Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hide & Seek

Spent a beautiful afternoon with lots of lovely company at the PUB Walk the other day at Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park :)
Yutaki, Yina and I posted IG posts inviting anyone who wanted to come spend a day with us away from the busy city lives, and the turn out was pretty sweet! :D
More importantly, we all had fun, got to relax, and took lots of photos! :)

We played a cool puzzle-solving hide and seek with our readers hahaha!
And my hiding spot was the playground!
Actually I thought I hid pretty well.... until Martin told me my hot pink shoes gave away my location even before I managed to hide :X
Plus the teams were really smart so everyone knew where I was! :D

Having fun with the excavator thingy which spins and digs up sand, too cool??

Even Martin, dressed in jeans and boots, couldn't resist trying out this playground feature haha!

And of course, myself with the #ABCwaters! :D
(Active, Beautiful and Clean waters)

Dipping my feet into the cooling pond made me feel like a kid all over again!
So nostalgic!

Tried to balance on a rock for photos for as long as I could!
It's not as easy as it seems cause the rock was super slippery and I was quite scared of falling.... or maybe I just have a bad sense of balance :X

Some group photos we took together!
Love them cause everyone looked so happy!!! ^~^

QQ, Yina's puppy, was obviously the star of the day because she's so pretty and tiny
and everyone couldn't stop fawning over her! ^~^

Smiling at I-can't-remember-what, but I looked (sweaty but) happy!

Before the event ended, we all received these super cute plushies from PUB too!
The one brushing its teeth is my favourite! xD
I gave the canoeing plushie to my sis cause her boyfriend kayaks/ canoes~

Hope there'll be more events like this orgaized by PUB in future too! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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