Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Dreams are just dreams
When it's stuck inside your head
And all it takes is a little help from you
You know it's true
That dreams are for real

SassyDream is truly a dream come true for all of us girls! ^~^
They're one of my favourite online boutiques to work with because their collections are always sooo friggin gorgeous!!
And this isn't an exaggeration!
Just click into their website and you'll know what I mean.
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Almost every single piece I see on the SassyDream, my heart goes like
"I want this! I need this! Want this too!!"

Picked a few of my favourite pieces from SassyDream for today's post
and I hope you girls will like them too! :D

First up, the Simple A-line Dress! :)
Wore this on a casual day out without make up and it was the most comfortable thing ever because the material was just fantastic!
While it looks dressed up enough for semi-formal events,
it actually gives you the level of comfort comparable to wearing your favourite teeshirt! :D
Words aren't enough for me to express how much I love pretty but super comfy clothes like that!

It has such a simple and yet flattering cutting,
plus the white linings on the sleeves and the hem of the dress really made all the difference to it.

Bring this casual outfit up a notch by adding on a bling statement necklace!

Also chose this SSD LABEL Danice Lace Details Romper (Burgundy) because I'm quite into rompers lately!
The SSD LABEL on SassyDream's website boasts of SassyDream's exclusively manufactured pieces which you won't find elsewhere.
So you definitely can't miss out on them! ^~^

Anyway, the best part about this romper is that it makes a perfect day and night outfit!

Rompers give more of a casual day look,
great for running errands, shopping dates with your girlfriends etc.
And my favourite combination would be wearing it with a lightweight cardigan.

But because of the lace details at the hem of the romper, plus the lovely shade of Burgundy,
this romper can instantly be transformed into a gorgeous night outfit by just adding on a glamorous neckpiece!

The layering at the bottom of the romper really helped with creating an illusion of slimmer legs!

And here's another romper I picked! :P
Told you, I'm having one of those romper obsession phases right now :X

I really like how the Crochet Trim Romper is made from soft cotton material and it gave me the freedom to run jump fly roll around in extreme comfort.

Simple pieces like these with an added flair to it is seriously the way to go!
No fear of being too over the top, and no need to worry about looking too plain or under-dressed! ^~^

Wear it plain, throw over your outer wears, stack on some necklaces and arm candies..
the possibilities are endless with this piece! ^~^
I absolutely adore it!!

I also picked out the SSD LABEL Cross Hard Skater Dress (Denim) as one of my top picks from SassyDream.
The unique neckline is bound to turn heads when you're out with this gorgeous piece!
I'll be posting more pictures of this on my Instagram soon! xD

Speaking of Instagram, there's an ongoing Instagram Event by SassyDream!
Don't we all love to post our #OOTDs?
Just remember to tag @shopsassydream when you're wearing apparels from SassyDream,
and you can stand a chance to win SSD vouchers!

Follow SassyDream on their IG now at
cause it'll make tagging them so much easier ^~^

SassyDream has yet again launched a new collection which is out to impress us!!
Visit their page and shop now! ^~^
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Thank you for reading, love you all!

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