Friday, August 1, 2014

National Day Parade 2014 (CR3)

Sorry for procrastinating this post!
But I'm finally posting this up because National Day is coming in about a week's time and I'm quite feeling it hahaha!
I love National Day!!!
Maybe because my birthday falls just 3 days before Singapore's birthday, so I always felt like I was born to celebrate our nation's birthday hahaha aiseh LOL xD

But anyway, I'm very proud to be a Singaporean and I'm very thankful that I was born in Singapore.
Granted, things aren't always perfect around here,
but let's be realistic, things aren't perfect anywhere.
I love my country because this is where my home is, where I grew up safely, where people I love are, where the things I grew up with are, where my memories are, where the boy I fell in love with grew up to be a man, where I'm going to get married and have a home with him ^~^
And these are people and things that can never be replaced.

For ungrateful spoiled kids like S.M. who only know how to complain based on her own assumptions, sweeping statements and bad calculations,
and say they're not proud of being a Singaporean, just gtfo of our country lor.
Tons of people apply for our citizenship every year, nobody is begging you to stay here anyway.

Attended the NDP Combined Rehearsal 3 with my lil brother thanks to tickets from my boyfriend heheh ^~^
I'm really super lucky because I got to watch NDP (although not the actual day, but more than good enough!) 3 years in a row!!
First year was thanks to NuffnangSG's invite, second year was because Martin was a part of NDP 21-Gun Salute, and this year is because Martin is helping out with training a marching contingent! Yay!! ^~^

We parked at Suntec City and had to walk a distance to the floating platform because the car parks nearby were all full...
And we kinda got lost too :x

Here's a picture of some pretty flowers because we got lost and didn't know what to do.

And an #ootd shot!
Dressed in red for NDP!!
Even my shoes are (dark) red~~

Not going to deny, I'm posting this only because I think my legs look quite woohoo here :X
They rarely look like this hahah

We were running a little late cause of our bad sense of direction, and the parade had already started.
As we were making our way to the platform, we saw the Red Lions start to descend!!!
So I was doing the "OHHHHHH YEAHHHH" thing out on the road hahah

Soooo many bright and happy colours for NDP this year!
I LOVE IT!!! ^~^

Selfie with the parade!

Saw this girl with a super chio Pink Nikon camera and took a super stalkerish photo of it hahaha

And here comes the Artillery for the 21-Gun Salute (which Martin was a part of last year) ^~^

This year one of the guns had an O ring come out of it, which was kinda amusing
and then I asked Martin and he said it wasn't intentional... but still it was cool ^~^

Intently watching the parade and totally not posing for a photo, yup!

And here comes the Singapore flag!!! ^~^

Majulah Singapura!!! ^~^

Oh I really want to commend the graphics used for this year's parade.
It's super super impressive and well done, I felt like I was watching a movie!
Wish they'd provide a HD version on YouTube or something, super nice eh *o*

And of course everyone's favourite part of the parade, the fireworks!!!

Do also watch my vlog from that day to see some sneak previews of the parade!

My super handsome and smart baby in uniform ^~^
And congratulations for being promoted to First Sergeant today!!! Whee!!
Hello 1SG Martin!!!  ^~^

Didn't post all the photos I took because I don't want to spoil the parade for you all,
but I enjoyed NDP2014 and you all should catch it on the 9th of August LIVE on your TVs or if you're super sporting, go down to Marina Bay area to watch it xD

Also, thank you to everyone who's worked really hard for NDP 2014!!!

Happy Birthday (in advance) to our dearest Singapore, and may you soar to greater heights with each passing year.
I wish Singapore & all Singaporeans health, safety, happiness, harmony, prosperity and progress (totally ripped off our national pledge lol)!
Also, I wish that all the young Singaporeans (our future leaders of Singapore) will learn to love and appreciate Singapore more and more ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!!

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