Thursday, December 11, 2014

LUCIDO-L: Argan Oil Series

Are you often caught in a dilemma of wanting beautiful hair but tired of using hair treatment products which constantly weigh your hair down?

While many hair care products claim to moisturize our hair,
more often than not, they end up giving us this oily, heavy and streaky after effect :/

Close up~~~
Gross much? D:
To others, it just looks like we tried too hard to have pretty hair and overdid it.

What we girls actually want is smooth and beautiful hair without all the weight!

And LUCIDO-L’s latest offering of the Argan Oil Series promises just that! :D
Softer, silkier and shinier hair without the baggage of heavy and limp hair,
and it definitely delivers results! ^~^

Let's be honest..
I've never been known to have the smoothest nor prettiest hair.
Most of the time my hair looks frizzy and grassy even when I try to style it :X
So whenever products like these help me take one big step closer to flawless hair, I'm super thankful! :')
And this result of smooth and healthy hair is definitely within your reach too with the LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Series! :)

I've been using the LUCIDO-L ARGAN OIL EX OIL and LUCIDO-L ARGAN OIL HAIR TREATMENT JELLY for the past few weeks and words cannot describe how impressed I am with them!
A picture speaks a thousand words.
And even without me telling you guys, you can see how much smoother and manageable my hair is now? :D
Feel free to click and zoom in on the pictures for a closer look! xD
Best part is, the products feel so light on my hair and doesn't weigh it down one bit!

I love my hair soooo much now, I really can't believe I'm able to achieve this standard of smoothness by myself at home! :D
Using hair care products daily is a great way to maintain the awesome effects of treatments you do at salons.
It's the same as after doing facial treatments at beauty salons, you still need to maintain your skin with skincare products daily! :)

The products' effects feel as light as a feather, you won't even guess it's Argan Oil!
See how happy I am with my pretty hair~~ :P

Nowadays with all the colouring of hair, using of styling tools and especially using styling tools without proper heat protection,
our hair is even more prone to damage.

This is why argan oil is very crucial in our hair care regime!
Argan oil is termed as ‘liquid gold’ in the industry and it's an organic product extracted from the core of argan trees commonly found in Morocco.
It's rich in healthy and hydrating properties, contains fatty acids and vitamin Emoisturizes hair and promotes healthy hair growth, and it repairs damaged hair and treats split ends!
The LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Series is processed and compressed under extremely high pressure to lock in the beautifying nutrients.
It also boosts quicker absorption and spreads easily to coat each hair strand with a light and smooth finishing!

Plus an added bonus - its lovely fruity floral fragrance made up of apples, peaches, jasmine and so on that just makes me want to smell my hair all day~

Before you do anything to your hair, the number one thing you must must MUST do is to apply leave-on hair treatment after you step out of your bath.
Applying hair treatment products is extremely important especially after bathing because our hair cuticles will be open.
Thus, we should seal up the hair strands as soon as possible to prevent loss of moisture.
If not, our hair will just end up really frizzy the next day :S

Plus the way our hair looks can really make or break our confidence for the day!
With natural good hair quality and texture, we look more presentable and styling our hair becomes so much easier ^~^

Just squeeze a suitable amount (less is better than more, you can always add more later) of the product, rub it evenly on your fingertips,
and then smooth it down the mid section to the ends of your hair where it requires more attention :)

The LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Series makes me feel soooo awesome about my hair because it always feels super well-behaved with no tangles whatsoever! :D

This product is suitable for all hair types! :)
It deeply repairs your hair to provide a consistent healthy glow and softness.
Don't be fooled by its oily texture!
It's actually extremely lightweight and like a feather and doesn't leave your hair greasy at all!

The LUCIDO-L ARGAN OIL EX OIL comes with UV protection, which prevents our hair from becoming too dry and damaged under the sun.
And here's a litle fun fact!
The best way to preserve argan oil is to store it in a dark coloured glass bottle to prevent light from breaking down its healing properties,
just as cute packaging the LUCIDO-L ARGAN OIL EX OIL is in! ^~^

This is recommended for those with thick, coarse and damaged hair type.
Its Moist Keep Formulation prevents moisture loss from our hair while deeply moisturising our damaged hair ends, and it also includes heat protection! :D
So much benefits in a tube, definitely value for money!

This product is recommended for dry, thin and fine hair types, like mine!
It's the only jelly format for argan oil products you can find in the market
and I'm so in love with its water-based texture because it feels super light and nice on my hair! ^~^
Its smooth-touch formulation coats each hair strand with a silky smooth finishing, and it also comes with UV protection! :D

I seriously urge all girls who have thin hair and have always been afraid that haircare products would make your hair look thinner to try this!
Leave this on your hair while you're applying your make up or choosing your outfit for the day
and let all the goodness be absorbed before blow-drying your hair :)


If you'd like to give your hair these amazing treatments it deserves,
you can find the LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Series at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC, BHG and Meidiya! :)

My favourite argan oil product of the lot would definitely be the LUCIDO-L ARGAN OIL EX OIL
because it comes in a convenient pump bottle that I can bring around!
Plus it's so easy to apply, and my hair feels so light, soft and silky smooth just after 1 to 2 pumps of it! :D

And if you'd like to try out the LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Series for healthy and beautiful hair,
do fill up LUCIDO-L's mini survey to get your own FREE sample! :D
Hurry cause it's while stocks last!

Thank you LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Series once again for giving me such pretty hair! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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