Monday, August 4, 2014

Tattoo? Or Nah?

Throwback to the day I got a (temporary) tattoo of Rihanna!!! :D
Drawn using Maybelline's Hypersharp Eyeliners by the very talented tattoo artist Joseph from Visual Orgasm.
I think he did an amazing job because the Hypersharp Eyeliners were really a pain in the ass to smudge when he was trying to do some shading HAHAH
I mean what can you expect from an eyeliner that's smudge-proof right? xD
Just proves how sturdy these eyeliners are I guess!
But when it came to the bold, defined lines, these eyeliners are the bomb!

I actually switched to using the hypersharp liners now because when I make a mistake and actually thicken my eyeliner a little more, it doesn't look as excessive and scary as when I make a mistake with my super thick gel eyeliner (also from Maybelline).

Posing with my "tattoo" hahah like so bad ass right xD
jk, but I don't have any tattoos irl though.
I'm too fickle to even get a tattoo cause I think it's a really huge commitment for a lifetime..
Like what if I wake up one day and decided I hate that tattoo? :/ I can't handle that kind of pressure hahaha

Not sure whether to smile for the photo or not, so I look super awkward

And here's one without smiling.... equally awkward FML tattoos aren't for me hahah

Watch this video because I woke up at 7am, put on a full face of make up, and went all the way to Visual Orgasm to sit still for a few hours so you can look at Rihanna getting drawn my forearm LOL.
I didn't say a word and I didn't contribute anything to the video, but you can still see my face in the video okay!!! For like 0.1 second hahah

But anyway, the video's really well done and I think Joseph is insanely talented!!
Please Watch & Like, thank you~~

And here's my vlog for that day! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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