Monday, February 2, 2015

Zygoma Reduction Surgery (Korea) Part 1

Disclaimer: This blogpost is not written to advocate self-esteem issues nor encourage plastic surgery.
This post is purely meant for those who have some questions about preparing for it and wish to know more.

If you feel strongly against plastic surgery or have nothing good to say about it, please just do not read this post because it serves you no purpose.

I paid for the entire trip & my surgeries myself.

Anyway, I've seen girls who've gone through surgeries receiving comments like "you look worse than before", "why did you do it, waste money" etc.
I understand that some people would be very against this (be it religious reasons or personal reasons), and some would say that I have very low-self esteem, trying to be caucasian, I'm just being greedy or chasing an unattainable ideal etc.
If I had to explain fully about my choice to do this, I think it'll take a lifetime haha.
All I can say is,
I feel that plastic surgery is a very personal choice. Nobody can force you to do it, and nobody can talk you out of it if you'd really want to do it.
There are things that some of us personally feel are NEEDS, whereas other people feel like it's a complete waste of money (eg. people who smoke, people who buy branded bags, people who go clubbing often, people who like to go for their idol's concerts).
There is no absolute right or wrong answer to many things in life, it simply boils down to personal choices.
Also, the pain and discomfort that people who undergo plastic surgery have to bear with doesn't hurt anyone else but ourselves.
So if you have nothing good to say, try to be more understanding and just don't say anything at all.

It's ironic that the world we live in is so superficial, and yet when people who are not born better-looking go for surgeries, we get damned for being fake and plastic. And if we don't do anything about it, we get mocked for being unattractive for the rest of our lives.
Tough life, ain't it? Haha!

Alright, let's start!

My Zygoma Reduction surgery experience
Zygoma Reduction is a surgery that several Singaporean plastic surgery doctors rejected when I emailed them to enquire. So the best bet was to have it done in Korea.

In the beginning..
During the initial process of trying to get this surgery done in Korea, I actually had to go through a lot of frustrations, anger and some tears ALONE due to reasons which I don't wish to blog about.

Anyway, I first got interested in this a few years back, and I felt like I'd waited long enough - it was now or never. I needed to materialise this wish of mine into reality by myself.
Ever since I learnt about the term ZYGOMA, I've been extremely conscious of my facial structure.
A lot of people told me "high cheekbones nice what", but (correct me if I'm wrong) I think cheekbones are just shadows from the frontal and side view, NOT protruding out like zygoma bone.

These are nice cheekbones.

Zygoma is a sharp protruding extra bone that widens the width of your face, creating a fierce, masculine structure from frontal and 45degree angle.
See the left side of this photo.
(a rare non-photoshopped picture lol)

My zygoma might not be obvious from my blog or instagram pictures because I DO PHOTOSHOP them, so it's prominent only in videos, to people who see me in real life or look at my unedited photos.

Some pictures from when I was younger and didn't bother to edit my face in photos yet :X

I was 20 in this picture
This was BEFORE my baby fats completely disappeared but still you can see the protruding zygoma bone already T~T

21 years old
Look at that protruding zygoma and almost non-existant chin :S

Super not balanced ba :/

Plus I have a weak jawline & chin, so it really doesn't help balance things out.
My zygoma became even more protruding when I grew older, and my baby fats went away from my cheeks.
So I've always been conscious about how my face looks like an upside down triangle with a very wide base lol

This only looks less obvious when I smile like this, which is why I tried to smile as much as I can in my photos.

My hopes for this surgery is that my face won't look so angular from the 45degree angle,
and hopefully some fats will move to my cheeks to give a more youthful look and balance out my weak jaw a little hahah!
*fingers crossed*

15 Dec 2014
Teary-eyed, I just booked my air ticket cause honestly I'm damn scared...?
I actually feel like I'm going to get horribly lost in Korea, starve all by myself with bandages all around my head, and get caught in all sorts of bad situations T~T

On a lighter note, I'm super thankful for Qiuqiu who recommended flying to Seoul via Vietnam Airlines (there'll be a transit in between) because it's a lot cheaper ^~^
Xiexie Qiu jie!!!!
Booked my flight super last minute via Expedia, and yet the return tickets only cost $498, yay! :D :D

As I was saying, I'm bloody scared while booking the ticket because I AM GOING TO KOREA ALL ALONE.
Martin will be going through an important course for his career in January and can't take overseas leave until 14th Jan, my sis will by flying to Taiwan with her boyfriend, my brother may be starting school in Jan, my parents have to work and can't leave.
And my friends have their own commitments also plus I urgently want to return prettier for my wedding photos :'(
So yup here I go I guess.

Martin will be flying to Korea on the 15th Jan 2014, so I'll have to be ALONE for the first week or so first T~T
His tickets via Vietnam airlines also $400+!

Thankful that Tyler went to have surgery alone in Korea before and I was able to ask him for advise, and he was very supportive and helpful,
telling me which vitamins to buy before going to Korea, to bring a mask so I can walk around after surgery, to rent a Wifi egg so I can remain contactable in Korea etc!
Thank you Tyler!!

He also recommended a guest house which he stayed at, which is 50USD a night.
Super tempting!
But Martin says that if I'm going to go alone, he feels safer if I stayed in a hotel so that I can always call for room service help and stay by myself comfortably.
After some searching and reading tons of reviews, I booked my hotel, Hotel Centro. via Expedia
because it's near the clinic X that I am planning to get my surgery done at (still emailing them ask about the details, almost confirmed!).

To be very honest, I chose clinic X (I'll call it X to hide its identity okay?) by RANDOMLY clicking on one of the results when I googled "zygoma reduction korea"
because there are more than 600 clinics in Korea, and I just desperately wanted my face cut
and I really had no idea which clinic to choose..

23 Dec 2014
My dad decided to take a few days leave from work & accompany me to Korea with my mum for the first few days of my surgery and return 5 days later. T~T super touched OMG!!
Booked tickets for them for the same day but different flight timing.
But I feel kinda bad to have them look after me, so I told them to take this trip as a honey moon~ and if I need their help, at least we're in the same country so they won't feel so worried ^~^
I'll be staying alone at Centro Hotel while they will be staying in another hotel cause I can't back out of my room booking, and I don't think it's good to let them see my swollen face all the time hahah!

27 Dec 2014
Just saw a Facebook post from a friend about clinic X I'd decided on,
that there was an accident and it involved the loss of a life.. and some other clinics in Korea with the same problems.
Already so scared of staying alone, now this -______-
feeling like shit now. cried like crap.
Maybe I'll really die for real?
Then now what? Back out meh?
Tell my parents about this and make them worry even more meh? zzzzz
Only told Martin and a select few friends about this... sibeh stressed T~T

28 Dec 2014
Can't take the nagging feeling at the back of my head.
I can't live like this.
Finally mustered up the courage to contact Docfinderkorea which my friend recommended...
I actually don't know what to expect from them, and if they'll even give me any suggestions,
but just try T~T
Yet another impulsive decision to change clinic after almost confirming with the previous clinic.. I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Anyway, I just booked Pocket wifi for myself and my parents at
It's unlimited wifi and quite cheap, worth it if you need to remain contactable at all times.

29 Dec 2014
Docfinderkorea replied!!! :D :D
In the email it said:
We will offer you all kinds of help for free, including medical advice, hospital & doctor information, hospital & hotel reservation, translation, pick-up & transfer, bargain with hospital and solving any problems that may happen throughout the medical trip.

Couldn't wait for another email reply (cause I'm flying in less than 10 days), so I whatsapped Director Shin Park from Docfingerkorea using the number provided in the email.
He sounds friendly and approachable, that's a relief! :D
He's Korean but he's fluent in English as well.
He told me about some problems that are going on in the Korean plastic surgery scene,
because he used to work in the medical field and thus have a lot of connections and inside info.

From Docfinderkorea:
Korean government inspected all plastic surgery clinics in Seoul 1 year ago and reported that 97 % clinics don't have any emergency system (there are no anesthesia doctor and cardioverter-defibrillator).
It means 97 % clinics in Seoul don't have a cardioverter-defibrillator and an anesthesia doctor who always reside in the clinic.
Those low level clinics just hire a part time anesthesia doctor.
They use the same anesthesia doctor. It means the doctor doesn't stand by you until the surgery finish.
Because he has to move to the other clinics right after he gave you anesthesia.
That is why a patient sometimes dies after surgery, as she could't take any first aid from a professional doctor. 

That is some scary sh*t man :S
But I'm glad Shin explained to me so I'm not left in the dark.

He also assured me that Docfinderkorea checks their partner hospital's safety standards and customer satisfaction every month,
in order to guarantee only the best quality hospitals to their clients.
So Docfinderkorea will only introduce the top clinics to their patients!

Feeling a lot more assured now :)
Continued whatsapping Shin and asked him a lot of kiasu questions hahah

Then I emailed some (super ugly) photos of myself without make up for online consultation with the doctors from various clinics.

Shin recommended Banobagi and Regen because they have been excellent in producing results so far, as well as a clean record.
Decided on Regen clinic because Qiuqiu went there to get zygoma reduction done before ^~^
Shin also mentioned that there will be a discount for my surgeries because I used Docfinderkorea's services, yay! :D :D
I heard from a friend that normal people like you and I won't be able to get discounts from the plastic surgery clinic unless you have special connections :X

But Shin said that for Regen's case, I need to bring cash to be entitled to the discount.
So I'm gonna be flying to Korea with a thick stack of KRW lol!! The pressure omgz :S

30 Dec 2014
Made a deposit of 500 USD via IBanking to confirm my surgery at Regen!

If after contacting Docfinderkorea, you decide that you don't want to go ahead with any surgeries,
it's alright too because they won't force you to do anything you don't want :)
Docfinderkorea will provide a selection of options as well as relevant information, but the choice is ultimately left to the patients.

31 Dec to 5 Jan 2014
Busy packing my luggage with all the essentials for my trip!
I'll provide a checklist in a SEPARATE blogpost for those who're interested :)

5 Jan 2015
Shin whatsapped and said that he'll pick me up at the airport :O
I read online that from Incheon Airport to Gangnam area (Regen) would cost about $60 to $80..
But I dare not ask "are you for real???" hahah!
Either way, I did change some KRW for cab fare expenditures too just in case Shin is not free hahah I don't want to be burdensome~~

It's finally time to head over to the airport!
I need to start fasting at 4am (no gum, no drinks, no water), so I'm going to eat as much as I can for now!
I'm flying Vietnam Airlines for the first time.
From SG airport to Vietnam it's pretty empty.

I got an empty seat beside me on the plane so it was awesome hahah!

From SG to Ho Chin Minh it's about 1.5 hours, and they served a meal on board :O
Grilled chicken with potatoes!! :P
And then there's a 2 hour break at Ho Chin Minh airport.

From Ho Chin Minh to Korea it's about 6 hours, and I got another meal on board :P :P
I chose beef noodles~~

The second plane had movies and games!!
Shiok leh!! I only paid $498 for return tickets (4 flights in total)!
And this flight was packed with Koreans which was awesome, cause it means that their locals trust Vietnam Airlines too~ ^~^
Felt good!
The pilots from Vietnam Airlines were also really skilled, they landed the plane so gently my ears didn't have any blockage or pain!

6 Jan 2015 (DAY 1)
Arrived at Incheon Airport!
Went to the toilet to wash my face a bit~~
My highlights are damn nice, and my hair looked so shiny still!!!
Thank you Hitomi from Cleo Hair & Make! :D

Feels a little unreal that I'm finally in Korea for my surgery!!! :D

Collected my Wifi egg at level 3! :D

Quite easy to find the girls in charge with the directions they provided! ^~^
They see you standing there alone and then they'll say "wifi?" and I'm like "yeah!" and showed them my printed email confirmation for it.

They also gave me some free vouchers for booking the pocket wifi device! :O

Pleasantly surprised that Shin Park was seriously picking me up from the airport!!! :O

With Docfinderkorea's service being free, I'll admit I was still in disbelief when he said he'd pick me up from ICN because the taxi fare from ICN to Gangnam area is $60 ~ $80 SGD!

I actually set aside some $ for cab fares for to and fro from hotel to Regen Clinic, but Shin Park from Docfinderkorea actually covered all of that for me T~T Super touched!!!
Thank you so much Director Shin Park from Docfinderkorea!! :D :D :D

Arrived at Regen and I was awestruck by the Regen Tower!

From anti-aging to eyelid procedures to dentistry to facial re-contouring, EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED in more than 10+ amazing levels!
Super hardcore!!
And you won't miss this big poster at their entrance :D
Some of Regen's success stories from Let Me In 3!

Love the end results omg super pretty! :D

Some pictures of Korean stars and the doctors at Regen

Everything happened so efficiently and quickly - consultation, blood test, x-ray..

A bit overwhelming but the lucky part was I wasn't alone as I'd initially thought I'd be!
Shin Park from Docfinderkorea actually accompanied me THROUGHOUT the entire process of consultation, translating and explaining certain things to be along the way etc.
To be honest I felt quite paiseh he had to wait for me and kindly helped take photos too~~

Anyway, some of the nurses at Regen spoke English and Chinese fluently, and Shin was there too,
so I didn't face any communication barriers.

First I met with Dr Oh Myung June!
He's appeared on the 'Let Me In' episodes (you can look it up on YouTube) & I've seen him on Qiuqiu's blogpost about Regen before.
He's pretty much like a celebrity doctor! :D

He'd seen my photos (which I sent via email) prior to this consultation,
so this time it was really quick!
Plus he's very experienced so he only needed to do a quick final check, draw 2 lines on my face and I'm ready for surgery :O
Super impressive!!!

Then I met with Dr Lee Seung Hwan for consultation for my eyes.
I was considering lateral canthoplasty when I spoke to Shin, but Zygoma Reduction was my priority.

But Dr Lee said that lateral canthoplasty wouldn't do much of a difference for my eyes.
But he mentioned that one of my eyes were higher than the other, which I totally had no idea LOL!! :X
So he suggested vertical canthoplasty to balance them out and make them less slanted instead.
And of course I listened to his professional advice hahah!

Dr Lee is yet another super experienced and popular surgeon at Regen.
Just right before my consultation, he was performing surgeries on a few other patients if I didn't remember wrongly! :O

Cost of Zygoma reduction: 6.6 million KRW after Vat 10% with Dr Oh Myung Jun
Cost of Vertical canthoplasty: 2.2 million KRW after Vat 10% with Dr Lee Seung Hwan
Total cost: 8.8 million KRW before discount ($10,731.70 SGD)

As mentioned above, because I engaged Docfinderkorea's services, I could get discounts from the clinic
as Docfinderkorea works closely with several clinics (& hotels etc).
The discount varies between 10% to 25%, depending on the number of surgeries you do at one go if I didn't remember wrongly!
But the discount is finalized only after consultation because the doctor may feel like you're not suitable for a particular surgery etc.

Of course, this doesn't compromise on the quality of the procedure one bit.
Instead, Docfinderkorea actually oversees the process to make sure that there are no suspicious activities going on (eg. switching of doctors while patient under anesthesia).

I really can't be more thankful when I heard about this, knowing the fear I had from reading that Facebook post T~T

My parents' flight arrived in Korea and they took a cab down to Regen to see me before my surgery!
I also passed them Shin's number so they could contact him if I can't reply with my phone :)

And I'm off to my surgery!!!
Excited, a bit nervous, but feeling very assured cause I know I'm in good hands! ^~^

Post surgery
Not gonna lie, my body felt like it was in shock from fasting for more than 16 hours (no food, no water etc) and I just had surgery.
Maybe this is a personal thing though, cause I usually eat a lot so my body cannot take it haha!
My body was shaking when I went to the toilet and I had to calm myself down cause I know I really wanted this surgery to go well.

Fasting is essential for the surgery, so it's better to follow the nurse's instructions.
Thinking back, I think the swelling from the surgery wasn't as uncomfortable as the pain from starving and feeling dehydrated :X

The nurses told me to take deep breaths for me to sober up from the anesthesia gas and not to fall asleep.
My eyes were covered cause of my lower canthoplasty, I couldn't talk cause my face felt kinda sore,
so the room was just very quiet and boring and a few times I almost fell asleep LOL
except for the few times the nurses came to check my blood pressure and change my cold packs and reminded me to take deep breaths.

But I could hear Shin's presence from the chair in the room, he was waiting with me in silence for hours omg I feel so bad for him again :S
And he also helped contact my mum via whatsapp to let her know I'm done with my surgery and am resting now!
But my mouth too swollen to say how thankful I am hahah

And then I could finally drink water!!!
As much as I'd like to chug down a gallon of it, my swollen mouth was only able to take tiny sips at a time,
but I just kept drinking and drinking.

Shin then brought me to one of the floors at Regen that sold a carton of Pumpkin juice (bottom left)!

Then my parents came to Regen and met with Shin and I,
and I asked my mum to help me open a packet of pumpkin juice for me and I sipped it up through a straw that I brought along myself.

I couldn't talk at this point cause my mouth was swollen, plus my body totally like no energy so I refused to speak to anyone.
I just really wanted to lie down and sleep in my hotel.. T~T

Good news is, Shin drove all of us to my hotel! :D
Thank you so so much!!! T~T
So crazily thankful for Shin Park's help from when I was in Singapore (via whatsapp) all the way till now!
No idea what I'll do without his help!
It's really so much better to have someone who's more experienced to bring you along! :D
My mum kept telling me that Shin is a really good person as well!

Hotel check-in
Thankfully my parents were around and helped me with check-in! :)
Everything was paid for beforehand online, so check-in was quick and fuss free, all my mum had to do is to pass them my printed confirmation receipt and they issued us a room key ^~^

But not as quick as my puke hahahaha!!
Felt a sudden surge of uneasiness come up my mouth and I quickly grab the plastic bag with my medicine, poured the contents out and puked LOL!
I think it's my gastric juices and my sudden intake of a lot of water and pumpkin juice that caused a reaction...gross :S
Just very thankful I didn't dirty the hotel floor on my first day there hahah!

Hotel Centro is awesome!!!
The moment I entered my room, in my heart I was like woohoo yay!!
The room is pretty, clean and sufficiently had everything I needed!
The lighting was warm and comfortable, their LG TV is huuuuge and super clear.
True to the pictures I saw online, thankfully!
Plus the price range was an average of about $87 SGD per night, which I think is really reasonable.

Actually my biggest fear of staying alone in a hotel is I'M SCARED OF GHOSTS LOLOL!!
So I was really happy that my hotel didn't give me the creepy vibes hahahah!!

Anyway, I opened up my luggage, threw everything I needed (medication, tissue paper etc) around me on the bed, hurriedly drank some more water and went to sleep first because my body felt soooo weak.

Mum and dad also left to go to their hotel.

Woke up about an hour later feeling a lot better!! ^~^
Drank a cup of warm Anlene Milk! :D
I brought a bottle of Anlene milk powder in my luggage because I was afraid I won't be able to move around much and buy fresh milk. So glad I brought it along :D

Also brought half a luggage full of instant food including Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate drink, Milo, Mushroom Soup, Cream of Chicken Soup, Minestrone Soup, Super NutreMill Cereal and more.
So scared I starve like this hahah :P

And I drank my first cup of instant porridge! ^~^
My nose had some dried up blood here hahah gross, sorry!

Wearing Martin's (new pair of) comfy army socks to feel his presence near me T~T

And not forgetting pumpkin juice cause it's suppose to help with deswelling!

Waited half an hour before taking medicine, and gargled my mouth to keep the wound area (in my mouth) clean as instructed.

Glad that the hotel room I got wasn't too big because I was afraid I'd feel faint from walking too much hahah!
So I would like walk over to boil my water, then hurriedly sit on the bed for a bit,
and then stand up and walk around again, and then rest on the bed once more.

7 Jan 2015 (DAY 2)

Woke up today feeling so much better than yesterday!

Placed cold packs on my face and eyes to reduce the swelling

Drank Anlene Milk again, made NutreMill Cereal, drank my cream of chicken, pumpkin juice, ate medicine, put eyedrops etc!

Feeling better cause I can drink so much water now ^~^
Some other food stuff that my mum bought for me from the Korean supermarkets/ convenience stores!

House keeping auntie came today and I struggled while I told her I didn't need the room cleaned, and she instantly said she'll pass me 2 water bottles and 2 towels!
Soooo sweet of her T~T
My hotel has free wifi! This is so awesome! :D :D

Brought ONE Korean power adapter and also an EXTENSION BLOCK from home, so I can charge more things at once.
Best decision ever! The idea was thought of by Martin hehe ^~^
Don't have to buy so many adapters, and just nice my hotel didn't have so many available power plugs, lucky!! ^~^

Thankful I can drink all my food from straws, thankful I have the strength to boil water,
thankful I have appetite for all the instant porridge and soups I brought,
thankful they aired an episode of You Who Came From The Stars on TV,

thankful the TV showed Kim Tan topless in the first episode of The Heirs :X HAHAHAHAH

thankful for the whatsapp group chats with my family and friends which are really active and they are really supportive and kept making me laugh xD
Thankful for Shin Park for whatsapping me to check if I'm doing okay!
Thankful that even though my face so swollen like a pig, I still have nice brows done by Amy Beauty Link :P
Thankful that through this entire recovery period, my hair damn short so it's damn convenient hahaha! Thank you Hitomi from Cleo Hair & Make!!! ^~^
I combed my hair today and sprayed the dry shampoo on my scalp and it felt good ^~^
Thankful for the medication so I felt no pain nor discomfort at all :D

I guess the suffering I felt on the first day was really pain from lack of food omg hahah I'm such a glutton I can't believe it!!

Anyway, I didn't shower nor change my clothes today :X
but I think it's okay cause the hotel is quite cold and I didn't perspire also... and nobody is visiting except my parents so it's fine? LOL!

My parents also went around Seoul to explore today, and came by at night for about 10 minutes with hot soup and orange juice! :D
Thank you mummy & daddy!! ^~^
I still can't talk much today though~

Spitting out blood phlegm, but I was told it's normal, so I didn't need to freak out.

8 Jan 2015 (DAY 3)
Swelling is suppose to be the worst today and tomorrow I heard.

I also brought along this personal pot from home for my trip hahaha don't judge!
Because if you were staying in a guesthouse, you could probably cook up decent food with a kitchen and stove etc.
But because I was staying in a hotel, I needed to find a way to heat up takeaway soups and porridge....
so here's my solution LOL!
This saved my life so many times
because my mum bought rice for me and I couldn't eat them at all
and had to boil them with soup/ water into a sticky porridge consistency before I could suck them up through a straw.

Mum also bought me strawberries, which were really sweet
but I was unable to open my mouth and bite them at all.

So I had these ziplock bags which I brought from home (initially to use as cold packs),
threw some strawberries in them and squished it with my fingers hahah

The end result, fresh strawberry squash :P

The first night mum bought me a packet of soup, it was the yummiest tasting thing I ever had
because it's fresh, it's not instant, cooked from powder sachets and hot water OMG~~
I savoured every mouthful of it... from a straw.

At 4am, my compression band felt super stuffy and my head hurt a bit and I couldn't sleep.
Maybe cause my head was so swollen it looked like it was gonna explode LOL!
So I decided to "shower" using my baby wipes hahah!
Just wipe wipe my body a bit and put baby powder all over, changed into new set of clothes - INSTANT MOOD CHANGER! :D
So happy now! yay!! ^~^

There are wounds at the sides of my head
so I had to be very careful when it came to brushing my hair.
I also had stitches inside my mouth!

9 Jan 2015 (DAY 4)
Woke up in the afternoon because I had an appointment with Regen today!
My mum came alone to my hotel to look for me and Shin drove us to Regen :)
Thank you again Shin!!

My face was ultimate fat pig head lah hahah!
But still I was in a very good mood and decided to werk it~~ xD
And my mum kept laughing at me hahah! I can talk a lot more today so that's awesome!

With a nurse at Regen who could speak English really well! ^~^

The nurse removed the piece of cotton from the sides of my head today!
But I still have stapler bullets by the sides of my head.
It's meant to prevent the incisions from opening up, and it's there in place of stitches if I'm not wrong!
Scary looking hahah!
I'm not allowed to wash my hair until the bullets are removed, so I gotta endureeee~

The nurse checked the wound in my mouth and said that I needed to gargle my mouth more cause it's not very clean LOL oops :X
But she cleaned it for me so I felt better ^~^

Swollen pig face selfie with mummy hahah

At the lobby of Regen you can get complimentary cups of coffee or tea!

Mum took a picture with the cute boy haha!

He's one of the many success stories at Regen and he's currently working as a barista at Regen.
He's like an attraction there too! People will go up to him and take pictures~ ^~^
You can find his photo on the magazines at Regen!

Posing with the pretty girls poster from Regen while waiting for Shin's car!
Shin fetched us back to my hotel again!

Back at my hotel to chill for the rest of today ^~^

Thankful for my very comfy Uniqlo lounge pants,
Thankful for my iPhone that I can take selfies of my pig head and entertain myself and make myself laugh,
Thankful that my mum bought me a bowl of ginseng chicken soup which I'll be having for dinner tonight!!
But I can't each much with my mouth still swollen, so it's probably going to be my supper tonight and breakfast tomorrow too hahah!

Thankful for plastic bags' existence because I get to clear my own rubbish and don't have to ask for room service cause I just want to be lazy on the bed all day.

Thankful for the ziplock bags I brought from home that I get to squish strawberries and drink them up through a straw.

Anyway, my family made some crazy impulsive plans too.
Dad had to fly back to SG (before 5 days, as initially planned), and suddenly told my brother to book a flight to fly to Korea to accompany my mum too omg LOL!
And it turns out my mum and brother changed their return flight dates and will be staying in Korea till 14th Jan, instead of 10th Jan! :O
They only told me when they confirmed everything themselves hahah!

Watched Superman Is Back/ The Return of Superman on TV today lol the triplet kids are too adorable ^~^

10 Jan 2015 (DAY 5)
Started feeling a whole lot better, so I reached for my laptop, charged it and started looking for shows to watch on Youtube! :D
Thankful for internet connection~~

I watched Yumeiro Patissiere which is this super cute anime series of a few teenagers who are aiming to be professional patissiers, and you see them make delicious looking sweet cakes, helping each other out, going for contests and what not! :D
Ahhhh, love this series!
It was hilarious, meaningful, and yet there were some parts that made me cry cause it was so touching LOL!
Crying over a cartoon, I must be crazy hahah!
Not gonna be a spoiler but the ending left me grinning from ear to ear~~~~ ^~^

And coincidentally my mummy bought a donut for me
which I got super excited about because I was craving for sweet stuff after watching the anime!

Dunked it into my Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with marshmallows until it got all soggy
and sucked it up with a straw hahah

12 Jan 2015 (DAY 7)
Started watching Birth of A Beauty drama series
and it's so addictive!!!
It's somewhat relatable too because it involves plastic surgery haha!!
Highly recommend this Korean drama to everyone because it had one of the most impactful and perfect ending there is among all the dramas I've watched!
Plus the main couple in it, I love their story cause it made me smile a lot ^~^

Mum also bought me a loaf of bread which I tore up and soaked it into all the soup, milo, milk that I ate :/
Kinda gross but I had no choice lol!
I need to eat a lot else I will have no energy to recover!!

Also, on one of the meals when I didn't feel like eating soggy bread, just drank soup and then took my medication
I VOMITED my soup plus a lot of gastric juice because instant soup just wasn't enough anymore.
Super awful feeling.
After that I got scared and stuck to soggy bread all the way hahah!

Mushy bread with instant minestrone soup
Minestrone soup really whets your appetite cause it's a bit sour?
So even soggy bread tasted damn good with it!
And I didn't puke anymore after that! :) Happy!!!

 I think being in a good mood and watching all sorts of funny shows definitely helped with my recovery!
And it's really encouraging to see my face deswell from the pighead it was at Day 4 hahah!
Slowly but surely! ^~^

Anyway, I haven't washed my face with my cleanser in a week :S
All I've been using is water and my NIVEA wipes because I'm kiasu and am avoiding touching my face as much as possible, except for placing cold packs and hot packs.

But I did try to brush my teeth a little, just the front areas of my teeth cause it feels gross to leave it uncleaned for a week except for gargling hahah!
Can't brush the molars of my teeth cause I can't open my mouth so wide yet.
Used my electric toothbrush because the surface area is smaller and I won't hit my gums by accident ^~^

13 Jan 2015 (DAY 8)
Finally felt confident that I'm strong enough (and gross enough) to shower my body today using my cool soft sponge without fainting in the toilet (choy!!) hahah!
Still can't wash my hair yet though~

14 Jan 2015 (DAY 9)
I have an appointment at Regen again today! :D
Shin came to pick me up, thank you again Shin!! ^~^

Was informed that Regen provides free facials for patients who have undergone facial contouring procedures! :D :D yay!!!

After cleansing, the therapist used a special device to help remove my dead skin

And there was also a special ultrasonic device which helps in deswelling!

Followed by a really pampering mask!
Finally my skin feels super clean after so many days of not washing it properly hahah!

And today, I got the stapler bullets by the side of my head removed too!! :O
Today is awesome!!!
The nurse told me that everything is healing well, and I get finally to wash my hair tomorrow (but to watch out for the parts with the wound) OMG can't wait!!!

The little reddish parts of my head were where the stapler bullets were.

My mum and my little brother will be flying back to SG tonight, so they brought over a huge loaf of bread, strawberries, a ton of instant soups and porridge for me before they left ^~^
Thank you mummy & Jack!! :D

Time to squish some strawberries tonight again!

How come Korean strawberries are always so big and sweet?
Super nice eh!

Decided to add a little more nutritious stuff into my strawberry juice tonight hahah!
Fresh milk!! :P
(You can see my little tub of powdered Anlene Milk at the back, I finished it before I returned to SG)

Strawberry milkshake, anyone? xD

The next few days in Korea is going to be so exciting!!
Going to wake up super early to wash my hair too!
And guess who's coming to Korea tomorrow? :D

Will be updating another blogpost about the next 5 days of my Korea trip & recovery soon! :D
Plus some "BEFORE & AFTER" photos.
& also another blogpost with my CHECKLIST of items to prepare before you go through a surgery!

For those who are interested in engaging Docfinderkorea's services or would like to enquire what clinic options they can suggest to you,
Docfinderkorea is a medical tourism company accredited by the Korean government.
When you're staying in Seoul during the medical trip, they will be there for you 24 hours,
so whenever you need something, you can count on them.

Also, Docfinderkorea has a BLACKLIST of clinics that have had accidents happen before or committed malpractices before that you SHOULD NOT go to (which I almost went to one of it, luckily I didn't!!).
You can email to find out about these blacklisted clinics too.

As mentioned, this is NOT a sponsored nor paid post in any way.
I'm treated just the usual way as Docfinderkorea would treat all their other clients.
I'm only shouting out for Docfinderkorea because Director Shin Park has been extremely extremely helpful to me throughout my entire plastic surgery experience, be it in Singapore or in Korea,
and has provided a lot of important information to prepare me well for my Korea trip.
The surgeries were successful and I'm safely back in Singapore and I can't be more grateful!
And plus Docfinderkorea's services are FOC, so I don't know what else I can do to thank him hahah!
If you're reading this, thank you so much again for everything Shin!!

To end of this post, in future if there are people who still die die want to make me feel bad about doing surgeries, I'll just remind myself of this quote from Birth of a Beauty~

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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