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UOB: Toss & Win!


My room is perpetually in a huge huge mess and I always can't seem to find whatever I'm looking for.
Most of the time I just end up waiting for my stuff to somehow appear by itself,
but when it comes to seriously important things (LIKE BANK STATEMENTS!!!) I usually just freak out, get all stressed out about it and feel super helpless
cause I have no idea where/ how to even start looking for them :S

Which is why I'm super glad to share with you all about UOB's eStatements because it's now available for UOB customers! Woohoo!! :D

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) has over the years come to be synonymous with strength, reliability, expertise and quality of financial products and services.
UOB is committed to providing quality products and excellent customers service and to being a premier bank in Asia Pacific.

And making eStatements available is yet another way UOB cares for their customers! :D
Being able to check your bills any day, any time, at your own convenience online without digging through piles of letters, bills and other stuff, how awesome is that!

I'm always chucking my paper statements in random corners of my room after one glance... and I always can't find it when I wish to refer to them again :X
So with the eStatements, checking back on my bills will just require my phone, which is by my side all the time, or my computer! Yay~~ :D

If you haven't already done so, you definitely should opt for the eStatement subscription now cause it's not only friendly for the environment, it's so much more convenient for you as the user too.

Toss out the hassle of paper statements and bills and enjoy the convenience of online banking!

Speaking of tossing, Qiuqiu, Ben and I attended the UOB Toss & Win event the other day at One Raffles Place & Chevron House Stage Space and it was like nothing I've ever experienced before!!! :D

The super prominent UOB booth at Chevron House, it's impossible to miss! ^~^

It definitely drew a lot of crowd from the office population at One Raffles Place & Chevron House Stage Space, there was even a queue at the booths!

Play now for an instant prize!
Who can resist this, right? :D

My turn to have a go at the UOB Toss & Win game at the booth's touch screen panel :D
The game is just as simple as the name sounds - you toss, and you win prizes!
You'll have to tap to toss the crushed paper balls into the waste paper basket when the direction of the arrow is right.
It's a simple game but it's SUPER FUN & ADDICTIVE!!

Hahah check out my happy face cause I scored 8 points!!!
Thanks to that, I won a $2 Mr Bean voucher! :D
(more prizes to come, read on!)

I think UOB's really smart for coming up with this exciting and unique gamification approach to engage with their customers and encourage us to go paperless!
Sign up for UOB eStatements now and toss all that bulk of paper away ^~^

And it was time for the highlight of the day!!
The Live Toss & Win game on the big LCD screen at One Raffles Place!
DJs Joe Augustin and Glen Ong from Class95 were also there to host the event :D
Their voices are like woohoo super nice, I can just listen to them talk all day hahah~~ ^~^

A demo on the big screen of how to play before the actual game starts!

This live game was open to the public by the way.
All you have to do is to queue for your turn, and then you'll be passed a phone which has been synched with the big screen for you to key in your name, and then toss away!!

Can't wait for our turns!!! :D

The first player was the director of UOB, to officially kickstart the game! ^~^
That's me behind in the queue!

Focus... Aim, and Toss as many paper balls into the bin within 30 seconds!
It's actually quite stressful cause everyone is watching you play LOL
But that's also the best part, cause people around you will cheer with you and be excited for you when you score!! :D
And even if we didn't score a high score, it's alright because the fun factor was totally satisfying! ^~^

After Ben & Qiuqiu, it was my turn next! :D

It's me versus the big screen!!
Psst, sorry about my grassy, messy hair, it was a really warm day :X

Check out everyone's eyes on the screen hahah
Sooo intense, like we're watching a live soccer match with Glen's live commentary! xD

I scored 5 points, which is not bad cause as long as we scored 3 points we'd win a $10 Coffee Bean card! :D :D :D
So proud of myself for not scoring zero (which I was secretly afraid I would) hahah!

If you guys have played the Toss & Win game, do take a photo of it and tag #UOBTossNWin on Instagram!
I want to see how much everyone else scored too! :D

Showing off what we won!
Ben was pouting cause he didn't win the Coffee Bean card, but it's okay!
Because at the end of the day we all walked away with one prize or another! :D

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the event!
I hope there'll be more events like this by UOB in future :D
Taking something most would regard as serious and official such as eStatements
and adding the fun element to it!
Plus we all got to win prizes too!
What's there not to love? :D

Filling up my particulars to claim my prizes! :D

$2 Mr Bean Voucher from the touch screen panels earlier and $10 Coffee Bean card from the big screen Toss & Win game!
Lunch and tea break settled :P

Each of us also got interviewed a little about how we felt about the event! ^~^

Took this photo before we left Chevron House.
Look at the queue! The response for the UOB Toss N Win was seriously overwhelming! :D
I guess it's also because it's a great opportunity for the working crowd to let loose, have fun and win prizes during their lunch breaks! ^~^

A group shot of us with DJs Joe and Glen!

If you weren't around Raffles Place area or didn't get to play the Toss & Win game live or at the touch screen booths,
not to worry!
Because you can now play the UOB Toss & Win online at

Plus, you just need to score a minimum of 4 points to WIN CASH!! :O
Like serious actual cash! $$$$

In total, UOB has S$66,000 cash up for grabs, how cool is that!
Toss & Win is accessible on both on your smartphone or your computer, whichever you feel more confident of getting a higher score xD

Here's a little walkthrough on how the UOB microsite game looks like!

Go to and you'll be greeted by this super inviting poster

There are a few simple instructions:
Tap the paper ball when the arrow is in the right direction
Release to launch the paper ball
& you only need at least 4 points throws to qualify for a prize! :D

To be honest you really need to get used to playing it first cause my first few attempts were hilariously pathetic, none of my 10 paper balls went in... :X
Thank UOB for the "Try Again" button LOL!

The key to getting a good score is to FOCUS ON THE ARROW instead of the paper ball.
For some reason I initially kept staring at the paper ball and ended up missing a lot hahah!
But I kept hitting the "Try Again" button until I scored a perfect 10 finally! :P

And then I realised, omg I actually could've scored more with the 2x button!! :O
My competitive spirit refused to let me stop at 10 hahah

Clicking on the 2x button on the top right corner actually doubles up your points for that throw to make it easier to get a higher total score!
And you can do this 2 times too! :)

Each time you click on the 2x button, a DID YOU KNOW? prompt will pop up to give you some useful information about the perks of online banking.
Once you've read it, click the x button and you can proceed with your game :D

With the 2x power, your paper ball will be GLOWING~
I'll highly advise using the 2x power for super easy shots where it'll be a sure-hit so you don't waste the power :P

After several attempts at the Toss & Win, I proudly present my highest score - 12!
And that's when I was finally willing to press "PROCEED" to collect my prize :P

I was directed to this page where I filled up a few simple particulars, agreed to T&Cs
and clicked on "REVEAL MY PRIZE"

YESSS AHHH! Won $20 (real life cash)
from simply playing a virtual game!
If I'd spent my time on games at an arcade I'd still have to spend my own money,
but playing the Toss & Win online gave me money instead hahah love it!! :P #kiasuSingaporean

There are 3 prize tiers:
Score 4 to 6 = S$10 Cash
Score 7 & above = S$20 Cash
Score 4 & above (using exclusive game code) = S$30 Cash

After knowing my cash prize amount, I need to first subscribe to UOB eStatement and perform two qualifying online/mobile transactions (eg. Funds Transfer, Bill Payment, Change of Personal Particulars, Change of Address etc)

Too easy, I do these transactions all the time cause I LOVE ONLINE BANKING!

Online banking can be really simple, fun and rewarding.
And it's seriously one of the best things that's ever existed
because it made purchasing and paying for stuff so much more convenient,
especially for someone like me who's on my phone all the time! ^~^

Once you've performed the required actions,
you will be entitled to the Cash Credit!
An SMS will be sent to you on or before 19 December 2014 to inform you of it, so do double check that the phone number you entered in the game is accurate!

For more information, visit
and you can also check out the UOB Toss & Win FAQs here:

Play the UOB Toss & Win and transact online
to be rewarded with cash now! :D
The Toss & Win game will only be on till the 31st October 2014!
Share the love, tell all your friends and family about this
so everyone can get $$ from playing games! ^~^

Go Paperless, Go Online and Win Cash!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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