Monday, October 13, 2014

Dolly Wink Guinness World Record Breaking Event

I was really honoured to have been a part of the Dolly Wink Guinness World record setting event for the most number of people putting on eyelashes at the same time awhile ago!
It was held at Scape and the turn out was simply amazing!

There were Dolly Wink products sold at the event at discounted rates as well and it was obvious that all of us girls present were extremely hyped up to grab them!

There were some girls who rocked the gyaru style at the event too!
I'm in awe of the amount of effort they put in to all their outfits!
Kudos to their passion for the Japanese culture! ^~^

Check out the crowd! :O
Overwhelming huh?

I've never known how World Records are set, and I always thought it'd be a really serious and solemn event.
But this changed my mind about it entirely! :D
Plus with Ross and Xiaxue, along with George Young and Shu An as hosts, the mood at the event was really fun and light-hearted!

I've been in love with Dolly Wink lashes for 3 whole years since I first got to know of it (thanks to Miyake), and I'm also very excited that Dolly Wink is 5 years old now!!
To me it's the queen of all falsies because it's of such high quality and it's so easy to wear!

For those who were asking,
my favourite Dolly Wink lash is No.2, and it's always been No.2 since years back! ^~^ #loyal

Here are some tips shared during the event plus my personal tips on pasting falsies! :)
Tip 1:
Remember to trim the lashes to fit your eye length before pasting it on
Tip 2:
Hold your lashes with two fingers on each end and gently bend it to make the bone of the lash more flexible (you can skip this step for Dolly Wink lashes because they're so soft!!)
Tip 3:
Apply more glue at the front and back of your lash
because they're more likely to fall out at those areas
Tip 4:
Do not apply an excessive amount of glue on your falsies
because it'll make pasting it on your eyes a huge mess
Tip 5:
After applying the glue on the lashes, blow on it for a bit till the glue becomes slightly translucent and tacky.
It will stick on easier this way.
Tip 6:
Paste the lashes on the CENTER of your eyelids first,
and then work your way inwards and outwards to the corners of your eyes
Tip 7:
If you're new with pasting fake eye lashes and are afraid to paste them too near your real lashes, draw thicker eyeliner to give yourself more margin of error.
Tip 8:
You can actually REUSE your falsies. Just run them under the tap or soak them in water for a bit and then the glue should start to loosen.
You should be able to remove the glue from the lash bone quite effortlessly.

Last but not the least, nobody is a pro at pasting falsies at the first try.
Practice makes perfect, don't give up!!! ^~^
This is one beauty product every girl should at least try because I think it greatly enhances our looks!

Xiaxue dolling George Young up and he was game enough to be a part of the Dolly Wink GWR event too!
Unfortunately, Georgina Young turned out prettier than all of us girls with the lashes and make up :X
Self-esteem dropped by 99999 hahah


Hayley, Evon, Miyake and I were the guest bloggers for the event and we were on stage to share our tips plus some challenges we faced when pasting fake lashes too!
Smiling at the judge for the GWR and trying my best to flutter my No.2 lash at her xD

Selfie from the stage!

Happy Birthday Dolly Wink!!! Woohoo!!! ^~^
誕生日おめでとう!  ♥♥♥♥♥

In all, the event was a huuuuge success!
We broke the Guinness World Record for most number of people putting on eyelashes at the same time, we toasted to Dolly Wink's 5th birthday, everyone received an awesome goodie bag full of pretty Dolly Wink products, the girls shopped to their hearts' content with the discounted pricing and everyone had a smashing time!

What's more, in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation, Dolly Wink will be donating $2 for every Dolly Wink lashes sold during 20th Sep to 30th Dec!
So if you're looking for a good brand of falsies to buy, I'd seriously recommend Dolly Wink because I swear by it and now we get to be a part of a good cause too! ^~^

Super grateful to Mandom Corp, Dolly Wink and NuffnangSG for inviting me to be a part of this event! :D
Thank you so much!

And to all of you, as always,
thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^

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