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Be Empowered By Laurier

Hello loves!
It's a girl-talk blogpost again today! :D

And it's going to be all about something we can't avoid every month - sanitary pads!
As I've mentioned numerous times across all my social media platforms, my period cramps are awful (and I always whine about them publicly LOL oops).
With such an awful turmoil going on inside me already,
I'll definitely always try ways and means to make my period more comfortable for myself on the outside (eg. more comfy clothes, tying up my hair in a bun etc!)

Which is why it’s most crucial for us to use a suitable sanitary napkin so that we can feel comfortable and confident to go about our day! :D
And to help girls everywhere with making the right choice and finding THE PAD,
Qiuqiu, Peishi and I underwent a few fun challenges in the series "Be Empowered By Laurier"! :D

We also had help from our MALE partners!!
My partner was Randy, woohoo! :D
Qiuqiu's partner was her husband, Joshua, and Peishi's was her brother, Clinton!

When you add guys into 3 episodes full of girly stuff...... things are gonna get interesting! xD
Read on to find out more ^~^

Episode 1 was the BFF Challenge, and our BFF had to find THE PAD which fitted all our stated criteria for us :D

I'm sure most girls would have experienced this before:
Unexpected period, no females around you, and you're left with no choice but to ask your male friend or partner to buy a pad for you.

Once or twice my male friend would buy a brand of pad which I didn't like cause it didn't feel so comfortable,
and that was when I realised that pads aren't just pads, you can really feel the difference of a good pad! :O

Totally made the right choice asking Randy to be my partner cause he's really smart ah hahah!
Don't want to spoil the episode too much for you all, but I'm just gonna say that I'm super proud of Randy!!! :D
Ohyah! And we're called team RT (Randy Toh & Rachell Tan) LOL, quite cute right? :P

Hahah everyone laugh until so happy xD

Watch now and find out if the guys manage to find the perfect pad for us!

Episode 2 was the BOX Challenge.
The boys took a break from this challenge so it was just up to Qiuqiu, Peishi and I! ^~^

To spice things up a bit, Qiuqiu and I did what all jiejies (elder sisters) would do..... gang up together and PRANK the meimei (younger sister) HAHAHA xD
Look at my bitchy face ;P

Peishi was quite poor thing but so cute we couldn't help it LOLOL!!

Watch Peishi get pranked here, LOL!

And finally we're down to Episode 3 :'(
I had so much fun filming with so many of my favourite people and it's a bit sad that the series ended..
But who knows, if the response is awesome maybe we'll get to work together again in future!!! :P

Anyway, in the finale, you'll get to see the forfeit that the losing team has to go through.
The forfeit wasn't that easy cause you can actually see their hands trembling while doing it :X hahah!
You have to watch this!! xD

Poor Clinton's face turned red like a lobster from it...

Omg and I still pointed and did an evil laugh at him hahah sorry Clinton!! xD

Watch the finale here!

And the winning pad is........?
The Laurier Super Slimguard of course!
Its 1mm ultra absorbent sheet absorbs fluid 2x faster, keeping you 5x drier! :D
If you watched Episode 1 above, you'll know how awesome the Laurier Super Slimguard is in terms of absorption.
It absorbs 2x faster with suction like power that absorbs fluid quickly into the Quick Lock System.
So we can go about our daily activities with no more worries about leakages, no matter how heavy the flow! :D
You will feel 5x drier with 80% of fluid reduced on the innovative cottony Quick Dry Mesh Surface that seals it within the centre core, reducing stuffy, uncomfortable feeling.
Cotton material pads are the most comfortable ever!! Love them!! ^~^

With the Laurier Super Slimguard, we can wear whatever we want - white shorts, bandage skirts, yoga pants etc.
You know how yoga and stretching actually helps with period cramps!
So don't let periods stop you from carrying out your daily activities/activities that you love.

Thanks to Kao Japan’s advanced technology, Laurier Super Slimguard has unparalleled absorbency, comfort and safety, all in one millimetre!
It's so slim (yet powerful), be it on heavy or light days, you’ll feel like it’s barely there! ^~^

PMS monster is actually happy hahah!! ^~^

Laurier understands that we can't change periods, but we can change the way you feel about them.
And being the number 1 brand in total Singapore Sanitary Protection Category,
Laurier offers a wide variety of high-quality products to suit every woman's needs.
From day to night, heavy to light, and with different lengths and even limited edition Sakura scent to choose from,
you're bound to find the perfect pad with maximum absorbency and comfort!

Also, whenever I use the Sakura scent Laurier Superslim Guard which has a mild sweet scent,
it kinda helps make the dreadful time of the month a whole lot better cause the nice scent puts me in a good mood! ^~^
Try the limited edition Sakura scented 22.5cm Laurier Super Slimguard for yourselves
and you'll fall in love with it for sure! :D

Had fun throwing the super light pads around and I made the photos into a gif
and it looks like the pads can float LOL!
Because it's so thin and light? xD

Also, as mentioned in the Be Empowered By Laurier series,
we are hosting a giveaway for a Laurier Period Care Pack (worth $80) each in the DIY Box customized by us! :D

To join my giveaway, simply Like & Share this Facebook post:
& I will choose a lucky winner from the Likes & Shares ^~^

The winner will walk away with a BEAUTIFUL box filled with 6 months' worth of your favourite Laurier Super Slimguard napkins
and little treats like chocolate cookies, chamomile tea, sanitary pouch, a heat pack to make your period more comfy! :D

Ahhh, the indescribable joy of receiving a massive box full of sanitary pads~~~ xD
This is something the guys will never understand LOL :P

Last but not the least, Laurier has come up with an app called the P*log to help us keep track of our periods amidst our hectic schedules!
No more getting caught off guard without pads!! ^~^
Simply search “Laurier Period Log” in the app store.
Download is FREE and it's available for both iPhone and Android users.
You can also visit for more info :D

The colours are so vibrant and colourful just looking at it puts me in a good mood ^~^

Plus you can also customise the theme of the app, so go have fun with it! ^~^

To keep yourself updated on Laurier’s latest promotions and happenings, do Like LaurierSG Facebook page at
Visit to redeem FREE Laurier Super Slimguard 25cm sample pack!

Let's all be empowered by Laurier!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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