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Hello loves :D
I tried out several amazing products by URIAGE over the past few weeks and I'm thrilled to share about them today!

History of URIAGE
Before I begin, here's an interesting fact about URIAGE :)
URIAGE's story began centuries ago in Ancient Rome after the invasion of Gaul.
During the crossing of the French Alps, the Romans came across a spring at the foot of the Belledone massif.
Through bathing in the thermal water, they noticed that they recovered from their wounds at a faster rate.
They in fact discovered an exceptional water with unique properties: Uriage Thermal Water.

Uriage Thermal Water soaks up all its minerals during its 75-year journey through the Belledonne massif in the French Alps.
It is filtered on the surface of the glaciers before passing through many layers of minerals, rock, gypsum rich in Calcium sulfates and sulphurised schist.
This unique geological structure slowly releases mineral salts and trace elements into the water as it passes through.
At the end of this long journey, Uriage Thermal Water springs forth - totally pure and free of all pollution.

I have combination type skin, which means that my skin gets kind of oily around the T-zone, but my cheek areas feel dry at the same time.

As a result, I'm always in quite a dilemma when I choose which skincare products to apply on my skin.
Some moisturizers are far too rich for my T-zone and forehead area, and I end up breaking out.
Whereas some cleansers actually dry out my cheek area, causing tightness, which I'm really fearful of as well.

Thankfully, the URIAGE products I've been using so far seems to be compatible with my skin
and I'm really content with using them!

The products I used over the past weeks:
1. Uriage Thermal Water (UTW)- 300ml&50ml
2. Hyseac Cleansing Water
3. Hyseac AI
4. Hyseac Mask
5. Hyseac Bi stick

1. Uriage Thermal Water (UTW) - 300ml & 50ml
Personally, I'm super fond of products in spray format because they're really convenient!
Just a few sprays, no need for cotton sheets and the likes, and I'm all set to go!

The best part about the UTW is that it resembles our body's natural fluid.
It's made of naturally isotonic and hydrating thermal water, and is capable of rebuilding our skin barrier, treating Ear Nose Throat (ENT) and skin diseases :O
Pretty amazing stuff huh!

Whenever my skin feels dry, irritated or taut (especially during the day), it's the best feeling in the world to have the UTW within my reach.
With a few sprays, my skin instantly feels calmed and soothed with the gentle cooling sensation of the UTW.

I no longer have the habit of scratching or poking any red bumps on my face, which isn't advisable because our hands are full of bacteria.
Because with the UTW, I know that the problem areas will heal in no time, and they're no longer a cause of worry!

Also, the UTW is suitable for use even with a full face of make up :D
In fact, it actually makes my make up feel fresher and adds a healthy glow to my skin.
I've been using it to fix my smudged foundation along my smile lines too hahah!

300ml for home use, and 50ml for me to bring out in my bag ^~^

It's small enough to fit even in my tiniest sling bag!

Feeling refreshed thanks to the UTW!

2. Hyseac Cleansing Water
The Hyseac Cleansing Water is a cleansing lotion that effectively eliminates impurities, removes make-up and protects our skin against daily aggression and pollutants.

First thing I noticed when I tried it out was the subtle and refreshing scent of it!
Using it feels super relaxing and spa-like, such that it's actually a product I look forward to using when I wake up in the morning!

In case you were wondering what's there to cleanse in the morning when we just get out of bed....
I got a huge shock when I first used the Hyseac Cleansing Water in the day because I didn't expect there to be so much dirt and impurities on my skin!

Super eww :/
Can't believe that I spent so many years not realizing that my skin can still be full of excess sebum and dirt in the morning, even when I've cleansed it so well the night before.
Fortunately, I do now~
I guess we all learn something new about ourselves everyday (even the gross things) hahah

By the way, the Hyseac Cleansing Water is soap-free!
It contains gentle non-ionic surfactants, gently cleanses and purifies with its Epilobium extract, and soothes and moisturizes with the Uriage Thermal Water.

My skin always feels soft and squeaky clean immediately after cleansing with it :)

Plus knowing that I can just apply it all over my face and eyes with a cotton pad, with NO NEED TO RINSE with water, I was absolutely sold!
Ideal for days when I'm ready to knock out after returning home, but still gotta remove my make up and cleanse my face.

3. Hyseac A.I.
The Hyséac A.I. is a cream that provides early, unique and patented action on the blemish formation mechanism and has been proven to work for skin prone to acne.
It also promises to deliver long-lasting matte result, while moisturizing and purifying the skin at the same time.

Reduction of blemishes plus matte-looking texture are exactly the goals I want for my skin!!
I'm so sick and tired of needing to blot my forehead/ T-zone area during the day, with or without make up on,
and having my foundation smudge by the end of the day due to excess sebum production.

When trying out the Hyseac A.I., I can't help but feel a sense of excitement because it can bring me one step closer to my ideal skin!
It acts on the inflammatory process early, cleanses and purifies, reduces Seborrhea and soothes the skin at the same time.

After cleansing and patting dry my face, the next time would be to apply the Hyseac A.I. onto my skin before I start with my make up.
It glides smoothly across the skin and leaves a really nice velvety finish, a perfect base for applying flawless-looking foundation!

4. Hyseac Mask
Hyséac Exfoliating Mask is a 2 in 1 mask for gentle personalised use, in terms of improving skin-absorbency or exfoliation of dead skin.

You can use it either as a mask or as a scrub, and I personally prefer using it as a mask!

As a mask, all I do is apply a thin layer on my face, leave it for 2 minutes, and then rinse the mask off thoroughly without massaging!
Gentle enough to use on a daily basis ^~^
Anyway, I feel like there's a teeny bit of exfoliation going on as I'm applying the mask already due to micro-beads present in it.

As a scrub, I'll apply it onto wet face, message gently with circular motions, and then rinse it off.
I only use this once a week because I don't want to stress my skin and risk over-exfoliating!

While exfoliation is good for your skin, everything should be done in moderation :)

Besides exfoliating dead skin cells, the Hyseac Mask also absorbs excess sebum with its Kaolin component and soothes and moisturizes with UTW.
It's pretty amazing how quickly the mask rid my skin of its excess sebum (in just 2 minutes),
and I don't have to wait 15 to 20 minutes unlike most other masks I've used.
Its convenience and effectiveness has earned it a place as my must-use mask everyday now!

5. Hyseac Bi stick
For those who are constantly on the move, here's a really clever double skin care for all your blemishes!
The Hyseac Bi-stick has 2 complementary actions:
Hydroalcoholic lotion which dries the acne/ imperfection while soothing it,
and the concealing stick, made with soft-focus powders, conceals the imperfection and provides antibacterial action to it.

I totally wish I'd known of this product when I was a lot younger!
I used to have a lot of pimples from studying and exam stress, which I attempted to conceal with the usual make up concealers,
only to further clog up my skin and aggravate the blemishes, resulting in more imperfections.
Those were some hard times man hahah

Now that I'm older, I do get a few pimples here and there once in awhile,
and having the Bi-Stick has been great so far because I can treat the pimples while concealing them at the same time!

Hydroalcoholic lotion for drying out blemishes

Concealing stick to hide the redness

The BI-STICK concealer has a natural tint, so it blends in really well with most skin shades.

Tried it on a red blemish on my hand

And I also tried it on my boyfriend who had a breakout recently (common among guys in the army!)

I think the Bi-Stick coverage is quite impressive,
plus the fact that it's treating my pimple at the same time just takes it up a whole notch.
For its convenience and duo functions, I think its well worth the money!

My Top Pick(s)
As much as I'd like to quickly pick out my top favourite URIAGE product from the abovementioned,
I'm quite torn between the choices because they're all pretty good.
But after much my deliberation, my top two recommended products from URIAGE would be the Hyseac Cleansing Water and the Hyséac Masque Gommant (Exfoliating Mask) :D

I chose these two products because I think are the perfect example of convenience and effectiveness in my case,
and I think they would be the most efficient for many of you as well.
My night facial cleansing routine has become a lot simpler and yet still thorough ever since I was introduced to the Hyseac Cleansing Water,
and with the Hyseac Exfoliating Mask, masking time has become such a breeze!

Every time I pick up a URIAGE product, the story of the Romans and their increased healing rates with UTW comes to mind,
and while some may call it the placebo effect,
I really get the feeling that my skin's performing better now!

If you're keen in checking out these URIAGE products, please feel free to visit the following pages!

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Thank you for reading, love you all!

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