Saturday, July 19, 2014

Short Trip to Penang

Went on a short getaway with my family to Penang some weeks back, and these are the photos I've been procrastinating to edit hahah!
There's actually a lot more, but editing these alone were enough to knock me out :X
Anyway, enjoy the largely picture post and my Penang vlogs below!! :D

I was there with my family and my sister's boyfriend.
Martin couldn't make it for the trip due to NDP duties, but it's okay cause he's always in my thoughts LOL
I mean he's on my iPhone sticker, and I have his passport photo staring at me with his big eyes every time I open up my wallet to pay for things, it's hard not to be reminded of him all the time right?

The best part of taking plane rides ^~^
Our flight to Penang served nice tuna croissant, but sad to say the laksa puff they served when we came back to Singapore was just nasty :X

Exploiting the hotel's free wifi to upload photos onto IG because I'm too cheap to buy prepaid cards :D
Kind of reminds me of that annoying "Roam-a-phobia" YouTube ad...

Actually not really, I'm thinking of changing daily vlogs to weekly vlogs so that the vlogs will be longer, more compact and less draggy.
Will you all prefer that? ^~^

Forcing my little brother to take a photo with me hahah
He obviously wasn't very excited :X

One of the best things we ate in Penang!!!
Assam Laksa and Chendol!
Please refer to my vlogs for the addresses of the food places we went to!

Only possible with food :D :D :D

And then we went to a beach and step all beach photoshoot LOL

My sis' boyfriend and my little brother!

Future jie-fu (brother-in-law) & my dajie!! :D
I'm actually really happy that my sis' boyfriend is such a big brother figure!
Because all along my sis, being the dajie had to take care of my lil brother and I,
but now there's a very tall da ge to take care of her as well, can tell she's very xin fu hehehe xD


My turn!! Here're my act yi ge shots ^~^

Check out the uncle's recycled Milo tin, pots and pans drum and cymbal set!! :D

Saw this really amusing street art!
"Teach you speak Hokkien"


First time seeing heart shaped candy floss!
Super pretty!
This was at a really cool and happening street at Penang, probably like our Haji Lane!
There are a lot of good spots for photoshoots here by the way! :)

And then this store caught my eye!
Edible dirt? Kinda like the Tiramisu Martin and I bought in Hong Kong previously?

And then we found out it's ice cream with crushed Oreo and cornflakes at the top!

Our awesome hotel room at g Hotel!
They had fantastic service and I think they also gave us a free upgrade for one of our rooms! :O

We had a washing machine, microwave, a giant fridge (that says I'm FREE OMG!!) and a living room area in our hotel can you imagine o.O
Yay for free upgrades~~~ ^~^

Then there was this day when we went to Gurney Plaza (beside g hotel) to shop, and we decided that the 4 of us (excluding our parents) should buy ice cream from 4 different ice cream shops....
eat ice cream until wanna vomit please D;

I can't stress enough how delicious this was!!!!
I NEED to have it again soon else I might die from withdrawal symptoms T~T
Hands down best pork burger I've ever had in my life (so far)!

Had BBQ Crabs that had so much yolk in them they looked kinda like mooncakes hahah
(refer to my vlog for the address)

We don't have to travel to the furthest of places to be happy, we don't have to eat the most luxurious or most expensive of foods to enjoy ourselves
Sometimes it's really just all about having the right company,
and even when you're not doing anything special at all, you'll still be super thankful for all that you've got! ^~^

Thank you for reading/ watching my vlogs!
Love you all!!

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