Tuesday, October 7, 2014

IDS Clinic: Sugar Therapeutics Treatment

Not a sponsored post, just my personal review of my experience with laser in search for good and radiant skin~

Hello everyone!
Here's another review post for the all new Sugar Therapeutics Treatment I went to at IDS Clinic the other day!
(no edits done on my face the entire post, not even my big nose or face)

I absolutely LOVE trying out new treatments at IDS Clinic because I've tried (& blogged about) several treatments before and most of them have proven effective for my skin!

What more, this was the SUGAR Therapeutics Treatment!
Sounded delicious, of course I was going to try it! xD

Main concerns before the treatment:
Flaky skin
Clogged Pores

Alright, first to remove my make up & cleanse my face as usual!

Then the therapist started with the Sugar Therapeutics Treatment.

With my eyes closed, I actually couldn't completely visualize what she was doing to my face or what she was using etc hahah!
Like usually I'll try to imagine what's being done to my face...
She pressed a really sticky paste in small sections of my face at a time,
and then in a few seconds she snapped it out of my skin, with just a little tug and very minimal pain.

It's nothing like waxing which usually hurts a lot, and it doesn't feel as drying to my skin as threading (挽脸).
I think it felt like a more elastic and gentler form of waxing.

It was only after the treatment that I saw this video Chester took for me (thanks Chester!! ^~^) that I could finally see what was done during the treatment hahah!
Super cool eh!

The sugar paste's texture is like malt sugar (麦芽糖), stretchy and sugar sticky, which makes it crazily difficult for the therapists to do this treatment and they probably needed a lot of practice to master this.

It's normal for the face to be a little red after the treatment cause the sugar paste actually penetrates deep into the pores
and removes impurities, dead skin cells and what not with it as it gets snapped out of the skin.
An additional benefit of this treatment is that even the fine hair on the face, aka peach fuzz, may be removed simultaneously too!

Next, the therapist applied a whitening serum, vitamin C and finally followed by a whitening mask on my skin.
After all the dead skin, clogged pores and other impurities are removed,
it'll be a lot easier for my skin to absorb the goodness from the serums! ^~^

Struggling to take photos with my eyes closed :X

To further enhance the penetration of serums and vitamins, the therapist also used a cryo stamp machine using iontophorosis with a cold probe!
The coldness at minus 15 degrees was actually really comfortable (I almost fell asleep) and it helped minimize any irritation from the peel earlier! :D
IDS Clinic's facial treatments are always super pampering one~~~ ^~^
I always feel refreshed and invigorated after their treatments.
How I wish I can go for this every other day LOL :P

Scariest selfie goes to...

After the Sugar Therapeutics Treatment, my skin felt really soft and baby smooth cause a lot of the fine hairs were gone! Super nice to touch lah xD
Plus my face looked so much fairer immediately after the treatment I couldn't believe it was my skin?? :O

The treatment results lasted for about 4 days for me which I think is really not bad!
My boyfriend even asked if I became fairer!!
Maybe also because I've been taking IDS Clinic's Lyco-White supplements, which I will blog about soon!

Applying foundation after the treatment was a huge breeze cause my make up looked a lot smoother without the disruption of fine facial hairs.
I could apply my make up a lot faster too hahah!

Immediately after the treatment, with zero make up.
Can see that my face is fairer and less yellow compared to my neck right? :D

 Anyway on a side note, the sugar paste used in the Sugar Therapeutics Treatment is actually completely EDIBLE O.O
How crazy is that? Hahaha!
Precisely because the sugar paste used during the treatment is so natural, you can actually eat it!!
No worries about chemicals or unnatural components and what not being put on your face nor will you have to worry about allergic reactions! ^~^

I took a tiny bite out of it and it's quite nice eh LOL like malt candy! xD

Cool stuff xD

Would I recommend the Sugar Therapeutics Treatment to others?
The therapist's skill, the technology behind it, the results - it's worth every penny!
I've never had a facial treatment that can actually help me remove facial hair at the same time, I love it! ^~^
It's like an extra bonus apart from all the whitening, smoothing and nourishing effects from the treatment.

But the Sugar Therapeutics Treatment isn't recommended for those who have bad acne problems at the moment because the peeling may agitate your skin more.
If you have problems with acne, I actually recommend the Hydro Therapeutics Facial (HTF) treatment (still my all time favourite) first because there's extraction and all involved,
before you move on to the Sugar Therapeutics Treatment which is more for enhancing your skin.

If you're interested in IDS Clinic's treatments/ products/ other services or simply want to make an enquiry about the prices,
you can contact them at:
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to #05-10, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6568 3555

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By the way, I have a new hair colour!! ^~^
Will post more photos of it soon!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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