Monday, December 29, 2014

Staycation: Wangz Hotel

Staycation post today!!! :D
Special thanks to Seira Elves for the opportunity to work with Wangz Hotel on this staycation collab! ^~^

Although it was a short stay, but it was no less than awesome an experience and I would totally want to go back there again with my loved ones!
I really like boutique hotels because they feel a lot more personal and cosy.
Great for anniversary celebrations, birthday parties or just a relaxing staycation with your friends and family! :)

This is a picture heavy post, so enjoy~~ :D

A little bit about Wangz Hotel
Wangz Hotel opened in Dec 14, 2009, so everything there's really new ^~^
The opening of Wangz Hotel added a new flavour to Singapore's eclectic neighbourhood in Tiong Bahru (known for their selection of interesting cafes!)
Wangz Hotel offers exquisite style, spacious guest rooms and most importantly, seamlessly intuitive service and personalised comfort
and this boutique hotel is an ideal getaway for both leisure and business travelers alike :)

Cabbed and reached there around 2pm to check-in!
If you're planning to drive to Wangz Hotel, they also have complimentary parking lots for guests :)

Passed our luggages to their really friendly staff who immediately helped us unload them off the cab the moment we arrived! :D

Luggage tag number! ^~^
We took pictures of almost every step along the way because it was a little break Martin and I were both excitedly looking forward to haha!

Waiting for our turn to check in~
The staff was really helpful and provided us with details on the buses that were around the vicinity, the closest MRT station and how you can get there etc.
And if you do happen to need a cab they could call for one for you too :)

It was Xmas period so there was a lot of complimentary candies for us to take :X
I took 2 and haven't eaten them yet till now hahah

Wangz Hotel prides itself with their private collection of original artworks worth approximately $400,000 SGD,
75% of which have been specially commissioned to reflect the floral and nature themes of the hotel.

The gym at the first floor which Martin was really interested in! ^~^

Then ZhiLing, the Marketing and communications manager at Wangz Hotel, gave us a quick tour around the hotel to show us the various types of room available! :)
Each level has a different art piece and I love how they add so much vibrance to the hotel!

Even the chairs in the common area of the various floors are pretty! ^~^

Superior Room
In this one, you can see a beautiful view of the Singapore skyline :)
You can also choose for a City view or Greenery view too!
This is about 26 to 28 sq m!

Deluxe Room
In line with the hotel's comfort and bold cosmopolitan style, the Deluxe Rooms range from 32 to 36 sq m.
And you can also choose the views, either Singapore Skyline or City view.

Balcony Room
For those who want more open-air space and privacy, the balcony room is just for you.
The room extends into a large private outdoor patio for guests to lounge, sooo nice! :D

Soak Room
If you're all out for a getaway to rejuvenate yourself, to soak all your stress away,
or if you're looking for a more romantic ambiance,
take a look at Wangz Hotel's Soak room! :)

Guests may pamper themselves to a real soothing treat in the free-standing tub overlooking vibrant city lights outside.

Deep Suite
My favourite room we visited because it's the biggest! :P
This room is the ultimate indulgence designed for those who need space,
and it felt bigger than the flat Martin and I BTO-ed for hahah! xD

I can totally imagine bringing my family over for a staycation in the Deep Suite! ^~^
It'll be definitely be awesome!
Plus this sofa can easily be converted into a bed, so more people can share the room :D

Love how Wangz Hotel weaved in comfort, style and luxury together so well!

All their rooms the layout are really meticulously thought out to maximize space, while incorporating the touch of elegance to them!
Love it!!

Once we're done with the tour, we went back to the lobby to snap a few more photos before checking out our room!! :D

Lobby of Wangz with Nectar Restaurant!

When my mum saw this picture she told me the Xmas tree was super nice and asked me where this was taken at hahah!
Precisely why I couldn't miss out on taking some photos with it!! ^~^

And we're at Level 5 of Wangz Hotel!
On our way up, there were a few teens in the lift with us holding a lot of plastic bags of food talking about surprising their friend hahah (birthday party I assume)
So exciting one I also want to surprise people lol!!

Room 503, let's go! ^~^

Opened our door and greeted by the beautiful and cosy Canopy Room! :D
The deep suite looked fabulously big but it wouldn't have been suitable for just Martin and I!
This room was perfect for us!! ^~^

And we also had a bath tub & rain shower too! Woohoo shiok!!!
One of the best things about hotels are their bathtubs because it's a kind of luxury not many of us have at home~~ ^~^

Wahhh, can't wait to take a bath already!!

Everything you'll need during your stay there, they've got it covered! :)
They've also got an ironing board, hair dryer, bath robes etc!

Reading the card left by the Wangz Hotel staff for us welcoming our stay! ^~^
And my shoes for this staycation are lovingly sponsored by Seira Elves SG

First outfit with Liberty Silver :)
The cutting of their shoes are so gorgeous because they elongate my legs without the need for heels! :O
So comfortable yet super chic!!

Do I look super tall or what hahah
And look, no heels!!! ^~^

Enough of pictures, let's enjoy the room!! xD
Martin plopped himself onto the bed real quick and made himself at home in an instant~

Me too! ^~^
What do you do when you're lying on a comfy bed with chio lighting?
Time to take selfies!!

The hotel's 41 exquisitely design rooms are appointed with either king-size or twin Sealy Posturepedic beds, luxurious cotton linen and goose feather down duvet and a pillow menu to ensure the comfort of our stays! :D

Our room at Wangz also had a mini bar with several complimentary canned drinks!
But we were super interested in the chips and snacks :P
They have a price list provided for those that aren't complimentary,
but Martin and I were in a more like eat first, worry later kinda mood hahah

And one major bonus about Wangz... FREE WIFI!!!!!!
Best thang ever~~~~
Look at Martin so engrossed in watching his cartoons on his phone already LOL!

Indulging in some chips and drinks before we decide what to do next hahah!

It was Wangz Hotel that got us addicted to Kettle Chips Honey Dijon flavour :S
Now I can't stop buying it cause it reminds me of Wangz and the relaxing time we had there! ^~^
Plus it also tastes damn good lah, my favourite chips now!!!
I posted about this on IG and several other people love this flavour too hahah

Next outfit was paired with Heather Crochet! :)
It's in the sweetest shade of pink and had these dainty tassels that'll make your feet feel so pretty xD

Hehehe we were both in a super good mood cause it's a nua sai (eat, sleep, & do nothing) weekend for us~!

Spectacles from Visual Mass!

Helping myself to the complimentary mini-bar like a kiasu Singaporean~~~ ^~^

Also ate some of the fresh fruits they provided in the room xD

After binging so much on snacks, we decided to exercise a bit at Wangz Hotel's gym
so I had to tie up my hair first.
Tie hair also gotta pose and take picture! ^~^

Running on the threadmill, played with... I mean lifted weights, used their yoga mat for abs exercise & what not! :D
The gym definitely isn't as big as those you have to pay truckloads for outside,
but this is definitely sufficient for those who have a tight gym schedule to follow, even when on a
staycation! :D

Run run run~

Baby doing manly stuff like pull ups hahah
I tried my best but I can't even do one :S

His running and my running photos... very different.

Trying to get me some abs!!!
Oh and they also have gym balls for those who like to do stretching exercises or yoga and what not! :)
Sports wear by

Lots of complimentary bottles of water and towels provided for gym users! ^~^

And then it was night time!

Took a shower after gym and dinner to look for supper with Martin! ^~^
Pullover from STAGE Singapore!

There are a TON of food stalls and restaurants of walkable distance from Wangz Hotel and they all open till like 5am 6am!
Super spoiled for choice!!

Even when I'm not staying at Wangz I told my lil brother we should head over the area for supper some time :p

We walked into a restaurant that had Sichuan Mala Hotpot, super sinful but sooo gooood~~~ ^~^

Cap and mirror shades from STAGE & SNRD respectively,
you can get them from SCAPE! :D

Wah their mala is no joke hot.
Spicy food is always good for me ^~^

Kinda think we over-ordered.
I was so full by the end of supper I could hardly move.
Luckily our hotel was just next door LOL!

Fell asleep with a happy belly that night :P

The warm rays of Sun peeked through our curtains the next morning~ ^~^
It was gonna be an awesome day!

Taking in the view from our room~
Good morning world! :D

Martin prepared the bath for me with warm water and poured in the blue bath salt provided in the bathroom! :O
So much love to start my day T~T

By the way you can close the blinds at the window for total privacy for those who are wondering haha xD

Outfit for the day from Loveien19.
And shoes, of course from Seira Elves! :D

Wearing Brooklyn - Nude which I think looks very feminine and pretty!

The nude colour makes it so versatile with outfits
and it looks good no matter if you're dressing up or wearing something casual ^~^

Then it was time to have lunch at Nectar ^~^

Choosing our main courses!
We decided not to get the same dishes so we can swap and try both :P

Brought my Urban Decay Naked Palette along for this staycation too ^~^

The packaging nice right? :D

And then my pumpkin soup came woohoo!!!
This does not only look instagram-worthy, it was also absolutely delicious!

Smooth, creamy, and chockfull of goodness in a bowl! ^~^

The Pear Salad wasn't really our thing though (we knew when we ordered) cause it sounds really healthy, but we kinda just wanted to try hahah!
Mmmm~ Pumpkin soup!! ^~^

My Crab & Broccoli Tagliatelle! :D
You can really taste the chunks of crab meat when you bite into each mouth of pasta
and it was simply delicious! ^~^

Martin ordered the Duck Confit
and while he loved the duck meat because it was so flavourful,
I couldn't stop eating the parmesan polenta (the yellow mashed potato-looking thing)!!
So creamy, cheesy and fragrant,
my tastebuds and tummy enjoyed it thoroughly! ^~^

Highly recommend this if you're planning to dine at Nectar @ Wangz Hotel! :D

And it was time for dessert!
The staff was very efficient in serving us the next course, clearing the plates, and didn't let us go hungry for a minute! ^~^
Thumbs up for efficiency!

Cake of the day - Tiramisu Cake

Premium Ice Cream!

Such a good closure to a fantastic meal! ^~^

Time to pack up our luggages as we prepared to check out of Wangz!
Shoes from Seira Elves ^~^

Kinda sad to go :(

While waiting for our cab to arrive, took a few more pictures with the other Xmas tree at Wangz's lobby :P
Diamond Collar Shirt from Loveien19, shoes are Amber - Red! :D

Thank you so much Wangz for such a memorable and restful staycation!
My fiance and I truly enjoyed our stay there and would like to commend all your staff for being so friendly, passionate and efficient!
From the moment we stepped out of our cab at Wangz,
to when we walked in and out of the hotel (even at 2am for supper), we were greeted with such warmness by the staff at the counter,
it really made our stay a super pleasant experience!

I would definitely recommend Wangz to anyone who's looking for a good boutique hotel :D

Major plus points would be the complimentary mini-bar, awesomely clean environment, super comfortable bed (I knocked out within 10 seconds), cosy lighting everywhere, a gym free for all to use, and the convenience of the location! :D
Thanks to Wangz I found a new supper spot LOL!

Sadly, we didn't get to check out the rooftop lounge at Wangz Hotel because it was under construction when we went,
but I hope that during my next visit it'll be ready cause I'd definitely want to check it out! :D

Hope you all liked the photos & thank you for reading through this 100++ photos post hahah!
Give yourselves a reward for making it till the end of this post :P

If you're keen in having a little staycation at Wangz,
you can check out their PROMOTIONS at

As always, thank you for reading, love you all!

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