either way, this shop is pretty hard to miss!
Their designs are not only bold and unique,
even the decorations on their walls are self-made!!
Passionate sellers + who also love DIYs = ♥♥♥♥♥

Super cool wall deco!!!

Also, their teeshirts are largely unisex!
Plus if you're a guy as slim as Ben,
you can even pick from the printed shirts section!
And girls' shirts are generally cheaper than guys'! ^~^

Ultra cute desserts printed shorts!!!
My favourite macarons!!! ^~^

YESSSS, they have pretty clothes going at $8!!!! :D

So many chio eco bags!!!
More motivation to carry them out and do our part for the environment hehe xD

Now for my buys from
along [CSL/B15]

Striped Skirt $15
I was very willing to pay for this shop's apparels although there were similar pieces elsewhere going at $12 because their quality was FANTASTIC!!!
Not the cheap kind of lightweight cotton at all!!

As both the items I got from [along] are bottoms,
I like the fact that they're thicker and more durable
so they won't tear or get blown by the wind so easily HAHAH!
*imagining Marilyn Monroe subway scene*

I think this bold piece looks amazing when paired with a simple top and statement necklace!

Floral Paperbag Shorts $15
I can't stress enough on how I absolutely adore the quality of the apparels from [along]!
The elastic waist band of the shorts fit my waist size snugly, plus the cutting elongates my legs significantly despite not wearing killer heels ^~^

It came with a brown rope belt too!

Also, this pair of shorts has one of my favourite cuttings ever:
flared leg openings!
This will your thighs look a lot skinnier cause of the gaps!! :D

✓ JSB [CSL/B20]
at Level 2
The last shop that I got my apparels from (due to our $100 budget)
is probably the most too-good-to-be-true shop in all of Bugis Street? :D
An entire rack of pullovers, teeshirts, tops etc in a myriad of prints, all at $10 each!!

I love how this picture shows how massive their shop is!
ahem, lucky shot lol!!
And Ben fell in love with some of their printed tees here!! xD

ALMOST got myself a $10 pullover until.....

These two shops facing each other belong to the same owner, JSB, by the way~~~

hahah it's honestly not something our logic lets us accept at once cause it's kind of impossibly cheap?
Only at Bugis Street I guess!!! xD

I heard a few girls ask "everything at $5? really ah?" the moment they stepped in,
and when the staff answered "yes, $5 each", I could hear the super-speed flipping of clothes hangers began LOL!!

And with just $10, I got two casual but chic tops that I know you girls will LOVE!!!

at Level Two
$5 each leh omg I still can't believe it hahah! xD

N.Y.C top in a lovely shade of olive green!

Love how the top is so comfortable and yet really pretty!! :D

Aren't the sleeve details adorable? xD

Hahah totally couldn't resist taking more photos with it!!!
This combination of colours look so good on camera as well as in real life~~

Also, if you're feeling a little on the wild side,
this cropped tank is also at $5!!! :D

Too pretty!
Like the kind of top you'll see on overseas websites, except that they sell to you at $40 for something similar LOL :X

All the stuff I got at $100!! ^~^

And here are some other photos of us shopping at Bugis Street! ^~^
Ben was interested in the shoes cause they're cheaper at Bugis Street than anywhere else!

More $5 items!!!!!
OMG, my heart cannot take all of this excitement hahah ♥_♥

Some people have the misconception that cheap items means bad quality.
The reason why the prices at Bugis Street are so competitive is probably because they have a ton of stocks, so when supply is high, prices go down!! ^~^
Actually if you visit Bugis Street, you'll realise that over the years, their quality of apparels and even the designs of the products have drastically improved!
And some shops could even pass off as label boutiques now, except without the hefty price tags!! :P

Look at the amount of bags on my hand LOLOL!!!

Yay hair ties!!!
Super obsessed with them recently! ^~^
Shall go hunt for more cheap and chio hair accessories at Bugis Street next~

What's this?? :D
A new shop at Bugis Street selling Poppin' Cookin' at half the usual retal price!!!
These are so entertaining to play with!
Just that they're usually at $10 a box so I can't bear to splurge and buy too many...
If I didn't remember wrongly, the shop is at Level Three of Bugis Street! :D
They also sell a whole bunch of interesting candy! ^~^

Another must-visit shop!!
✓ Y & J
This shop has numerous branches around Bugis Street, especially in Level Two and Three!
So just look out for their shop name, and you'll definitely be spoiled for choice by them!! :D

Phone casings, phone accessories, male apparels, female apparels, bags, masks, accessories etc....
this shop has a seemingly endless variety of items!!!
You have got to visit Y & J at Bugis Street!! xD
Plus the sales person was really nice and patient with us (actually Ben) while he spent $50 of his budget there in total hahah!!

at Level Two
Where I got my school girl top (my #ootd) from at $15! :D
It was so pretty I bought it in grey and navy blue, as seen in my previous vlog!

Random snaps of some of the amazing things you can find at Bugis Street~~

There's a locks of love thing at Bugis Street Level Two!
Too cute!!! :D
Would love to bring my boyfriend  there one day and hang our lock too! ^~^

It's always exciting to shop at Bugis Street because not only is it the largest shopping street in Singapore,
it's probably the cheapest and prettiest we can find!! ^~^
Plus it's fully air-conditioned so we can shop with comfort, and enjoy all the exciting street food and even delicious crepes (at Level Two) while shopping!!!

To make things EVEN better,
there will be MONTHLY LUCKY DRAWS and DAILY SURE-WIN LUCKY DIPS at Bugis Street!!! :D :D
Tons of attractive prizes to be won to reward shoppers who shop at Bugis Street during this school holidays period! ^~^

Bugis Street Monthly Lucky Draw – Get Lucky
Spend a minimum of $50 in Bugis Street (in a maximum combination of 3 same-day receipts) between 2nd June – 27th July 2014 and stand a chance to win the following prizes:

- 1st Prize: 4D3N trip to Hong Kong (includes Cathay Pacific air tickets + taxes, hotel)
- 2nd Prize: $500 worth of Bugis Street Shopping Vouchers
- 3rd Prize: 1 night stay at Parc Sovereign Hotel Executive Room (worth $228+)
- Consolation Prizes: 10 winners of $100 worth of Bugis Street Shopping Vouchers each

There will be a draw for each month, June & July!

Spending a minimum of $50
also entitles shoppers to 1 sure-win lucky dip!

Redemption location is at Level 3 (opposite #03-107) between 1pm to 9pm

For more details on these promotions, do check out Bugis Street's pages on:
Main Website

Enjoy your holidays + happy shopping!!! xD

Thank you for reading, love you all!