Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Post Laser Treatment

Not a sponsored post, just my personal review of my experience with laser in search for good and radiant skin~

If you've been following my twitter account, I went to IDS Clinic to get laser treatment done on my face some time ago.
It's probably quite an intense treatment such that the therapist needed to apply numbing cream for me before Dr Heng proceeded with it!
Dr Heng is really skilled with laser treatments so if you're doing treatments like these at IDS, you're likely to meet him ^~^

This treatment was suppose to make all my pores smaller (my t-zone has some larger pores I want to get rid of) and also make my complexion more radiant in general because the outer surface of my skin will peel off, plus the treatment stimulates collagen production and such.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my left eye although it looks funky in the photo lol!
It's the cling wrap (for the numbing cream) pressing onto my eyelid and as a result my eyes looked weird hahah

Taking selfies at the waiting area because I needed about 15 minutes for the numbing cream to fully take effect.
Does this totally look like I'm going for a major surgery or what? Hahah!

You can see the laser treatment process in this vlog, but be warned, my face looks really scary from all the burns :S
Now that I'm looking at it again I feel ouch and a bit cringe as well hahah :X

Still in a good mood to take photos right after the treatment because the numbing cream hasn't worn off, YET....

Went out with a thick slab of sunscreen applied by the therapist because my skin was really sensitive after the treatment and needed to avoid the sun as much as possible.

And once the numbing cream's effect wore off... OMFG.
I don't want to sugar coat to make the pain sound less bad, and I do believe my pain tolerance is quite alright.
But the stinging sensation as I removed my remaining make up & tried to remove the sunblock..... ugfjskdfjkdzjksd
Plus trying to VERY GENTLY wash my face clean took me about half an hour.
Cause every time a tiny bit of water touched my face ahhhhh, it's like electric shocks y'know? :/

Look at my sian 1/2 face LOL!
My eyes were super red from the pain... T~T

So for the next few days I kept applying IDS Clinic's moisturizer and C+ on my skin, hoping that the burns will dry up and peel off asap
and unveil super chio skin.
I was also advised not to use the IDS Clinic's PORE (which works like a charm in reducing comedones for me) and also A+ (which I'm heavily reliant on) to prevent agitating my skin.

And after a few days, the skin around my T-zone area (which is my main problem area) peeled off first.
I'm not sure if it's because I didn't get to use PORE & A+ during that few days,
or because the skin underneath couldn't breathe cause it was suffocated by my dead skin,
but the skin underneath had super a lot of disgusting clogged pores :S
The most I've gotten in a loooong time T~T

I was really sad lah obviously, cause the pain was so bad I kept tearing up the first night,
and I had to skip a few events and get reprimanded by S*,
and I couldn't get out of the house for a week.
Quite a bit of sacrifices if I do say so myself, and I really was looking forward to tiny pores and flawless skin, but it wasn't the case at my t-zone area :(
Just my luck that the first area that revealed itself first was my awful t-zone area which I hated hahah
spoil mood max!!! :@

Anyway, all is not lost!
After all the dry skin flaked off and my skin is new again I noticed that the treatment did especially well to my cheek area!
Plus it's been more than 2 months and my cheek area had hardly ever gotten a pimple, like seriously!
Not gonna lie, I do feel more confident when I see myself without make up now that's for sure haha!

So for those who were asking if the laser treatment worked or was it worth it...
I think it's a 50-50 for me, but I won't recommend this laser treatment to everyone.
On one hand, if I weighed out all the sacrifices I had to make and compared it to the rosy cheeks...
I would choose rosy cheeks cause that's really not easy to attain LOL!
And I think I look healthier now and not so sickly xD

But then again, the pain is really....quite hard to bear on the first night :S
So I won't recommend this treatment unless your pain tolerance is slightly above average.

Anyway, IDS Clinic also offers a less harsh laser treatment with very little/ no downtime (unlike mine), so if you're thinking of minimizing your pores or want to refresh your skin a bit, maybe you could consider that option too! :)
I went for the strong one cause I'm the kiasu and impatient sort, so there's a price to everything hahah

As for the super bad congested pores at my t-zone area that I mentioned earlier,
I quickly made an appointment for IDS's Hydro Therapeutics Facial (HTF) treatment to save my skin because my birthday was nearing at that time and I was getting panicky :X

There's a reason why the HTF is my favourite treatment ever at IDS Clinic -
From crappy congested t-zone skin to ready for close-ups in just one treatment, it's really like magic ba!
Super thankful for HTF because it allowed me to have the best of both worlds on my birthday!
Radiant skin from the laser + clear skin without congestion from the HTF, yay!! ^~^

If you want to know more about HTF & watch my vlog which shows the procedures in HTF,
you can read my blogpost here: http://www.rachelltan.com/2014/07/ids-clinic-2.html

I won't deny that I felt a little bit of scares here and there,
but I'm really glad everything worked out well in the end! ^~^

Just wanted to do this post specially for those we were asking about the laser treatment previously! :)
Sorry I took so long to post this up and thank you for your patience!~~

Love you all, thank you for reading!

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Tel: +65 6568 3555

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