Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rainbow dumplings & roses

If you guys don't already know, I've been uploading vlogs DAILY! :D
And you can come back to my blog everyday to see a new video on the DAILY VLOGS section above ^^

Here's today's vlog!

Perfect Side-Swept Bangs Trick! Super quick!!
Let me know how this works for you girls!

And my #ootd!
Thanks to my little brother who helped me take these shots ^~^

 3 cats stuck behind the cage, can you spot all 3? hahah

My mum, my brother and I had our dinner at Paradise Dynasty (beside DAISO) cause the "legend of xiao long bao" thing sounds super awe-inspiring LOL!!!
Like some kungfu movie sort hahah xD
 And also because we were attracted by this international flavoured xiao long bao!
There's a foie gras flavour (which was the best!!!), garlic flavour (ew lol), cheese (love it), crab roe, sze chuan, original and even TRUFFLE flavour!!! :O
And one basket is only at about $14 each? Which I think is quite reasonable because their standard for xlbs is FRIGGIN GOOD!!!
Even the original flavoured one is delicious!
 It's really cool to forget which colour represents which flavour and take a bite out of it and be pleasantly surprised by their tastes!! :D

 They also have a yuan yang xlb, which is HALF PINK HALF WHITE in ONE xlb, which I totally wanna try the next time I head over to vivo city!
 Saw the Singapore Garden Festival exhibition with lots of beautiful flower displays!
Here are some of my favourites!!
My talented brother took these shots while I was vlogging ^~^
Thanks Jack!!! ♥♥♥♥

Hope some of these pretty flowers pictures will make your day!

Thank you for reading, love you all!