Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Xmas Bakes!

Festive seasons are meant for giving, sharing, and my favourite part of it all.... FOOD!!! ^~^

I'm very honoured to have received a bountiful of kindness from Etude House with their special Christmas products, as well as from their Princess Happy Ending Collection.
So on my part, I'm going to share some easy and yet extremely fun and delicious recipes & tutorials to everyone who reads this space,
so that everyone gets to make and eat these yummy fooooood! :D

First up, Santa Hat Brownies + Cake Pops!
I've combined these 2 tutorials together because you'll realise that these go hand in hand through the video! :)
They use roughly the same ingredients, so they'd be convenient to prepare together as well!
Cake pops tutorial starts at 1:38 of the video! :)

Perfect for Xmas because they look so festive... and they're somewhat healthy? :X hahaha
Saw these before on tumblr and I knew I had to make these!!

Used the products from Etude House as decorations in this video because their Xmas packagings are too irresistible!
Now imagine an Xmas party with gorgeous decorations that are actually functional hand creams, lip glosses and what not!! :O
Pretty much every girl's dream party? :D

Cake pops can be made with cake ends (if you're cutting special shapes out of cakes and have leftovers) as well, so you don't have to waste any bit of the cake/ brownie!
So you can always make these for Valentines' Day, birthdays and what not too! ^~^

And who can forget Gingerbread Man for Xmas? :D
Um, to be honest... I really am not sure how gingerbread man are suppose to taste like LOL!
I haven't heard of anyone tell me "this shop sells really good gingerbread man" in SG, so there's no yardstick for me to gauge how a really good gingerbread man cookie is suppose to taste like.
Plus I've searched for recipes online and most gingerbread man recipes require complicated things that would be hard to find in our local supermarkets, or we probably will buy them and use every year on Xmas only.. I don't like the idea of that :/
Which is why I've come up with a super random recipe by trial and error so that everyone can make these easily hahah!
Plus they taste good I swear!! :P

Can I also add that Ginger Drinks are good for health, especially when you feel bloated and what not, so it's a good thing to have in your kitchen! ^~^

2 Packets of Ginger Drink (20g EACH)
1 Egg
62g Salted Butter (Softened)
151g Self Raising Flour
65g Brown Sugar

Preheat oven to 180 deg C.
Bake GGBM Cookies for 11 minutes.


Also featured the adorable My Castle hand creams from Etude House in this video because they look kinda like GGBM houses! xD

Last but definitely not the least, one of my favourite bakes ever!!! :D
I mean, who could resist these gorgeous Princess Cupcakes???
Inspired from pinterest! ^~^

The cupcakes part is pretty much the same as how you'd usually bake & frost your cupcakes (just use your usual cupcake recipes or instant cake mix & instant frosting), but what really makes these cupcakes stand out from the rest would be incorporating those princess half-body cutouts to merge with the frosting to complete those amazingly delicious dresses for the princesses! :D

They're pretty easy to make, but the results will definitely impress others and leave you super proud of yourself!!! ^~^

To make Elsa & Belle's two-toned buttercream skirt, watch my two-toned buttercream tutorial! :D

Side note, Etude House really has some of the best packagings I've ever seen!!
The "books" were actually boxes for nail polishes, BB cream etc from their Princess Happy Ending Disney Collection! :O

Etude House bracelet which you can get the charms when you purchase from them,
so it's kinda like a collect as many as you can & customise your own bracelet kind of thing! ^~^
Super pretty!! :D

A pink coat, eiffel tower and a handbag charm! ^~^

Princess Sofia, specially dedicated to my niece, Mia, who loves her ^~^

I hope y'all will try these tutorials out because I think they're really quite easy,
although they might LOOK like they require a lot of effort, but they actually don't haha! xD
Plus it's a great way for you to bond with your loved ones when you spend time together baking and creating something pretty AND EDIBLE LOLOL!!! xD
Food is my weakness :x anything food is good :P

Anyway, Merry Christmas in advance and have a great week ahead!! ^~^

Thank you for watching and reading, love you all!

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