Tuesday, July 1, 2014

IDS Clinic #2

Due to new MOH laws, IDS Clinic is no longer able to be my skincare sponsor, unfortunately.
But not to worry, because I will still continue to support IDS Clinic under the sponsorship of JYSK Skin Solutions
as I trust Dr SK Tan and I really like how the IDS products have been effective for me so far :)

This was my face when I went to IDS Clinic the other day!
Not edited at all to show you all the super stubborn pimples on my chin :S
Click for a larger photo hahah but click at your own risk!


After consultation, Dr SK Tan decided to do an Electro Cautery (EC) treatment for me!
It's a treatment that will help remove really stubborn clogged pores, which are like the two red bumps on my chin.
I was wondering why pimples kept occurring at the same area over and over despite me diligently applying my pimple cream (IDS SPOT)! -____-
Now I know hahah!
It's because there're really hard dried up sebum stuck inside, causing all the inflammation :@ angry leh!!

These can't be removed via your usual extraction cause it'll cause very bad scars, so please do not go to normal facial shops to get these removed!! 

The treatment uses heat energy to burn the surface tissue, and then a small hole is created with the electro surgical pen,
before the extraction of the clogged sebum is done!

Dr Tan showing me the tiny (but evil) hardened up sebum he extracted!
Thank god it's out of my face now xD

Dr Tan told me during consultation that the treatment will hurt a bit,
but turns out it's actually quite bearable!! :D
You'll probably be more shocked by the slight burning smell than the actual pain hahah! xD
But it's all worth it because you'll seriously feel so much better once the stubborn pores are cleared!! :)

For me, as I only had 2 of these stubborn pimples (thanks to religiously using IDS products),
there wasn't much of a "down time" from the treatment.
I could still apply make up as usual and there wasn't much scabbing either! :D
But if you have any scabbing, make sure not to peel the scab out to prevent any scarring~

I'll need to visit IDS Clinic again to let Dr Tan review my skin and see if the stubborn pores are completely gone and if there's anything else that I need treated!! ^~^

Anyway, you can watch my vlog from my visit to IDS previously! ^~^

I went for a review at IDS Clinic again a few weeks after (after my HK trip) because I noticed that my skin had quite a bit of clogged blackheads and whiteheads especially around the nose area,
probably due to stress, late night sleep etc.
And my skin in general looked dull and needed some brightening!


Also, the stubborn pimples on my chin were really stubborn!!!
They grew again and so I had to go to Dr Tan for help with the EC treatment.

But this time, I went for IDS's Hydro Therapeutics Facial (HTF) treatment first!
It was my first time trying out IDS Clinic's facial treatment so I was really excited about it :D

This was BEFORE the treatment!
The clogged pores and blackheads resulted in a duller skin appearance, so the microdermabrasion step of the treatment was the part I was looking forward to the most!

Right after cleansing, scrub and microdermabrasion (watch my vlog below to see the steps)!
With the use of specialized equipment, my dead skin and blackheads were effectively removed,
and I was told that the process nourishes the skin with beneficial minerals at the same time too!

After which, the therapist did ultrasound for deep cleansing,
extraction of blackheads,
followed by infusing of Vitamin C into my skin! :D
Vitamin C is essential for skin health because it's required in cell repair and renewal,
which means it can help in giving you brighter and more radiant skin! :)

The final step of the HTF was a super calming mask which left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! ^~^

Do watch my vlog below to see the processes and the before & after difference from the HTF!
It's truly amazing and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at my reflection in the mirror right after the treatment too!

No make up, so please pardon the eye bags and dark circles!

I also did another round of Electro Cautery (EC) treatment after the facial for the clogged pores on my chin area :)
The stubborn bumps have subsided and now I'm just waiting for it to scab and fall off and reveal new and skin, yay! ^~^

Close ups from my DSLR, no edits!
Click to view a larger image!

I'm most amazed by how my nose area (which was one of my main concerns) was completely ridded of blackheads!

Close ups? No photoshop needed! :D

My vlog from my third visit to IDS clinic!
Even my friends who watched this vlog said they could see a noticeable difference and were excited about the treatment too ^~^

For those who were wondering about the prices of treatments/ products, here's my receipt for reference.
Covered my chinese name cause I'm shy hahah!

There's a 50% off for first timers at IDS for the facial treatment I went for by the way!
I'd definitely recommend for you to give it a try since there's a discount going on right now
especially if you have any important events or dates coming up because it's so worth it!
My mum saw my skin looking all glowy and told me to bring her there too haha!

If you're interested in IDS Clinic's treatments/ products/ other services,
you can make an appointment with them at:
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to #05-10, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6568 3555

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Thank you for reading, love you all!