Monday, July 21, 2014

I saw my future

When was the last time you tried something new for the first time?
This quote never fails to intrigue me.

And yesterday, my boyfriend and I spontaneously went to the Marina Barrage
and flew a kite for the first time in our 4 years together!
And apparently, it was also Martin's first time flying a kite and I felt really excited for him too! xD

My handsome boy walking into the kite store at Marina Barrage with such determination!!! :P

The price range of the kites vary from $10+ to $30+, depending on the size of the kite you're getting.
But be prepared to also pay about $16 & up for the kite strings which are sold separately.
It may sound quite pricey right now, but I can tell you that the kite strings sold there are some of the toughest strings you'll ever own hahah
I won't even call them strings anymore, kinda more like rope!
It's literally impossible to snap them, so your precious kites will be in safe hands :P

You can also bring your own kite to the Barrage if you already own one!

I chose an eagle design kite ($18) because it was smaller and I wasn't sure if an amateur kite-flyer such as myself plus a first-time kite flyer (my bf) would be able to handle the ginormous kites that they had in store :x
Plus the super large kite we saw was a Squid design.... and I told Martin I didn't want to be like "hey look at my sotong!!!" cause it's not as cool lah HAHAH
Plus it's my baby's first kite, it'd better be something fierce and awesome!!! ^~^

Our fierce-ass eagle kite with lots of gold glitter details on it!
(which I didn't get to take pictures of because we were too excited to just get our kite up into the air)

We were more excited than we should had been
because I haven't flown a kite since forever and Martin hasn't flown a kite since... ever :P

Selfie with my iPhone!
Some photos in this post were taken with my iPhone because it's just so much more convenient than using my DSLR, so please excuse the variations in picture quality!

Our only two (hardly even considered) selfies together for the entire day cause my phone battery died soon after, boo!!

I love everything in this shot!
Our eagle kite, a chio sunset as backdrop, the Singapore Flyer and of course my favourite boy in the world ^~^

Woooooh, check out that kite flying stance LOL!
Kite flying is serious business okay!

I can't get enough of this photo!
The moment I snapped it, I exclaimed to Martin "You look like you're in teletubby land!"
Over the hills and far away.....
But he was probably too engrossed in the kite to give a decent reaction -_- hahah

More photos from my iPhone!

I feel so proud of our tiny eagle kite because it flew so well!
We actually saw some people's kites end up in the water below and it was pretty sad :/
Please watch your kites properly and love it like you would your child hahah

Beautiful gradation going on in the sky!


Simply stunning!!!
Singapore, our country our home, is really beautiful if you'd just stop to take a closer look! ^~^

And as the sky began to darken, the colourful lights around Marina area started to light up.

And then I told Martin to reel in our kite, while I went down to the kite store again to get us a snack and some LED lights!
The lights were sold at about $12 for 3 lights and I bought 2 sets because I wanted our kite to be as bright as possible hahah!

The lady at the store switched on the LED lights for me so I was carrying a plastic bag full of blinking LEDs running up the slope at Marina Barrage!

And we clipped them onto our eagle!

Kites are very sensitive to changes in weight, such that an addition of just one LED light can affect its flight by a significant amount.
And by adding 6 LED lights onto our eagle, we had quite a few instances of "black hawk down, black hawk down!!" :X

In the end, we resorted to flying our eagle with only 2 LED lights LOL
I was quite sad because I am OBSESSED with lights and shiny things,
especially if they blink in rainbow colours?? HAHAH

So I clipped 2 of the remaining LED lights onto myself and the other 2 onto Martin
to get into the whole kite flying aaaat nightttt (in Spongebob's voice) mood! :D

While staring at our blinking eagle kite in the dark sky, something amazing happened!

Call me suagu (mountain tortoise) but it's my

Initially when I saw that glistening ball of golden light fly real quickly in the direction of our kite
my first reaction was "omg who's trying to snap our kite string? (like in kite fighting, cause I thought it was some mega high power LED kite)"
and then Martin said "baby it's a shooting star!"
And then I was like "OMG I NEED TO MAKE A WISH!!!"

I think yesterday was honestly one of the most exciting day of my life where so many interesting things happened...... AND IT WAS ALSO THE DAY I DECIDED NOT TO VLOG because I'd previously decided to do weekly vlogs instead of daily vlogs hahahaha

Anyway, there was also a light show at Gardens by the Bay (9PM if I didn't wrongly) and we got to enjoy a little bit of it from where we were seated :D
It was super calming to just lie on the grass at the Barrage,
(we didn't bring a mat, but I'll advise you to if you're planning a trip there)
stare at the vast open sky, realise that there were actually so many stars in the sky...
and most importantly for me, I was there with Martin ^~^

As we were leaving the Barrage, we saw these 2 GLOWING cyclists drive past us.
And in an instant

This is exactly what I want to do with my life when I grow old hahaha
I love sparkly, rainbow, crazy lights cause they cheer me up so much (like how I almost died of joy at Electric Run)
and I'll be crazily happy everyday if I could travel around with one of these bikes LOL

Alright, that's it for today!
More posts to come soon because I'm really motivated by my new rainbow keyboard cover to blog! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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