Friday, July 4, 2014

All smiles!

If you've read my blogposts about my ceramic braces / aligners journey
you'd know how much more confident I am of smiling now! :D
And I think choosing to have healthy, clean and nice looking teeth is one of the best decisions one can make in their entire life! ^~^

And when you make a smart decision like this, it definitely impacts positively on your loved ones too!
My mum decided to go for clear aligners at Tooth Angels (The Central) as well,
under Dr Chia & Christina!

Prior to consultation with Dr Chia,
my mum had thought that since she's older now, it would be better if she waited a few more years to extract all her teeth and then wear perfectly straight dentures.
However, even dentures aren't the perfect solution.
Prolonged period of wearing dentures actually causes pressure on the gums, and it would cause quite a bit of discomfort,
and by then, there won't be much other options you can turn to.

So Dr Chia's wise words were that maintaining your own teeth would be the best option if possible.
No need to soak your dentures every night, no need to worry about painful gums, no need to worry about it falling off while talking etc!

This is a photo of mummy and I before I went to Tooth Angels!
Not very confident of my smile, plus I was trying to hide my ginormous bunny no avail LOL!

Mummy's main issues with her teeth were also quite similar to mine.
I think I inherited my huge front two teeth from my mum xD
While mine flared outwards like two pages of a story book, my mum's front two teeth were overlapping due to overcrowding
and thus there were some hard to brush areas which increased the chances of tooth decay.

My mum only did clear aligners for the top row of her teeth by the way!
Cause she partly wanted to see how well the aligners worked for her,
plus she said that people can only see the top row of her teeth when she smiles anyway haha!

Thankfully she did the clear aligners cause nobody could tell she was getting treatment done on her teeth! ^~^
Cause maybe mummy would have felt shy with metal braces heheh xD
but it would've been cute though!

Anyway, this is my mummy's pretty smile after about 8 months of aligners!!!! :D
Her teeth were fairly straight at around 6 months, and now all that's left is fine-tuning to get her teeth as ideal as possible!
It's so much easier to brush and floss our teeth now cause lesser food gets stuck without the irregular alignment of teeth ^~^

I'm really thankful that my mummy can get to feel more confident of her smile now as well!!! :D :D
Plus Christina is really nice so my mummy loves to visit Tooth Angels cause Christina always has funny stories to tell and makes her laugh! xD

Yay to pretty smiles!!! :D :D
I wish for my mummy to have strong, healthy teeth until we both extremely old
so we still can eat crunchy hard things like apples, crispy chicken wings, chili crab & nachos together without any worries! ^~^

And next up would be my elder sister's turn to get nice teeth! xD
Her case is a little more complicated because she has a metal implant teeth so she can't proceed with the clear aligners.
Instead, Dr Chia will be doing metal braces for her (although it's cheaper) because he doesn't believe in recommending a treatment that's more expensive but wouldn't be effective for my sister's case.
Thankful for professional & honest doctors!!!
Will update more about her braces soon! :D
Just a disclaimer that I'm not paid to write this post,
but I'm just really excited by the fact that my obsession with nice, clean teeth has spread to my family members
and we're all visiting the same dental clinic!! :D
Plus Dr Chia is probably my favourite doctor ever (if you meet him you'll know why!) ^~^

Also, here's a piece of good news for all of you!

For the month of July, Tooth Angels (The Central) is proud to present:
Start your braces with as little as $200!
No downpayment required!
$200 installments for Metal Braces Package (includes one set of post-treatment retainers).
Total fee: $3,800
*T&Cs apply

Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons (The Central)
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-01
Singapore 059817
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay
Tel : +65 6222 6220 (to make an appointment!)

And here's my vlog from the other day @ Tooth Angels with my sister & Arossa Grill & Wine Bar!!

Thank you for reading, love you all!