Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'll try

I think 2014 has really been an experimental year for me.
I kinda talked myself (is this weird?) into trying a bunch of new stuff that I used to be afraid of,
with the main reason being
this is the year of the Horse, which is my year, and if I'm not going to try new things now, then I'll never get to doing anything.

LOL quite a stupid reason, but I guess stupid works for me! xD
Being an emcee, driving all by myself, saying yes to spontaneous trips, hiding at home less, helping strangers etc.

Anyway, one of the recent things I've tried to experiment with was my eye and face make up.
I'm quite the scaredy cat when it comes to permanently switching my make up style,
because I'm not blessed with the best features for rocking different make up looks.
And one wrong flick of an eyeliner can instantly make my eye look super mega chinkier-than-usual, no joke :S

So instead of totally boycotting my thick eyeliner look, I decided to stick with the thick make up,
but play around with coloured eyeshadows instead! :D
And how timely it was when Urban Decay sent me the VICE3 palette! ^~^
Thank you Urban Decay! ♥♥♥

Here I applied Last Sin, Alchemy & Bondage on my eyelids~

Photos of the VICE3 Palette taken with my iPhone so you can't really see how sparkly some of the shades are in real life.
But there's always SEPHORA testers for you girls to check it out yourselves :D :D :D

For the longest time I kept going back to light brown shades for my lids,
I forgot how much of a difference stronger eyeshadows can do for our eyes!
The eyeshadows in the VICE3 are so highly pigmented, a little bit of it goes a long way :O
Plus my crease looked SO MUCH higher and deeper, I love it!!

By the way, I'm not even using the UD primer potion here.
The shades will look A TON more vibrant than it already is with the primer :D

I guess having some vice in your life is good! :p

By the way, my top is from LoveIen19, quote "Rachell Tan" to get $1 off all items!

& my bag is from Saint HK SG :)

In a blink of an eye, my year's coming to an end T~T
I really hope that in the coming year I'll be as brave as I was this year.. if not braver! :)

What have you done in 2014 (no matter how small or simple) that you're proud of? ^~^
If feel like you haven't done much, not to worry, start something today!! :)
Cook for the family, start a healthier lifestyle, sign up for driving lessons, text your loved ones to tell them you care etc!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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