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CLEO A/W Photobook Launch

This is an extremely overdued post, so sorry about it! :X
But anyway, I'm still going to post the photos before Winter 2014 ends hahah!
Went to the launch ofCLEO A/W PHOTOBOOK some months back at Magosaburou Singapore! :)

If you've watched my vlog from 29th May '14,
this was the day we all gathered to shoot for CLEO's A/W Photobook! :D

Pictures stolen from Qiuqiu's blog!
Thank you Qiujie for photoshopping us prettily!!! ^~^

Andddd, it's a wrap!!!
With all the hardworking and awesome stylists from Cleo Hair & Make~!

So of course, we were all super excited for the launch! :D

Magosaburou Singapore
2 Orchard Turn
#04-11A & #05-01 ION Orchard, 238801
Phone: 6634 1411

The restaurant is located at ION Orchard, but the entrance of it is quite discreet, so you really need to look out for it!
According to my brother, the more hidden a Japanese restaurant is, the more high class! :O

The event was open to public and lots of guys and girls came!! :'D
Thank you all so so so much for taking the time to come and celebrate with us the launch of CLEO's A/W Photobook!

There was also lots of gorgeous autumn-winter themed cupcakes from KremeCouture Bakery,
but they were so popular they were totally WIPED OUT by the time I arrived :S
So I didn't get to take a picture of it T~T
But here's a chio photo of it from KremeCouture Bakery's instagram page :D
A photo posted by Kreme Couture Bakery (@kremecouturebakery) on

The A/W Photobooks which should still be available at CLEO Hair & Make if I didn't remember wrongly! ^~^
Also, CLEO will also be publishing a S/S '15 Photobook too! So exciting!!
Collect them all okay! :P

Our posters on the walls of the restaurant! :O
Wahhh, never once thought I'd have a chance like this T~T
Thank you CLEO Hair & Make, thank you Hitomi, thank you Sam jiejie
and especially thank you to Qiu jie for introducing me to CLEO!!! :'D

Hi this is me :X
Sorry if I look awkward though hahaha I'm never good at photoshoots xD

And we also had a casual mini signing session!
So fun de~~
Idk what happened here but we all laugh until so happy ^~^ Love it!!

Me and Randy being BFFs again LOLOL
Best fake friends hahaha xD

Wah team RT being super serious about signing :X

There was also a photobooth specially set up that day at the restaurant where we could take photos and have them printed out instantly! ^~^
I went home with a THICK STACK of 4R photos LOL!

And before we had dinner together, Martin helped me take my #ootd!
Houndstooth two piece set from Loveien19! :D
A lot of my clothes are from Loveien19 actually!! ^~^

Maroon sling bag also from Loveien19! :D

And it was dinner time at Magosaburou!! ^~^
Some appetizers to start..

Super fresh sashimi with natural sweetness, omg *.*

Edamame beans which I read online is really good for health!

And of course the highlight of the night!
The BBQ Meat!!!! :D :D :D :D

Omg I'm telling you, their beef is TOP NOTCH!
Hands down best beef I've ever eaten in Singapore!
It's comparable to the freshness and standard of the one I ate in Japan when I was there 5 years ago,
and the best part is I don't have to fly all the way to Japan to enjoy such high quality beef ~~~
Just by looking at the beautiful marbling of the meat I feel like drooling already! :X

Superrrrr shiok!
It feels really indulgent too haha!
Not something you'll eat everyday, but when that very special occasion calls for it,
Magosaburou will be the perfect place to celebrate at! :D

See Qiu jie and Ben eat until so happy lol!

Martin too engrossed in his food to pose for my camera hahah

And then when we finished the beef on our table, they served us another full portion! :O
Thank you so much Magosaburou!!!!
Yes, you have my heart, and my stomach and every part of me hahah!
I'll definitely return with my family so I can treat my parents to one of the best restaurants in SG! ^~^

Took a picture of my Orange Juice and Ben thought I was taking a picture of him hahah

They also served us clam soup (like tomato based) which was quite refreshing after eating all the meat :P

Time for dessert!

If I didn't remember wrongly, the price per pax for Magosaburou on average should be $100+ if you don't drink alcohol.
Really reasonable considering the super crazy high quality of their food, their excellent service and that very authentic feel to their restaurant!
Really makes you feel like you're in a modern restaurant in Japan! ^~^

And then Peishi came to join us after her work at her intern place for dinner! :D
Heng she could make it so she can enjoy all the yummy food with us too, yay!!! ^~^

Fast forward to a week ago, I finally touched up my hair since I went to NZ hahah!
Cause when I was in NZ my scalp got sunburnt O_O
I applied sunscreen on my face and all over my body....and totally forgot about protecting my scalp :/
Which was why I was quite scared to do anything to my hair for a period of time after I came back from NZ lol!

Mandatory mirror shot at CLEO Hair & Make! :D

Because I haven't done any form of treatments in a really long time, my hair condition became damn bad~

And just when I thought maybe Hitomi will require me to visit CLEO a few more times to get my hair condition back on track,
Hitomi surprised me yet again! ^~^

Hitomi made my hair look so much healthier!
It's in a glowy shade of copper brown, not too loud, not too lianzxz, just the way I like it!
Plus Hitomi also did a hair treatment for me that left my hair super crazy shiny and smooth! :O
You can't even spot a trace of that messed up hair a few photos ago anymore hahah!

Peishi & I at Cleo together!
Takuya also did a fantastic job with her hair, as always! ^~^
KOAS feeling fabulous with our shiny, smooth hair! :)

Going to CLEO is always a good decision! ^~^
Major confidence booster, plus the hairstyles Hitomi gives me are always so wearable and versatile!
I feel like a good hairstyle allows you to play around with your hair in braids, buns, clips etc,
and it'll have a pretty shape no matter what! :)
Thank you Hitomi for giving me such pretty hair, which makes it so much easier to style my hair on my own on a normal basis too! :D

If you'd like to read my older posts about my hair at Cleo,

Alright, that's all for this post!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
Sio × Ryo × Ai × Takuya × Hitomi

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