Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brow Resurrection: Touch-Up

Hi loves! :D
About a year ago I did Brow Resurrection at browhaus
and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
For the first few months when my brows were darker,
it was really easy to spot the stray hairs and pluck them out to retain the shape of my brows and I didn't have to draw my brows at all.
This saved a hell load of time for me when I applied my make up!! :D
And for the remaining months when my brows faded, they helped me look like a human when I had no make up on hahah
and they also made filling of my brows with make up on a lot easier because there's a "template" for me to follow! ^~^
You can read my previous Brow Resurrection post here:

This time, I went to browhaus @ 100am (100 Tras Street) and I touched up on my brows again!! :D
The 100am branch deco looks super chic with all the neon coloured panels and what not!

I'll skip the details of the procedure since I've blogged about it before HERE.
Therapist Jason from browhaus 100am went through the exact same steps with me as before as Elisa from Cathay browhaus did :)

And I guess most people are mainly curious to see the results, so here goes!

Super super sparse natural brows, my previous brow resurrection has faded quite a bit so you can spot the patchiness,
In sum, I NEEDED this touch up session... really badly! LOL
i love the results so much!!!
Neat strokes, brows look well groomed, nice tail at the end of my brows,
and I can't tell which stroke is my natural brow and which is from the brow resurrection hahah xD
Every girl with thin brows should do this, it seriously will change your life man.
Painless and yet the results are so super pretty!!

With this set of new brows, my eyes look so much more awake!!
I look less sickly even without make up, thank goodness ^~^

You like? :D
Cause I LOVE IT! ^~^ 

Some make up products they were selling at browhaus~
I bought their eyeliner from the grand beauty hotel pop up store before, it's really nice to use!

Some photos of others' before and after brow resurrection, lash in bloom etc
which are bound to make you want to sign up for every single treatment they have to offer :X
LOL I was super tempted to say the least~

Yay, I'm loving my new brows to bits!! ^~^
No eyebrow powder/ eyebrow pencil/ eyebrow mascara or what not needed!!

I guess by the time you're reading this,
I'm in NZ with the cows, grass and being one with nature already hahah!
Just a short post about my brows for today :)
But I will be updating again soon!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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