Sunday, September 21, 2014

More Sun, please

These days I'm actually hoping for more sun all the time,
cause of my new solar powered portable phone charger LOL!
I'm so excited about it I'll probably do a full post review about it soon if it proves to be a good buy!
I don't care if it's not amusing or new to others, but I'm just intrigued by everything solar-powered these days.
I highly doubt it's because I nobly care for the environment,
but more of being cheapskate and feeling sad that all these free solar power outside my room is going to waste hahah!

Anyway, here's another #ootd picture post! :D
My crochet top and bag are from Loveien19
because they have such a wide selection of apparels and accessories
it's totally convenient to choose entire outfits from them.
50% of my wardrobe is probably from Loveien19 now :P
You can now quote "Rachell Tan" to get SGD 1.00 OFF all items on Loveien19 ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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