Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Purple is complicated

Hello loves!! ^~^

I went to Cleo Hair & Make today cause my black roots have grown quite a bit!

And the bleached part of my hair is super YELLOW and lion-mane looking hahah

And...... this time, I brought my sister along!! :D
She's heard so much good things about Cleo from my mum and I that she wanted to give Cleo a try too!! ^~^

My sister's BEFORE hair!
Oily hair, overgrown black roots and because of the thickness of her hair, it looks really heavy with not much shape to it~
And stylist Yui at Cleo (she's new, and she's very petite and pretty!)

Hitomi first helped me touch up my roots!

Followed by the besttttt hairwash everrrrrrr by Hitomi!!! ^~^
According to my sis, Yui gives really comfortable hair wash and massage too!
Although she's petite but she has a lot of strength! :D
Undoubtedly, Cleo stylists all got standard one!!!

Hitomi meticulously helping me dye the ombre parts of my hair first!

Hahah no prizes for guessing what hair colour I'm going for xD
Hitomi said she helped me add a bit of white onto my hair to create more of a gradient!
Actually to be honest, I was quite blur when she told me hahah but I trust her expertise, obviously so I said okay!! ^~^
I love how she always delivers what I ask for, and makes it x9999999 better!!

All done!!
Happy faces with Yui & Hitomi!! ^~^

So thankful that my sis said she couldn't be happier with her new hair!
Price range is similar to the old salon she went to, plus she said Yui took SO MUCH faster to dye, cut & do treatment for her hair than the other salons she visited (cause her hair is really thick)!
time = money, save time = save money xD

Also, Yui took the time to layer and style her hair to create that lovely flowy effect!
Like a princess-y hairstyle!
Now my dajie looks younger than me lor hahah plus she looked super cute!! xD

Side track a bit...
So I wanted to take a picture of the amount of hair my sister got snipped off to whatsapp my mum cause she has a lot of hair hahah xD
And Yui saw me do that and she quickly swept the hair into a heart!!!
Who knew that unwanted hair could still look cute lor LOL!!!

Anyway, as for my hair~~ :D
Took this with my iphone on the car ride home cause I was so excited about my new hair!!!!
About my hair.... it's complicated xD

With natural sunlight, it looks kind of pink + purple!

With natural light without direct sunlight, the contrast of my ombre hair becomes really obvious!
The top looks almost black with tinges of ash/grey!
And then the beautiful purple tips~~ ^~^

But indoors with natural lighting, it looks as if I have a larger portion (like half) of my hair dyed purple! xD

Hitomi helped me cut this layering during one of my previous visits to Cleo, and it's one of my hair obsessions hahah!
If someone has wispy layered ends, I almost immediately will think their hair is pretty xD

Can we all take a moment and appreciate the subtle yet super pretty ombre effect going on here~~? :D

Due to some reasons, I'm unable to dye my hair with crazily loud and outrageous colours (which I really love T~T)
so I'm always very thankful when Hitomi gives me a hairstyle that is "wearable" on a daily basis without being too over the top, and yet it looks soooo pretty and chic! :D

So yup!!!
Here's my new hair!!
Hope y'all will like it too! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!


Cleo Hair & Make
The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
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My vlog on the day I dyed my hair!! ^~^