Saturday, December 13, 2014

MasterPass by MasterCard

I love online shopping because it's like buying myself a present and having it arrive at my doorstep randomly!
This way, it's like Christmas all year round :p

If I were to give an estimate, I think I buy approximately 40% of my stuff online! :O
Clothes, shoes, bags, make up, phone accessories, lifestyle gadgets, and now even food and groceries from time to time!

I've been shopping online for the past 9 years (my first online purchase was at 15 years old), and I'm now pretty comfortable with cashless purchases.
But there was always one thing that held me back from making my purchases..... the hassle of keying in my credit card details, mailing address, checking and double checking them every single time I hit "Check Out" just in case my fingers slipped and I had pressed a wrong number :/
The number of times I missed out on crazily awesome deals because I was lazy to fumble around my messy bags for to look for my card and enter those loooong credit card numbers?

But things have taken a huge turn recently when I learned about this new thing called the

Nearly everyone has a MasterCard in their wallet.
Did you know that that MasterCard operates the fastest payments processing network in the world?
MasterCard’s products and solutions have always made everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.

And MasterPass is MasterCard’s response to the new digital lifestyle,
and it is a solution for people who want simplified and secured shopping experience, like myself! :D

MasterPass enables us to pay with ANY enrolled payment card, anywhere, using any device!
We get to securely store MasterCard and other branded credit, debit and prepaid card information, as well as certain private label and loyalty cards, along with shipping addresses, all in one place,
so that they can be easily accessed during checkout.

This way, it's so much simpler, safer and quicker to check out without having to key in our information each time we're on a new site!

Because the MasterPass is sooo worth applying for,
I'm gonna show you guys step by step on how to register for it! :D
In case you're wondering, MasterPass does NOT require any additional charges.
It's just a really awesome FOC service that makes our lives a whole lot better!

How to Sign Up for MasterPass?
First, head over to 
Next, click on REGISTER NOW, and a pop up will ask you to SELECT BANK that you would like to register your digital wallet with.

I have more than one card (which I'll later be able to register all under the same MasterPass account)
but I chose DBS first!
Next you'll be brought to a DBS MasterPass page.
Click on SIGN UP, AGREE to T&Cs and then FILL UP your details :)
The entire process took me less than 5 minutes haha! Super quick!

I later also registered another card under my MasterPass wallet by clicking on the + sign.

My MasterPass digital wallet now has 2 cards and also my address stored in :D
And I only need to register each card once.
Then whenever I shop, I'll just click the "Buy with MasterPass" button at checkout!
Having a MasterPass digital wallet allows us to shop online with merchants all around the world with total peace of mind because it's not only convenient, but also totally safe!

MasterPass is built with a multi-tiered security system to keep personal information safe, creating added layers of security for the users.
It is also backed by the power of MasterCard’s secure servers.
MasterPass will evolve to support the use of emerging technologies such as NFC, QR codes and tags to enhance shopping experiences that a merchant wants to make available to customers.

For example, there's a One-Time password sent to my handphone each time I pay via MasterPass apart from logging in with my MasterPass email and password! :)

How To Use MasterPass?
The process of ordering and what not remains the same.
It's just that when paying for your purchases, you have to click on BUY WITH MASTERPASS.

It'll then lead you to a page that says SIGN IN to your MasterPass.
Once you log in, you'll be able to select whichever card from your digital wallet you'd like to use :)

Your security question will appear~

Next, you'll have to click on the card you want to use, followed by your shipping address.
And finally, a One-Time Password will be sent to your phone to verify that you're indeed the one placing the order, and you're done!! :)
NO NEED for keying in credit card details and shipping address!
It's so convenient!! :D

Today I used the Spizza mobile app to order my family's dinner before I went home so that by the time I'm home the pizza would arrive shortly!
Too bad I didn't have a MayBank card else I'll have an additional $5 off since I'm using MasterPass!
Good thing is that the MasterPass wallet made ordering so much faster I was done with placing my order and paying for it within about 5 minutes! :D

I'm so in awe of the convenience brought about by MasterPass, I'm now at Bakerzin's website to place an order for a Traditional Roast Turkey for my Xmas party!! :D
I also added 1 random pack of gingerbread man cookies just because they look yummy and I want it for myself hahaha!

Mmmm, gingerbread cookies ^~^
Can't wait for Christmas!!!

And of course, paying via MasterPass! :D

After signing up for MasterPass, I realised that quite a number of online websites support MasterPass!
Even Luxola!! :D
Do you know what this means?
And I'm also entitled to free samples, love it!!! ^~^

Time to check out!
Look at how many blanks I have to fill up if I were shopping as a new customer
compared to checking out with MasterPass hahah!
For MasterPass I only have to click a few buttons and I'm done~
My fingers are totally thanking me for choosing MasterPass! :P

Apart from enhancing our day-to-day shopping experiences, there are many other ways we can benefit from the new MasterPass!
Consumers shopping at MasterPass merchants will have access to additional value-added services, offers and experiences like the abovementioned! :D

Some websites where MasterPass can be used currently:
SIA, SISTIC, Luxola, Lazada, Tangs, Starhub, Bakerzin, Gardens by the Bay, Shaw Theatres & more!

Whoop whoop, thank you MasterPass for the free Regular Popcorn Combo at Shaw Theatres! :D

I'm absolutely enjoying my MasterPass experience!
It's going to be so easy to plan my dates with my fiancé, shop for clothes and cosmetics, and even pay for air tickets in future! :D

Super impressed by how convenient MasterPass is!!!
You know that feeling of disbelief and you're all like, "That's it?? I'm done?"
Yeah! It's so convenient, safe and efficient, it's like a dream come true!

The online shopping game has changed forever!
This is officially my favourite logo to see at any online shopping sites now :P

Go sign up for a MasterPass wallet now so that you can start shopping online more conveniently, securely and efficiently! :D
Under 5 minutes of your time to register, and a lifetime of online shopping convenience and additional benefits awaits!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

And now, I'm going to enjoy my first pizza bought with MasterPass :D

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