Thursday, July 24, 2014

ASUS: ZenFone 5

Hi loves!
I have really exciting news to share today! :D

I've recently been trying out this fun new gadget which has greatly helped me in organizing my work (and also my life hahah)!
Not to mention its beautiful design which makes using it an even more satisfying experience!

Mandatory selfie before dinner!

Before I get into the specifics, the question on most of your minds right now would probably be,
"How much does it cost?"

Only $219
plus no contract required!!

To be honest, I could barely believe my own eyes when I first saw the price of the ZenFone 5!
Such great features coupled with a sleek design, at such an incredibly pocket friendly price? :O
Definitely value for money!

The ZenFone 5 comes in an elegant design with a slightly curved back
which allows the phone to rest snuggly in my palm.

Also, I really love how the grey metallic strip below adds an additional touch of sleekness to the phone.
*ahem* side note, I'm obsessed with my Louboutin inspired nails!

The ZenFone 5 is available in 3 colours - Black, White and Red.

The gadget boasts of a 1280x720p HD display with exclusive ASUS GloveTouch technology
which increases ZenFone 5’s display sensitivity, making it possible to use the device even with gloves on.
The quality of the images from the ZenFone 5 is nothing short of impressive!

A huge plus point of the ZenFone 5 for me is that the ASUS PixelMaster camera technology enables me to capture images even in worst lighting conditions!

I'm really not a morning person, and my body clock is pretty messed up
such that I do wake up at 6pm on some days
and it can get quite difficult for me to take pictures of things I see, food I eat, and of course pictures of myself when there's an absence of sunlight!
And more often than not, most phones I've used make it close to impossible to even take any decent night shots :/

Prior to testing the phone out myself, I've heard and read quite a bit about the ZenFone 5's low-light photography mode and most reviewers were full of praise for it,
but I was still quite skeptical of it initially.
Even my DSLR has some troubles with capturing photos at night, will a smart phone camera be able to surpass that?
Only one way to find out!

I first tried taking a selfie on a moving cab on Night Mode.
Pretty decent shot I guess!
You'll know how much of a pain it is to take selfies on a cab at night if you've tried it before,
especially when it's moving!

And then at a sad and dark corner of a restaurant (which was perfect in this case), I tried taking self-shots on Auto Mode and Night Mode to test the difference.
The Auto Mode made my skin smoother, which was great,
but the Night Mode impressed me quite a bit!
No edits done to the photos.
Instantly fairer, flawless skin with a cute pinkish glow!
And this is not even on beauty mode yet!
Love it!!! :D

And then I proceeded to test the outdoor shots at night.
#ootn (outfit of the night) shot with low-light mode... Not fantastic eh? (or so I thought...)

Several grainy photos later, skepticism got the better of me
and I got kind of frustrated that I wasn't even able to take a good shot of my shoes at night :(

Until I finally realised where I was standing previously was too bright LOL
By LOW-LIGHT MODE, the ZenFone 5's camera really means business!!!
Even the lights in the park were considered bright! :P
(in that case, the Auto Mode would suffice)
So I went to an dimly-lit corner of the park where there weren't many street lamps and I took a picture of my shoes,
and WOOHOO!!
They looked awesome!!

Feeling really fascinated by the amazing low-light mode,
I started taking random shots of whatever I saw!
Starting with my boyfriend who was so engrossed with his games :D

Never thought I'd be able to take such a clear shot of a flower at night with no sunlight!

And here's my #ootn! :D

Thanks to the new ZenFone 5, I'm going to have lots of instagram-worthy night shots in future!
I'm imagining photos of the city skyline at night, fireworks on National Day, nicer birthday cake photos, clearer shots at romantic candle light dinners etc!
I reckon this phone would be fantastic for all the party people out there!
Beautiful low-light shots with no hideous FLASH (absolutely hate camera flash hahah) needed sounds really awesome, doesn't it? :D

Some other fun features of the ASUS PixelMaster Camera would be the Time Rewind Mode and the GIF Mode!

The Time Rewind mode is best for capturing moments I don't want to miss!
For example, my baby niece smiling at me, or for when I'm trying to take a picture of a moving object (like a kitten!).
This ensures that I will be able to capture the exact moments I want! :D

Tried flipping my hair and trying to capture the exact moment where my hair is in the air.
The Time Rewind mode captures a series of burst shots 2 seconds before and the second after I press the shutter button,
giving me a total of 31 shots to choose from (by sliding the time cycle) to choose the best picture!

And I chose this to be my best shot!
No edits on the lighting yet, but the light source was behind me so the picture was quite dark~
Either way, check out my hair in the air LOL!

Also, for those who're following me on Twitter, you'd have realised that I'm having quite a bit of fun with the GIF Function on the ZenFone 5 hahah!
Just press and hold onto the button as you would a regular photo, move around a bit and tadah!
Your gif is ready!
Love how easy it is to snap and upload the GIF directly onto Twitter!

The ZenFone 5 features the all-new, exclusive mobile user interface called ZenUI which is pretty much the simplest to use and most efficient interface I've ever come across on a smart phone!
The 2 key features of the ASUS ZenUI are the What's Next and Do It Later.

What's Next
I'll be truthful about this, if you were to rate how organized I am from a scale of 1 to 10, I'd probably be a negative 20.
Plus it really didn't help when my previous smart phones had super complicated calendar features (in my honest opinion)
and I literally had to bring a physical organizer around to keep track of my deadlines and events :/

But thankfully, the ZenFone 5's calendar was not only simple enough for a tech-noob like me to handle,
it provided me so much more than what I'd expected!
The What's Next feature displays my upcoming events so that I can get a glimpse of my schedule easily  even from my lockscreen.
This reminder is awesome because it allows me to plan my day more efficiently!

Did I also mention how fantastic the ZenFone 5's huge keypad is? :D
I find it a lot more pleasant to use than to have to struggle with a squeezy little keypad!

Do It Later
By the way, have you ever received a notification about an important text or email during dinner and told yourself "I'll reply that later", and totally forget about it until a week later?
Or missed an urgent call which you're unable to call back at the moment, only to have it slip your mind eventually?
Me too.

This is where the Do It Later feature has aided me a ton in making sure that I clear all my tasks and not miss a single call or important email ever again!
It's able to combine all the tasks marked as "Do It Later" across all different apps (Google, YouTube, Emails, Photos, Twitter etc) and organize it ever-so-neatly in chronological order for me to review when I'm free!

Here I've marked the "Do It Later" option on a room inspiration web I chanced upon online which I'd like to read more about later on, a video which I'd like to watch when I'm home, a photo of my boyfriend and I which I'd like to edit when I'm done with dinner, and a churros recipe which I'd like to try out soon!

And with my "To-do tasks", I can switch between the apps really quickly (instead of opening them individually) to clear the tasks I wanted to complete.
I also get a huge sense of accomplishment from marking the tasks off the check list! :D
And if there is any task in particular which calls for my urgent attention, I can always click on the exclamation mark to prioritize the task to the front of my To-Do List.

Say "Hi" to my new personal manager, my ZenFone 5 :p
In a short span of two weeks, the What's Next and Do It Later features from the ASUS ZenUI have significantly helped me organize my day-to-day activities so much more
and I actually do feel more productive now!

Apps & Games
The ZenFone 5 is backed by 2 GB RAM, which allowed me to open and switch between multiple apps  quickly and smoothly.
Games-wise, I'm not a pro, but according to my semi-hardcore phone-gamer boyfriend, the ZenFone 5 was able to handle his games with minimal lags too!

Likewise, I tried out a 3D game (which requires more space), and so far all's good with the ZenFone 5! :D

Loving the super crisp images and vivid colours thanks to the HD display!

Why ZenFone 5?

The ZenFone 5 undoubtedly won over my heart with its ultra-competitive pricing!
It's definitely one of the best 5-inch screen phones available at this price range!
It's simple to use, sleek and efficient! What more can one ask for?

Moreover, huge phone screen on the ZenFone 5 means more of me to look at hahah!
There's even a default app on the ZenFone 5 called the Mirror!
That's paying some serious homage to all the vain girls and boys out there! :P

Where to buy?
If you're interested in getting the ZenFone 5, you can get it from StarHub, M1 and ASUS Online Store now at only $219!
The ASUS Online Store was launched on 7th July and the ASUS ZenFone was the first product that was launched! :D
There's also a 24 hours guaranteed delivery if you purchase it online now!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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