Friday, October 17, 2014

少年 Obasan

Randomly took the following (spam of) photos with my iPhone 6's SECONDARY camera
on 10 sec timer mode, and I must say the quality is pretty awesome! :D
If you're thinking of investing in a digital camera at the moment, you should seriously consider the iPhone 6 because it's really not bad hahah!
New phone plus new camera ;)
And it makes uploading online a lot easier too xD
Enjoy the photos!

Bought my cropped hoodie while we were filming at Bugis Street at $10!! :D
Best impulsive buy ever ^~^

These insanely adorable bear sneakers I'm wearing will be launched on 30th October or earlier on Loveien19
and they'll be available in 5 exciting colours ^~^
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"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age."
~ Lucille Ball

I was just talking to my friends about a recent trend on social media which we personally don't agree with - the act atas (high-class) trend.
More and more YOUNG girls these days are taking it upon themselves to dress like they're twice their age, carry brands of bags that are way beyond their spending power and credit card limits, and going to excessively opulent places just to portray this seemingly luxurious, cultured and sophisticated lifestyle on their social media platforms.

Hopping to quaint cafes every other day, paying $20 for a really meh tasting cup of coffee is the norm, wearing labelled clothes that squeeze you in all the wrong places, layering crazily expensive outerwear that don't flatter yourself and call it high fashion...
These are things that my brain can't accept and my wallet will never do.

If you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you SERIOUSLY enjoy doing those above mentioned things,
I guess that's your life choice.
I'm speaking about those who don't act their wage and spend money they don't have in a desperate attempt to impress others.

We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.
~ Dave Ramsey

Reality check.
One of the rarest treasures in life that even money can't buy is youth.
Youth is something borrowed, not owned.
You have it today, you have less of it tomorrow, and even lesser the day after
and before you know it, it's passed you by completely and it's never coming back.

But if the 'act atas' trend is your thing, you and I should just agree to disagree, no drama needed.

I'm 24 now, probably getting married soon, but still I will say no to growing/ looking old.
I refuse.
I have another 50 years ahead of me to be old, it doesn't have to be now, does it?
Hopefully when I'm 40 I can look like a hot milf LOLOL

I am thankful that I don't look my age though (thanks to collagen drinks and what not LOL),
even in the preference of my dressing as well.
I like clothes that are comfortable and functional.
Put on an oversized top, denim shorts and comfy shoes and I call that my "battle gear" because that's when I'm the most productive and perform my best.
Clothes that make me worry about them opening up too much at the front, the back,
straps slipping down my shoulders and what not... ain't nobody got time for that.

But saying that I prefer to look/ feel young doesn't mean that I condone immaturity.
There are still bills to pay, people I have to account to and work that needs to be done,
and I do make an effort to see that I do them well.

Just that perhaps in the midst of doing all these adult-ish things, I don't see the need to force my face/ body to age the same way my mind does
cause life is actually a lot more fun being a 少年 obasan (look like a girl, think like an auntie) hahaha! xD

Alright, 少年 obasan signing off from my little rant!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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