Wednesday, December 10, 2014


What is the secret to keeping the flames in a relationship going strong?


Life will feel crappy unless you have fun doing what you're doing.
Be it at school, at work, with your friends or with your special partner.

It's especially important to have fun with the people you love and wish to keep by your side.
No matter how busy, remember to always take out some time for fun and relaxation.

I realised this when my fiance and I kept getting on each other's nerves settling administrative stuff for application of our BTO, paying our bills and what not.
These adult stuff, as I call it, are dreadful and tedious to do -____- but they have to be done either way because we really want a house of our own.
I love him like crazy, but I think sometimes we just want to kill each other when we're filling up forms hahaha!

When a relationship is just starting out, everything is novel, everything is new, everything is stress-free, with no commitments and most importanty, it's FUN.
The flirty text messages, the first "goodnight baby ♥", the first time you held hands, the first couple item you guys got together, the first kiss... everything feels fun, and the world suddenly feels more colorful, and life is so worth living.

I guess maybe that's why people get divorces after many years of marriage, or decide to break off their engagements after awhile (apart from cheating, gambling, abuse, and scumbag cases).
Because when two people who used to be in love spend too much time together stressing over things that bring them frustrations (home bills, payments, family issues), it's not a surprise that there'll soon be an association of the other party with all the bad things.
And then gradually, the feelings of love get overpowered by frustrations, anger and stress.

Just flashback to your secondary school days.
Who was your favourite teacher? Probably the really creative and humorous science teacher who always made jokes in class, advised the students like a friend, and made an effort for classes to be fun.
My favourite was my Bio teacher called Mrs Gay (it's a legit surname tho).
She had tiny eyes like me but she always told us that having small eyes doesn't affect how much one can see,
and she can spot us texting under the table LOL!
My close friends and I all scored As for O level Bio :)
And your least favourite? Maybe the discipline master who's always telling you to pull up your socks, shouting at you from across the hallway to tuck in your shirt, asking you to stop talking during assembly, giving you detention and the list goes on.

**I'm not saying discipline masters are always bad okay, just an example.
Because someone has to play the bad guy to enforce the school rules somehow, but unfortunately he probably won't be as well-liked as a teacher who's given the freedom to have fun lessons with the students.

What I'm trying to say is, if there's someone who really really matters to you, remember to make an effort to have lots of happy times with them.
There will be difficult times that you guys have to go through, definitely,
but don't let that overwhelm you guys so much that you wish to have nothing to do with them anymore because you only remember all the bad things when you think about them.

The happiest couples (or friends, or families) I've met are the ones who always share genuine, loud and unglam laughs with each other,
who make the effort to spend time with each other, be it chilling at home the entire day to eat chips and watch movies, or head out to pat tor (go on dates) even after years of marriage.
Where there're no forced smiles involved, no special plans needed,
just the enjoyment of each other's presence and pure stress-free fun :)

As for Martin and I, not to worry though, we kinda got this being adults thingy figured out and we're coping well with our sh*t now ^~^
One of our latest favourite hobby is flying kites at Marina Barrage.... cause it's FREE hahahah
and the view is fantastic!

You can read my previous blogpost about our kite flying at Marina Barrage here:

Anyway, how can a blogpost about FUN not include this song from Spongebob right? xD

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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