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Cleo: Back to the dark side

I'm here with another hair update guysssss ^~^
I love posting photos of my hair because it's a totally legit excude to post a ton of photos of my face also :X

Anyway, these are overdue photos from my previous visit to Cleo Hair & Make!
I went to touch up on my faded green ombre and Hitomi added a little more blue to it this time to add more gradient to it! :D
Hitomi's really skillful with the matching of colours as usual,
and the end result was an ethereal underwater-ish mix of blue and green!! :D
Feel free to stalk Hitomi on her Instagram here xD

So much effort man, I don't know how she manage to do this hahah!
No such thing as a cheap flat boring colour job at Cleo! ^~^
All their Japanese stylists are super professional and won't cut back on effort & quality whether it comes to colouring, styling, washing or cutting of hair!

Every time after colouring and treatment of my hair at Cleo, I always look at it with such disbelief because it's too pretty to be my hair
and I'll non-stop thank Hitomi, telling her that it's damn pretty hahah!
I wonder if she ever thinks "No biggie, I make people's hair this pretty all the time" cause she's really damn good! xD

So happy cause I've got chio hair!!! ^~^

I haven't cut my fringe since Hitomi trimmed it for me the other time, and it's still growing out well!
Likewise for my layered hair, Hitomi did such a fantastic job with it she didn't even have to re-trim any part of it cause it didn't go "out of shape" at all!
Getting my hair layered by Hitomi was one of the best decisions ever cause my hair feels more bouncy and looks good whether I let it down or bun it up in a messy bun!

From front to back:
Me, Hitomi (my stylist at Cleo!! You can look for her at Cleo to do your hair),
Takuya, Boss, Yui and Ryo!
They're a really hyper, fun & immensely talented bunch at Cleo!
If only I could converse in Japanese with them too, it'll be so awesome lah :O

Some photos of my green x blue hair!
You can see how it gradually fades, but I think all the shades of green my hair went through are damn nice?
Plus I didn't have to bleach till platinum blonde leh!
Previously Hitomi helped me bleach till yellow blonde (so as not to damage my hair too much),
and with the proper mix of colours, achieve a gorgeously striking teal ombre ^~^

I don't think a prettier shade of teal can exist ba! ♥_♥

And then the colours faded after 2 weeks till it leaned more towards green than teal!
Some girls emailed me asking how often I wash my hair because I managed to maintain the colour for quite long.
For those who were wondering, I wash my hair everyday cause my scalp will get oily if I don't wash my hair for a day and I can't stand it :S
And I didn't use any colour shampoos or whatsoever, so I think the dye lasted really long for me! ^~^

Then slowly slowly it it crept into the ash green zone, and even then people still praised my hair colour! :P
Happy leh!!! ^~^
One time touch-up can last so long hahah!
Maybe because it was done over my previous green ombre, so it's even more lasting than the first.

But because I'm heading off to NZ soon and I wanted an easier hair colour to work with,
in terms of matching outfits, hairstyle, maintenance etc,
I went to Cleo Hair & Make recently and Hitomi helped me dye my hair to dark brown!

I don't know if it's because I haven't seen myself in dark hair for a long time,
but I felt like my face changed quite a bit with the new hair!
Dark hair makes your skin look fairer, defines your face shape more (means smaller face!!) and it gives off a more matured feminine and vibe.

If you asked me, I really can't decide which I prefer more, dark hair or light hair.
Light hair is always fun and exciting to have, while dark hair is more "wearable" and versatile!
I want both types of hair at once can? hahah

Either way, I'm sure glad colouring our hair isn't a permanent thing and we can always switch between dark and light colours!
Also, I'm thankful for Hitomi because she always makes sure my hair is well-taken care of
and doesn't frizz up nor become dry no matter how many times I bleach/dye it! :D

The pretty layers of my hair is quite obvious in this photo!

For those who were asking me about how I tie my bun messy so nicely,
here's the most important tip:
Find a good stylist who can layer your hair damn nicely!

After that, your bun will just look fabulously messy without much effort ^~^

After hearing so much about Cleo Hair & Make,
I'm sure some of you girls will be keen in finding out more about them! :D

Cleo will be having a public event this Sunday at Ion to celebrate the launch of Cleo A/W photobook!
Everyone's invited!!!

Cleo A/W Photobook Launch Event
Date: 12 October 2014
Time: 3:00pm - 5:30pm
Venue: Ion level 4, Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ restaurant (

Cleo's bloggers Qiuqiu, Miyake, Ben, Randy, Peishi and myself will be there to have a small gathering on Cleo's official launch for the photo book too!  :D

There will also be desserts courtesy of @kremecouturebakery!
If you need a reminder of how awesome KremeCouture is, here's a throwback photo to my family picnic with their unbelievably pretty floral cupcakes! ^~^

Finger food by Mago Saburou will be provided too!

The Loco Team will also be there to take everyone's pictures and print them out for instant collection!
First 50 guests will be able to receive goodie bags with vouchers of a FREE exclusive new treatment by Cleo, shopping vouchers for Rose Bullet, dining vouchers by Mago Saburou, and shampoo&treatment bottles from Mucota!

The Cleo Hair & Make team and us bloggers look forward to meeting everyone this Sunday!! ^~^

For more updates on the event, do follow Cleo Hair & Make on IG:

If you'd like to read my older posts about my hair at Cleo,
The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
Sio × Ryo × Ai × Takuya × Hitomi

Thank you for reading, love you all!!

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