Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm tired

Over the past few months or the past year in fact, I realised that the amount of rant posts I'd written have gotten fewer and fewer.
It's not because I'm getting angry less, or annoyed less,
but it's more like I don't wish to spread unhappiness and anger on my blog, a space which I really cherish.

But today, the mood somehow feels right for a rant post, so here I am on my computer, with a few yummy cupcakes by my side (which may probably make the tone of this post happier as I go along!).

Scrolling through my Facebook page over the recent weeks, the things people share about seem to be getting more and more morbid.
Websites showing mutilated body parts, children wanting to starve their parents to death, videos/photos of children being hit by rockets etc..

It's truly heartbreaking and my heart goes out to them. 
And then comes this feeling of helplessness that all these awful things are happening and I can't seem to stop any of it.
And day by day I find myself losing hope in my future, and humanity in general.
On some days, I even find myself thinking that as much as I love kids, I don't even think I'll want to have kids anymore because I won't want to let my future child grow up in such a hopeless world...? :/

What I'd like to say is that while we do feel the need to spread awareness about all these acts of inhumanity going on,
I'd just like to ask that we don't forget about sharing the goodness around us.

The Secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne wrote about disasters and bad things happening in the world and how news, publications, and websites love to write about these negative events because they provide them with more hits and they keep people talking.
And by Law of Attraction, more bad things happen because people subconsciously want them to happen simply because we keep focusing on negativity.
As a result, we then find ourselves trapped in this vicious cycle of horrible things happening around us constantly with no way out of it.

I guess this happens because a lot of people these days aren't as interested in giving praises, complimenting others' hard work and creativity, sharing about acts of kindness they've witnessed or just positivity in general.
And even if someone does perform an act of kindness and it's being shared on Facebook posts, it's very often skeptically shot down as a publicity stunt in the comments section, especially if the person happens to be a famous celebrity or a member from the government.

Okay, let's just take this a little closer to heart.
When someone tweets "Yay! Just aced my exams! Today is awesome!!", pretty much nobody gives a damn except one or two close friends who genuinely feel happy for them.
And then when that same person tweets "How does one walks away from all of the memories? How do I not miss you when you are gone?" (song lyrics by the way), showing sadness, anguish, anger, or any other negative feelings, she gets let's say 20RTs.
What message does this send across to the person who's tweeting it though?
That people are encouraging her bitter feelings?
And if she does happen to enjoy such attention, won't she wish for more bad things to befall on herself (or people around her so she draws inspiration from their sadness)?

Personal experience, I shared an awesome deal the other day on Twitter where people could get $5 for free by downloading an app (it was a one day thing, and no it wasn't an advert) and only 14 people shared it -_-
Free $$ leh omg.
It's not the RTs that I was affected by, but the fact that it sends me the message that people don't wish to share good things with others?...... -_-
I made my whole family download it cause it's free money omgggggzkjhkjh lol

Don't you find it tiring?
Feeling upset, angry, hopeless, disappointed from hearing these awful news all day everyday?
I'm not saying they don't deserve our attention nor saying that we shouldn't care,
but I'm saying we need to strike a balance or else the ones who suffer (mentally & emotionally) eventually will be ourselves.
Why are all the positive news showing random acts of kindness, inspirational people and events and happy things being chucked in a dark corner as if they're not worth sharing?

I doubt my extremely non-comprehensive post will be able to convince every single person who reads it to try their best to spread positivity,
but I'm really tired of soaking up all these negative vibes all around me and I feel like if I can just convince one person to be positive, at least I made a difference, albeit not a very big one.

Ending off with a pretty cool and kinda therapeutic video I saw (which surprisingly only has 3,000 views on YouTube)

Thank you for reading, love you all.