Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hello loves!
Such an excited pose can only mean...
I'm going to be blogging about FOOD hahah!

Been wanting to try out Suki-Ya ever since I spotted it from outside Heartland Mall (@Kovan MRT)
but never found the right occasion to.
So the other day while I was out with Martin, he suggested having buffet for dinner
and I managed to convince him to try out Suki-Ya with me instead of going to Sakura! Woohoo! ^~^
Forget the 3 special words, cause I think 'ALL YOU CAN EAT' is a greater way to express one's love LOL!

Brimming with excitement as we walked in!! ^~^ 

We went there at dinner time but wah, the lunch price like more worth it!
Gonna make a mental note to go over to Suki-Ya during lunch time soon :P

I'm not sure if everyone gets to choose 2 soup bases regardless of the number of customers
or was it because there were 2 of us.
Either way, we chose the Pork Broth and Miso Broth :D
There's also the choice of kimchi soup, laksa soup and quite a few more!

They also provided a list of dipping sauces to complement each soup base,
but I pretty much ignored it and chose the Mala & Chili Sauce anyway :D
Can't go wrong with chili! ^~^

Various mushrooms and udon noodles

The good thing about Suki-Ya is that while you self-serve with the other ingredients (veggies, mushrooms, noodles etc),
you have to place an order for the meat and they will serve it to you (no extra charge for this).
This way the meat stays fresh for your consumption and you only order what you can eat! ^~^

I guess many of us have overestimated our appetites and wasted lots of meat at buffets before,
or we'll end up forcing ourselves to swallow everything down.
So I kinda like the way Suki-Ya handles this! :)

And then there's the healthy bar which is full of nutritious fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, egg and what not!
I realised that because we couldn't pile up meat on our plates (like at other buffets), I piled up a lot more greens! :O
My healthiest buffet experience ever LOL!

And one thing I MUST recommend to you all from Suki-Ya....

There's even a warning sign at the food counter warning customers to poke the cheese balls before eating because the cheese will be scalding hot hahah!
Anyway, the cheese is like nachos cheese?? :O
Sooo friggin' good I think I ate 10 of these at least!

Martin got kinda high with the vast selection of noodles he came back with a pile and started pouring them all into our soup bases.

And the noodles decided to form a bridge between the two soups and eventually causing them to mix together hahah!
They still tasted good though! :P

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Total price of 2 pax dinner buffet + 2 drinks = $74+
It's kinda pricey for people with smaller appetites,
but for Martin and I,
we ate SOOOO MUCH I think we made every cent worth LOL!

If you don't want to waste your tummy space trying out random ingredients, I recommend:
Pork soup base, bamboo shoots, ramen, sliced beef (don't bother ordering pork), ice cream with cereal, & TONS AND TONS of chicken cheese balls!

Blk 205 Hougang Street 21 Level 2
Singapore 530205
Tel: 6288 4918

Monday - Thursday:
11:30am – 3:00pm
5:00pm – 10:00pm
Friday - Sunday:
11:30am – 10.30pm

For info on other branches,

Anyway, here're some photos of my outfit of the day!
Thankfully it wasn't too fitting so you can't see my post-buffet bulging belly :X

White cut in top from Jipaban
Light denim jumper from AforArcade
Shoes from Steve Madden

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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