Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Catworld (Hong Kong Lookbook)

Hello loves! :D
It's been sometime since my Hong Kong trip and I'm missing HK like mad now, especially the bai wei mian (cold noodles)!!
But thankfully, I recorded a few vlogs in Hong Kong, so that actually helps with reliving the fun memories there ^~^
Also, I uploaded a Hong Kong Lookbook (Outfit by Catworld) video in case you haven't watched it yet!

Where does pxdKITTY get her clothes from?
CATworld, of course hahah xD

Undeniably, one of the reasons that drew me to Catworld in the first place was probably their name and their pretty cat logo!
And then when I clicked in to look at their collections, I FELL IN LOVE ^~^

I find it quite impossible to turn away from an online store as attractive in terms of website layout and collection designs as Catworld!!! :D
Huge fan of theirs and I'll always check back on their site (on my Bookmark) for new updates!

This is going to be a quite a long picture post cause I'll be featuring a number of super pretty clothes from Catworld!

First, the Alabama Melody Dress!
A feminine and casual piece that will definitely do well on dates :D
I like how the laced top plus pleated skirt make it seem like you actually bothered with layering and the likes, when in reality it's a one-piece dress :P
Super easy to put on, and no need to fret about what to match it with!

Close up of the dress!
Too pretty!! :D

Next, my worn-to-death Owl Montage Top!
I find myself picking this out for every other casual occasion because it's simply too comfortable!!
Chic and comfortable clothes are my absolute favourites.
Not to mention the owl motifs printed in such an eye-catching and psychedelic fashion,
it's a definite head-turner!

It's always the littlest of details that can take a simple top up to the next level.
Just like how the asymmetrical hems of this top have added some flowy effect to it,
kind of like a cape-ish feel! :D

Before I checked out Catworld's collections, I never had much faith in casual tees.
Here's a throwback to one of my favourite teeshirts from Catworld! ^~^

And here's my new favourite Rat Rally Top! xD
Totally loving the vintage vibe of this piece plus the studded sleeve details!

Here's an adorably sweet piece from Catworld!
The Yoboseo Truffle Top is a must-have for girls who want to channel some Korean fashion vibes into their outfits.
This material of this top gives off a very soft, demure look,
but it can easily be turned into a more formal outfit by wearing it with a pair of jeans and a structured blazer.

But if you don't want to go through all that trouble, just donning it with a basic black skater skirt will do the job!

Catworld doesn't only offer gorgeous apparels, even their bags and shoes are equally stunning!
I've been carrying my K-Lady Carry Bag from Catworld for months now, and still the impressive quality of the bag never ceases to amaze me!

This bag is super versatile when it comes to matching my outfits.
And the best part is that it can store my 11" MacBook Air!! ^~^
Not to mention how much it looks like it's worth 10 times its price at Catworld!! :P

Catworld launches new apparels every fornight,
and apart from their current Catworld apparels,
they are also launching a new fashion lined themed as "Aura".
They've undoubtedly expanded their choice of styles a whole bunch with this new line,
and this is simply awesome news for Catworld fans because we'll be even more spoiled for choice now! ^~^

Here are some of my top picks from Catworld & their new line Aura,
and I hope you girls will love them as much as I do! :D

TLBD - Back Me Up Dress

Show some spunk and get ready to kick ass with their BatRE Short Crop Top!
Its loose fit cutting and soft material are seriously life-savers for scorching hot days haha! xD

& spice up your nights with this TLBD - Terry Charis Dress!
I've seen cuttings like these on some American labels, but they usually don't come for cheap.
But this gorgeous and insanely comfortable jersey dress from Catworld's Aura is only at $26.90??!!
Possibly one of the best buys you can ever get!
The quality of the material, of course, is comparable to those you get from renowned overseas labels!
What's there not to love? ♥♥♥

Catworld has been coupling a giveaway promotion since last year for every single purchase above $100 with a special gift of the month, plus instant redemption/discount off the whole bill.
The response have proven to be quite encouraging and they are still sourcing for exquisite gifts for the coming months!!
Such sweet dedication to their loyal customers, how not to love them? ^~^

Also, Catworld's ecommerce store is undergoing an upgrade and hopefully will be able to come out with a Lookbook and Member Rewards Program soon!
So do look out for that ^~^

Happy shopping at Catworld! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all! :D

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