Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lucido-L Workshop

Hi guys!! ^~^
Here's the Lucido-L Workshop post which I promised on my dayre! :D

Hahaha first photo and you see me stuffing my face with a McNugget :X
Having some macs and discussing about the products before the event commenced!

Then the crowd started to stream in and the girls took their seats,
excited to see all the goodies on their tables! xD

The workshop first started with Professional Hair Stylist Jerra teaching us how to create a simple, messy & voluminous look using the Lucido-L styling wax.
The key is apply a plum size bit of wax on your palms and finger tips, rub it together until it turns transluscent, then loosely grab bunches of hair at the crown of your head and release!
Super easy to do eh!
Plus it's a messy look so you don't really have to be too precise about it! ^~^
A super great cover up for bad hair days ;) So you can tell people "I meant for it to like that"

Then next it was my turn to talk about how I usually style my hair,
the importance of styling your hair and the likes!

Raving about the Panasonic Nanocare Hairdryer which I'm using daily now.
I seriously believe that it works and it's made my hair a lot less fried,
and a lot shinier and more moisturized these days :O
Coupled with my awesome new Essential shampoo and great styling products from Lucido-L!

Anyway, do let me know if you guys want a review on this hairdryer! ^~^
It's metallic PINK (looks red in photos though) and it's super cool, and I'm quite sure you girls will love it too just after one use!
I'm so obsessed with it I'm thinking of bringing it to my NZ trip because I don't want to use any other hairdryers except this :S
But I'm supposed to be on a backpacking trip.... I'm suppose to pack light and all.... HOWWWW T~T

I'll be teaching you girls how to achieve the classic medium length bob hair (works for short bob or long hair too!)
on an Instagram posting soon, so do look out for it!
In the mean time, you can follow me on Instagram if you haven't already done so ^~^

 Using the Lucido-L Moisture Wax because it keeps the ends of my hair shiny and healthy looking! ^~^

And I'm done with my demonstration! :D :D
Thank you for your kind attention~~ ^~^

Next, it was Xiaxue's turn to show us how to do a fishtail braid!

While it's one of the hairstyles that look complicated and seem to require a whole bunch of effort,
Xiaxue taught it in a super easy way such that most girls present could follow the steps! ^~^

I always feel very honoured to get to attend events with Xiaxue (& Qiuqiu, Sophie, Miyake & Yutaki too) because I've been following their blogs since idk how many years ago! (I'm quite a fan girl one :x)
Also if you've met Xiaxue in real life before, you'll know that she's very approachable and doesn't put on airs to her readers, which makes me like her even more lah xD

If you want to check out Xiaxue's fishtail braid tutorial, I THINK she'll be posting it on her IG soon too! :D

Last but not least, Jerra taught a romantic curls tutorial using the Panasonic curler/straightener which has so many different types of attachments to create a wide range of looks!
Once my hair grows longer I'm so gonna get that to style my hair!!

And then we had a free and easy session where the girls could try out the testers of Lucido-L wax and hairspray, the Panasonic styling tools and also shop AforArcade's little booth (and they very kindly sponsored my outfit and Xiaxue's outfit for the day!)

Xiaxue, Jerra, some of the organizers from Lucido-L and I also walked around to help the girls with styling their hair into their desired looks!
Due to time constraint and my lack of experience, I only managed to personally help Chloe style her hair.
She was really sweet and nice and we talked quite a bit while I was doing her hair! ^~^
Quite fun leh!!! :D
Maybe next time if I get more experience I can part-time as a stylist and help out at Cleo Hair & Make and be Hitomi's assistant LOL!

Although I didn't get to help everyone style their hair personally, I managed to talk to some girls and answer their questions on hair styling too! ^~^

Posting this photo because my legs LOOKS skinny HAHAH ;) ;)
It's just an optical illusion though.
Kudos to AforArcade's awesome cutting paperbag shorts and accidental good angle :P
And my hair looks so shiny and smooth right? :D :D

Stylist Xiaxue! ^~^

Stylist Rachell!

And then we came to the end of the event and us girls did what we do best - camwhore :D :D

A huge huge thank you to all the pretty and sweet girls who attended the workshop, we really appreciate it!!
I hope you all gained some helpful tips that'll make styling your hair a lot easier from now on :D
Also, thank you so much for tagging me on Instagram on the photos we took together! ♥♥♥

Xiaxue, Me, Nuffie Madeline and Nuffie Chris who accompanied us throughout the event on a weekend! ^~^
Thank you guys so much too, xin ku ni men le!!! :D

Lucido-L Workshop, SUCCESS!! :D
A little more effort, a lot more style!! ^~^

The workshop was held at the 5th level of Scape, and coincidentally Cuddles (Cat) Cafe had their grand opening at the 2nd storey of Scape that day.
So we decided to check it out briefly,
and it's seriously one of the most impressive cat cafes I've been to!

Their entire flooring is carpeted and they have the day room, night room,
underwater themed room and what not! :O

Super luxurious feel eh!
The cats have such good lives ^~^ love it!!

If you want to read more about Cuddles Cafe, check out my Dayre post on it at:
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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