Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TNS Seletar Mall: Grand Opening

Went over to Seletar Mall to support the opening of THE NAIL STATUS' new branch! :D
Previously I always went to their branch at FEP Level 4 to get my nails done,
but omg the new one at Seletar Mall is so near my house!!! :O
See you girls there sometime! ^~^

Pretty flowers for grand opening day! ^~^

Congrats to Christine & Mabel!!! ^~^
I'm super thankful for TNS because you guys did my proposal nails for me & so many other beautiful sets of nail art in the past! :)

Their shop was packed with back to back customers that day, but still all the staff were super friendly and cheery! ^~^

Cybil came for the opening too!
Many thanks to the photographer at the event for helping us take this photo! ^~^

And there was a beautiful display of macarons and churros which everyone was shy to eat.... so I started eating first :X

So pretty don't eat, waste food leh :P
Let me help hahaha!

Rows and rows of beautiful nail polishes!
I think the layout of Seletar Mall's TNS looks super fab? :D
I love the lighting so much, it looks super diva-ish! ^~^
Really will have the feeling of being pampered when girls go there! :D

Can't wait to do my next set of nails at TNS Seletar Mall :)
But for now, here's my #ootd!
Top from Loveien19 :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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