Monday, August 11, 2014

I turned 24

OMG I'm finally done with editing photos for this post hahah
I'm going to watch D.Gray-man after this so I won't be typing a lot for this post LOL #宅女
So please enjoy the photos!! :P
First off, my birthday outfit!
I totally forgot to buy a birthday dress like I did last year,
but thankfully I had this pretty dress from SassyDream which I haven't worn out before heheh :D
Just nice! ^~^

I really like the neckline of this dress, plus the comfy skater dress cutting!

Lucien Ring and Claire Aristides Horseshoe bracelet from JustTangySG ^~^
Will blog more about them soon!

One of the comfiest Mesh Wedges ever from Loveien19! :D
I have it in white as well because it's simply too comfy and versatile enough to match with any outfit~

Plus my super pretty Ombre Rose Cake courtesy of mysisterbakes!
I think I was most excited about my ombre cake and my new turquoise ombre hair this birthday! ^~^
I totally couldn't stop snapping pictures of the cake because it's in such a gorgeous shade of mint,
and I actually requested for Hitomi from Cleo Hair & Make to specially bleach and dye my hair (one day before my birthday) with ombre turquoise just to match my cake hahah xD
You could say I loved my cake even before I received it!

My family made a reservation at Park Regis Hotel's Royal Pavilion, a restaurant which serves modern Cantonese cuisine.
Took a whole bunch of photos at the lobby before my daddy arrived!

Picture spam!
Just take a look at how well done the roses were!~ :O
The gradient goes from light (top) to dark (bottom) ^~^

And my name in fondant!

Trying my best to capture a photo of my hair and my cake hahah

New display picture because I love love love my new hair and my birthday cake!
I will definitely blog about my new hair soon because I love it so much it deserves an entire post on its own LOL!
Hitomi worked really hard on my hair, and I'm super thankful for her!!! T~T
Show you all the details of my hair soon! :D
Thank you for the prettiest birthday hair ever!!!

Cleo Hair & Make
The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
Sio × Ryo × Ai × Takuya × Hitomi x Yui

Urhuh, thank you baby for bombing my photo -_-

Ay, much better!!! ^~^

We got a private dining room (because we made an early reservation), but the prices for the food are the same as when you dine there normally! :)
Still taking pictures of my cake hahah

The best part was that the cake didn't need to be refrigerated and it didn't melt into a mess!
So even after I was done taking photos of my cake, I forgot to request for the staff to place it in their fridge for me and serve it later....
so my cake was in front of me the entire time during dinner LOL :X

Some of the dishes that we ate!
The food was pretty good (and quite atas haha), good to eat once in awhile!! ^~^
And my parents especially loved it so that's good! :D :D

btw, spot my cake in the background of all my food pictures :p

Even the plate looks so atas omg :x

Cheers with 愛玉冰 (Ice Jelly) cause we're responsible drivers who don't drink and drive! ^~^
Also because I can't drink for nuts :X

And then it's time to blow the cake!
I had 2 birthday cakes during my birthday dinner with my family ^~^

The chocolate cake on the right is DA BOMB!
It has like a biscuit rice krispy kinda crust at the bottom of all that rich velvety chocolate cake, it's the must have birthday cake for my family regardless of whether we already have another cake or not LOL! ^~^

And then.... the restaurant served me shou taos :S
I'm 24 leh not 70 omg hahaha I always thought that shou taos were meant for 70 and above leh :X
FML okay I need to chug down some collagen pills now hahah

Not sure what's the name of the shop cause it's always my sis and my mum who orders the super yummy chocolate cake,
but I know it's at Plaza Singapura B2! ^~^

Making a ton of wishes because your birthday only comes once every year so don't waste it :X

I don't have a photo of me blowing out my candles, but you can watch my adorable niece try her very best to blow out the candles on my grandma's birthday cakes LOLOL

One last exciting surprise for this post! :O
There was candy spewing out of my OMBRE CAKE!!!!

Look at the ombre colour of my cake, super chio!!!!
Sorry we didn't cut the cake very prettily cause we used the big metal knife the restaurant provided and we bo skill hahah :x

Nevertheless, it's the prettiest birthday cake I've ever had :'D
Thank you mysisterbakes for sending me this!!

Royal Pavilion also had some pretty cakes of their own but we were too stuffed from dinner + 2 cakes to even consider their options~
Maybe next time!! :)

No massive birthday party, no balloons, no mountain of presents because I'm getting old and I don't think I have the patience for that sort of thing :x
I wish for my future birthdays to be just like how they are celebrated every year - a simple (and sometimes quite indulgent) and happy dinner with my beloved family!! ^~^

Thank you for everyone who wished me happy birthday!!
I shall share some of my birthday wishes of health, joy and happiness with all of you~~~

By the way, I'll be having a (belated) birthday giveaway soon :D
Will blog about it soon too!
But for now, I'm gonna chiong watch D.Gray-man HAHAHA

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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