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Xmas Party 2014

Welcome, welcome, to my impromptu Xmas party! ^~^
I only finally decided to have the party on the night of 22nd Dec and we sent out the invites to our extended family that night... leaving my family and I only 23rd Dec & the morning of 24th Dec to prepare for a mini Xmas party (including decorating the house, shopping for presents, preparing food and all) hahaha :P
Still the party ended up pretty decent, so we're quite proud of ourselves!! :D
Also, thank god for sporting relatives who ALL turned up for the party!!! Woohoo!!! ^~^

Starting with hanging Xmas socks on all the pillars in my house!
Start with all the easy things, let's go let's go!!

Party hats, Xmas hats and reindeer hairband~~

Dining area needed some Xmas feel too!
One big giant snowflake did the job hahaha!
Tip for decorating your house: always buy HUGE decos :X they take up a lot of space so you don't have to paste too much decos that way heheh
Also added some xmas lights along the wall & the fridge hahah!!! :D

Showing the dining room tv some xmas love too!

Spent 15 mins on the night of 23rd decorating our Xmas tree with my mum!!! :D
Super fast speed zoom zoom!

Heng the decos are adorable, anyhow hang also cute!!! ^~^

And all the presents I wrapped at 4am that night hahah looks quite good la hor? :P

Kept the living room deco simple because I didn't want to overdo it with the Xmas tree around!

Coffee table also had a tiny felt xmas tree, which two lovely girls gave me at the most recent TBM flea! ^~^

Martin came over in the afternoon of the 24th to help me blow up some balloons last minute :X
Party starts at 5, MAJOR PANICKING cause I haven't bathed and prepared cause I was baking hahah everything super last minute, but the thrill and excitement was so real :D :D :D

Pretty box to make the usual canned drinks feel more festive xD
Also we had sparklers and the old school bubble thing prepared!!

At around 3PM, Rainbowly delivered this huuuuuge tower of gorgeous chocolate dipped strawberries over and I stopped whatever I was rushing and took a long while admiring how pretty this was xD

So excited to peel the plastic wrapping out but I had to wait till everyone was here first :X
So I could only stare at its prettiness from here~~ ^~^
Still super chio omg, plus the roses in full bloom at the bottom :O
Felt like our xmas party just went from a simple party to a BOOMZ SUPER GRAND XMAS PARTY with this stunning center piece!!

Rainbowly also sent over a Kitty Box, also filled with an assortment of chocolate dipped strawberries!

The snowman was made of apples and the snowflake was made of pineapple! :P
So binging on this instead of the usual snacks actually feels quite healthy xD

Couldn't help taking a ton of photos of these because they were all so pretty
it's so hard to keep my camera from snapping!!

That's it man, I need Rainbowly's strawberry towers/ bouquets for every single one of my events/ parties in future!
They have a wide selection of designs for different occasions, even if it's as simple as sending a lovely bouquet to someone you love :)

Bride & Groom strawberries!!! :D
Perfect for v'day, anniversaries or as wedding favors!

So much love in a strawberry! ^~^ ♥♥♥♥♥

And then our guests arrived! :D
My sister prepared some pretty coral roses for the ladies ^~^

Our VVIP, my niece Mia hahah!
She's a joy to be with and everybody loves her to bits!!!
I missed her so much!!! :D :D

And then my sis let her open one of the presents under the tree right away hahah
We're typical aunties we can't wait to spoil our niece :X

Mia's super cute rainbow polkadot pants!! ^~^

And then my little brother (our family chef heheh) busied himself with preparing the food for everyone!

He has a gift for cooking and cooks up the best angmoh food ever we're really super blessed lah xD

A-T-A-S! :P

More meat, more meat!!!
Tonight, we feast~~~

Shiokzz :P

Also showing some love to my freshly baked brownies which turned out perfect!!! ^~^
They turned out so chewy and fudgy I got quite a bit of compliments for them, thankfully!!
I was initially quite scared cause I didn't get to sell them at my bake-sale previously cause I screwed 4 batches of brownies up :X
Heng my brownie behaved itself this time round ^~^

Snack stash~


Told my elder sis to do the honor of opening the strawberry tower!

Deng deng deng~~

It looks soooo good and smells even better! :O
Everyone was like "wahhh" the moment we opened it!
Thank you so so much Rainbowly for adding such a wow-factor to our party!!! ^~^

There were dollar sign designs, zig-zags, swirls, polkadot and even Chanel inspired double Cs on the strawberries!
Can tell that a lot of effort was put into this!
And my mum said it looked very åĢŪ观 (grand) ^~^

Don't you wish you could just reach into your computer screens and pluck one of it now? xD
pssst, I'm eating them while typing this post by the way hahah!

Enough pictures, let's dig in!!! ^~^

My favourite design was the $$$$ one hahaha!
Not only are these strawberries gorgeous, they taste friggin fantastic too!
Super addictive??? :O
The strawberries are SWEET, HUGE & SUPER JUICY,
plus the chocolate coating is the high quality kind that taste really fragrant and isn't too sweet!
Nobody stopped at just one strawberry man :P

Baby and I ^~^

Placed the entire tower on the floor for Mia to pick her favourite one.
She was obviously spoilt for choice xD

So cute lah the tower like bigger than her hahah xD
And I think picking strawberries off the giant tower was part of the fun element of eating these!

We also had lots of watermelon, black berries, raspberries, honey dew and what not to balance out all that meat.
And Martin decided to cut the watermelon in a way he learnt online hahah

Cube the entire thing before flipping it around and all the watermelon cubes will fall out cleanly if you do it right~

First try, close enough xD

Our giant fruit bowl!

My sis scooping them into cute coloured cups ^~^

More than enough for everybody! :D

And then it came to my favourite part of the night!
DIY gingerbread man!!! ^~^

Recipe for these yummy gingerbread man cookies can be found in this blogpost:

Pulled out 4 chairs in the living room, lined them up in a row and tadah!
Mini design-your-own GGBM "booth"! :P
Of course, Mia was my first customer yay!!! ^~^

Prepared some M&Ms in a bowl, gel food coloring, heart shape and pearl sprinkles, melted white chocolate & melted dark chocolate for decorating! :)

Cute plates from Daiso!

Got the gel colouring tubes from Cold Storage!

Super precious Mia in such deep concentration designing her own GGBM!~~~
Soooo cute!!! ^~^

Crazy overly-enthu auntie (yours truly) just sat opposite and spam took photos of her hahah :X

Mia asking her daddy to help her! So cute lah! ^~^

My baby also wanna be cute hahah!
But his cute a bit too unique, green eyes with red pupils O_O
Nightmare before xmas style GGBM lol!

Lil brother remembered to wear the Xmas hat when everyone else including myself totally forgot to hahaha

Ahhhh so cute de Mia!!! ^~^
Smiling for my photo but her face a bit itchy :x

Then she posed for my camera! ^~^
So cute omg I love her!!!~~ ^~^

Martin, my sis and lil brother!
All very serious about their GGBMs cause Mia was judging everyone's designs hahah!
She'd tell you "good job, beautiful!" if she approves of it, "UGLY" if she doesn't like it, and the most harsh of all... she'd face palm and LAUGH OUT LOUD if she really have no words for it hahahah

All of us couldn't stop laughing when she gave her verdicts lolol!
Possibly more truthful than Simon Cowell~~ xD

Trying very hard to design pretty GGBMs to impress Mia LOL!!!
By the way, can you see my undercut? :D
Love it!!!
More pictures soon in the coming blogposts~~ ^~^

Hard as we tried, all our GGBMs didn't turn out very nice hahaha
But they still tasted awesome lah so it's okay LOL xD

Left & Center are Mia's designs!!! ^~^
20 years down the road I'm going to show her this photo and tell her she designed these hahah!

Martin's creepy GGBM which was actually really detailed but Mia rejected it cause of the eyes hahah
But baby you get A for effort!!! xD

And then for the last highlight of the day,
the magic lava cake I learnt from YouTube How To Cook That! ^~^

I used a vanilla-chocolate marble cake as base instead because I didn't want it to be too overload on chocolate

Cut out donuts from it~

Placed them on these nice packagings I bought previously for my bake-sale

Prepared a thin layer of chocolate

Gently cut the same size of circle out of it using a knife

Then placed it above the marble cake.

Next pour hot chocolate ganache over it and watch the "magic" happen as the chocolate disk gives way in the center of the cake! :D
Relatively easy to make, but kinda impressive to serve your guests hehe! ^~^

Posted a video of this on my IG! :D
And then I distributed everyone's presents & our little xmas party came to an end! ^~^

Packed the remaining strawberries from the tower neatly into a box and we couldn't bear to throw the roses away cause they were so pretty, so now it's on my dining table like this haha!

Speaking of strawberries, I saw this collage on twitter and attempted it~

3rd try hahah, close enough lah! :X

I loved the company of my family members so much
& although our party was pretty last minute, I think it was pretty damn kickass and I enjoyed every second of it heheh!
I hope everyone had a very merry xmas and ate a lot of yummy food too!!! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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