Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gonna be an ex-girlfriend

The following post was taken from my Dayre dated 3rd Sept 2014:

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I'm only posting this particular Dayre post here cause it's super important to me haha ^~^

Hi everyone hahah
Um idk how to say this lol.. Idk if some people will consider this as we're married or not?
but @martinbelia and I went to choose our wedding rings yesterday!

But he hasn't proposed, so maybe not yet? Hahah!

Love & co tea, didn't taste very nice though hahah

Actually tbh quite hard to choose leh.
Like we wanted a very simple design and still we took maybe an hour? Lol

I wonder how people who're more into rings and such choose their rings...
There are so many different grades and diamond cuts that are not visible to the naked eye... How to choose?

Randomly taking photos in the shop while looking at rings

@martinbelia suggested we go to pick out the rings together because he wants me to like it!
Cause one thing I hate the most is people buying me presents that I don't like and I have to pretend that I like it :X
he knows me well lol!!
Plus rings are so expensive, if I don't like it, I'll probably look at the ring and nag at him during proposal cuz I don't like the design and it's too ex

So I'm kinda wondering... How are girls so super surprised when their boyfriends propose to them ah?
Like you gotta choose the ring size together too to make sure it fits, right??
Hahaha I haven't been proposed to yet la, but then we're always not the kind that will create those romantic effects rose bouquets what not de.. Plus we already bought the ring together so should I be less surprised? hahaha

And in case you don't know my pattern de, I'm HORRIBLE at surprises 😂
I like to tell Martin, "tell me the surprise now I wanna know~~" and he'll usually tell me de so I kind of sort of know a bit of my proposal surprise already
but I still think it's super sweet of @martinbelia to plan for me ♥♥♥ thank you baby I love you!!!!

I actually don't wish for those big proposals in public, and I don't need 99999 roses and balloons or what. Actually 1 rose will do (don't waste $), cause my boyfriend and I promised not to buy flowers and we never did throughout our 4 years together! So my first flower will be during proposal heheh

This post is all over the place cause I'm very excited LOLOL! 
Not officially married or proposed to yet but I'm very excited already lah hahah

And also our application for BTO was a success, yay!!
So we gotta wait 4 years and we can get our own house~

Ohya and in Singapore applying for a house is sort of like proposing also leh.
Cause you have to put the marital status as married or smth if I didn't rmb wrongly!!

Actually I think the whole proposal thing.. a lot of pressure is being put on guys because nowadays it's like a trend to make really big proposals in public, sing songs, make music videos, dance, arrange really big surprises...

As much as I think those are super sweet and I like to watch those videos, I don't want MY @martinbelia to go through all that trouble. Like very 辛苦 a lot of effort leh hahah!
Normal day love me even more I'm okay le!! xD

Kinda wanna show you all my wedding rings, but kinda don't want to hahaha

Wait until we officially get married then I show you all? :p
Btw I chose the chioest at the cheapest price range, totally love it!!! ♥♥♥
I'd hate it if it's super expensive lah cause I won't even wear it everyday waste money lol

Is my auntie-ness totally appearing in this post? 🙊
I guess it's a sign that I'm of marriageable age right? 😂😂
I love Love & Co. cause I think I have an affinity with them 😂

My 21st birthday necklace and earrings set that my mummy bought for me is from them (altho they specialize in wedding bands and all but we walked in and bought without knowing), my most special necklace from Martin is from Love & Co, the couple ring Martin is wearing on his hand right now is from Love & Co... And now my wedding rings, yay!!
One thing though. @martinbelia told me that once we get married, I'll be his EX-GIRLFRIEND :O
That kinda sucks!
He was laughing at my @.@ reaction until I told him "ok then you'll be my exbf" and he was like T~T HAHAHAHA

Hey, even after we get married we're still totally going on dates okay!! ♥♥
Wanted to end off with a sweet photo of @martinbelia and I,
and then I found this in my phone which I haven't posted online before...

@martinbelia 我要嫁给你 because
I don't wanna be OBAMA-self!! xD
(all by myself.. geddit? :P)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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