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I'm very honoured to have been invited as one of the two bloggers invited to #GraMeeting the other day thanks to NuffnangSG and PUB, the national water agency (PUB)! :D

It was a casual session where Yutaki, myself and a few other Instagrammers met and discussed about what we do, our photography styles as well as shortlist the photos for PUB's 2015 calendar! :D

And in case you haven't already done so, you can now follow our national water agency’s official Instagram channel at @PUBsingapore! :)

The meeting started off with a little introduction by Syed (! :D
I guess we were all pretty shy at first.. or at least I was cause, I was the only girl at the meeting hahah!
But slowly, we all warmed up to each other and discussions became really fun as we exchanged quite a bit of tips and tricks on photography! :D

Super creative way of depicting our meeting with Lego figurines, picture credits to Syed's instagram.
We were teasing Lester about his pink camera (actually it's his sister's) which drew all of our attention hahah!

The first Guest Instagrammer to talk about his works on Instagram was Roland ( :)
Unlike Yutaki and I, who are lifestyle bloggers and have a feed full of selfies (haha!),
Roland's focuses mainly on landscape photography. He also shared with us that he only started using a DSLR a year ago, which I find quite amazing because all his pictures make me feel like he's been a pro for YEARSSS! :O

The second Guest Instagrammer was Heman (, who told us that he learnt all his skills with using the DSLR from YouTube!
I'm definitely inspired by him to learn how to maximize my DSLR's full potential via YouTube and not spend all my time on cooking/ baking channels haha!!
After checking out his IG feed, I really liked what I saw!
Heman's one of those rare IG-ers who has the commitment and passion to really standardize the colour scheme of all his IG photos.
I don't think I can ever have the discipline to do that...
Super impressive! This is what I'd call a professional Instagrammer! :D

The two Guest Instagrammers also shared with us about their experience working with the Instagram community in Singapore, through @InstaSG – one of Singapore’s most active Instagram communities! :)
Back in Feb 2014, @InstaSG and @PUBsingapore put a light-hearted twist on the dry spell when the team worked with local Instagrammers to launch a unique contest where the public are invited to submit autumn-like snapshots and add #SGhomework29 to their photos! :D

There was also a mini presentation of tokens of appreciation to Guest Instagrammers by Wesley ( :D

If you've been following my IG or my blog, you'd know that PUB had also organised two #WalkwithPUB for Instagrammers at its Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters sites - MacRitchie Reservoir and Kallang River @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park!
You can read my previous post about my #WalkwithPUB experience at the Kallang River at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park here :)

I really like how PUB is using social media to engage with the tech-savvy younger generation and also spread word about the beautiful locations we have in Singapore! :D

After all the more serious discussions, we had a quick brunch hosted by Lester (, also known as the one with the pink camera, and & Azhar (!
Food is always good in any meeting because it definitely perked up everyone's mood on a rainy day! ^~^
From photography tips to selfie tips, embarrassing behind the scene tricks and how to edit our photos to make them look better..
We shared a lot of laughs during the meeting and I really felt like I've known them for quite some time already, although in reality it was my first time meeting most of them! :D

I told everyone about how Yutaki is my idol when it comes to the quality and effort put behind his every single photo, and how even his selfies can look like professional photoshoots!
Plus Yutaki's photoshoots (be it with himself or with other models) are known for their fairytale/ dreamy style, which is really soothing to look at and I think his pictures add a lot of beauty to the world of Instagram! :)
You guys should stalk Yutaki's IG too, but be prepared to be overwhelmed by prettiness! :D

Don't forget to also check out his private IG where he posts the projects he's done with other gorgeous models! :D

As for myself, my style on Instagram is more casual, fun, lifestyle sort
comprising of Instavideos, real time photos of where I am and what I'm doing, pictures of me goofing around and what not! :)
Very different from the rest.. which is why I'm really inspired by them to work on the areas which I can improve on, such as the quality of my pictures! :D
Hopefully I can learn better photography skills in time to come too, and share nicer pictures with my followers on Instagram! ^~^

The final stretch of the meeting was between the NuffnangSG bloggers, Yutaki and I, and the representatives from PUB Singapore
where we helped shortlist the photos for PUB’s 2015 calendar! :D

A few weeks ago, @PUBsingapore made an open call for ABC Waters photographs for year-end collaterals and mentioned that 12 photographs will be selected for PUB’s 2015 calendar.
A total of 408 entries were submitted and you can view them all via the hashtag #ABCWaters.

It was really exciting being a "judge", but also quite stressful at the same time because there were A LOT of beautiful pictures and we could only pick 12!
At the same time, I was so proud to see how beautiful our Singapore is through the photos and I'm so thankful to the participants for capturing these amazing photos :D

I gave the suggestion to perhaps showcase alternate locations for different months to show a wider variety in the photos :)
Anyway, the photographs that were shortlisted during the meeting and will be finalised by PUB’s Communications Division so do look out for it! :D

Inspired by the #GraMeeting, I also visited some of the gorgeous #ABCWaters sites to take some photos of my own, along with the newly learnt tips that I learnt from the Guest Instagrammers :)

I'm super excited for the completion of PUB’s 2015 calendar! :D
I believe it will make more Singaporeans aware and appreciative of all the beauty that's around us in Singapore that we often miss out on amidst our hectic schedules! :)

Thank you PUB and Nuffnang SG once again for this opportunity to be a part of this meaningful project!!

And thank y'all for reading as always!
Love you all! :D

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