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Korea (Part 2)

Before I start this post, soooo very sorry it took me so long to get this up because I've recently been busy with my part time job at a newly opened cafe!
I might blog about it sometime... if I'm not lazy hahah!

15 Jan 2015 (DAY 10)
6am! Woke up to wash my hair & shower!
Omg this is the best I've felt in days!!!
Hair really makes a huge difference huh xD
Just blowed dry my hair and changed into a clean set of clothes, brushed my teeth and washed my face because.....
His Majesty, my beloved fiance, Martin, has set foot in Korea at 6:30am today!!
Things are gonna get so much better!

Director Shin Park from Docfinderkorea whatsapped me to ask about my return flight timing (in 5 days' time) as he offered to fetch us to the airport,
but I politely declined cause our flight is at 10am,
which means we have to be at the airport at 8am, and it takes about an hour+ from Gangnam to Incheon airport, which means we gotta leave at 6am just in case!
Madness hahaha!
So I told Shin it'll be too early for him, plus I have Martin with me so it's alright, plus he's helped me so much already! ^~^

Thank you Shin for being so helpful all the time! :D
You're the best!

Still swollen but looking so much less crappy already lol!

Having my fiancé around means that... I GET TO WALK AROUND :P
Because even if I were to faint (choy choy), I know for sure he'll be able to piggyback me hahah!
Also, I felt so much more energised the moment I saw him!! :D

We first went to have my first proper meal in Korea at this BBQ shop near Hotel Centro~
Been wanting to eat the korean grilled meat for the longest time so...

My baby actually cut it into tiny tiny bits for me to eat them without biting hahah!
Although I didn't get the satisfaction of tearing the meat apart with my teeth, the taste is still damn good!
Actually no, it's so much more delicious now that I haven't eaten any meat in weeks D;

Also went on a crazy buying food spree to bring back to the hotel to snack on!
Bought tteokbokki from a random supermarket!!
We actually don't even know where we were/ where we're going because we can't understand the Korean signs,
so please forgive me if I don't have the proper names or addresses for the places we went to :X

And so many other snacks!!
Like hungry ghosts :X

Cut up tteokbokki lol

The famous korean banana milk!

And this delicious milk cake we got from paris baguette was absolutely the best cake ever???
We managed to finish the entire thing without feeling jelat :O

Threw some bread into the tteokbokki sauce cause bread is easier to swallow than the rice cakes itself :P

At night, we went out in search for food again!
Chanced upon this fast food chain selling ramen burger~
Bought it out of novelty but it tasted pretty decent I guess xD

Chilled at a gorgeous local cafe~

After dinner, we took a walk to Seoul Arts Centre.. just the outside of it to take a photo lol!
It was freeeezing cold~~
The jackets we brought from Singapore weren't sufficient, so we bought coats from a local winter wear shop and it was so much cheaper??
If you're planning to go Korea around winter time, don't bother bringing too much clothes.
Just buy there!! ^~^

Found a street store that sells those fishcakes like you see on Korean dramas! :D

Using all sorts of hand gestures cause we can't speak Korean T~T

Fishcake soup :P

Ja jiang mian!! :D :D

16 Jan 2015 (DAY 11)
Before my Korea trip, I actually googled the weather forecast and it said that it was suppose to SNOW on the second last day of our trip...
but we realised that snow, just like rain, don't happen all across such a big country, and what if the place we were at won't snow?
So we weren't taking any chances!!
The second day Martin arrived in Korea, we decided to be kiasu and travel all the way to Jisan Ski Resort.

The Hotel Centro staff told us that it'll be very pricey (maybe $60) to cab all the way to Jisan,
so they recommended the Jisan Ski Resort's FREE OF CHARGE shuttle bus!
But first, we needed to know how to get to the shuttle bus' stop.
And that's where Hotel Centro's customer seriously impressed me!
We went down to the counter around 8+ or 9am, and the next shuttle bus was arriving in about 15 minutes.
So the hotel staff helped us book a taxi, told him to quickly drive us to the destination.
On our way there, the taxi driver received a call on his handphone and PASSED IT TO ME O.O
The Hotel Centro staff actually managed to call the shuttle bus driver to wait for us,
so she called the taxi driver to let us know we won't miss the bus!!!!

Got on the shuttle bus on time, woohoo!

This was Martin's first time seeing snow, so I was really happy that he spent his first time with me HEHEH ^~^

Happy baby!!! ^~^

Due to my surgery, I'm not allowed to do any sports :X
So we actually took an hour + ride to Jisan Ski Resort just to walk walk hahah!
There's no entrance fee as well~
You only have to pay if you're renting the ski boards, ski shoes etc.

Tiny snow ball~

We were picking off the snow by the sides of the barricade so people won't find us suspicious though hahaha!
Too desperate to play with snow :P

And we made our first snowman!!!
A bit fugz but it's our first snowman baby!! Yay!! ^~^

Found this bonfire thing which we saw people use for warming themselves up!

And so we joined in their circle around the fire lol~

Grabbing a hot drink and eating our snacks!

Selfie stick is awesomeeee!!!
It's been our must-have this entire trip! ^~^

Unfortunately, we only stayed at the Jisan Ski Resort for around 1 hour because we weren't there to ski unlike the other tourists.
And the next shuttle bus back to Seoul from Jisan would be in another 4 to 5 more hours??
So we decided to walk out to take a bus on our own, despite having no wifi signal (cause we're out of Seoul region) and no understanding of the Korean language.. LOL!

Waited at this bus stop for 30 minutes in the cold, only to realise that no bus was going to stop here :X

But this pretty leaf kept us entertained for a bit hahaha

Walked a little further down the road and found this quaint restaurant where we stopped for lunch
and to avoid the bone-chilling weather.

A little swollen, but so much better than looking like a pighead LOL

Ordered "bulgogi" because their menu had no pictures nor English words and this was the only thing we knew how to order LOL
Thankfully it tasted really good!!
And our meal only cost about $12 SGD in total! :D

Super yummy rice~~~

Kimchi tasted extra delicious in Korea!

Walked down further and we found the bus we were looking for to take us to some sort of interchange

FOL the announcement of bus stops were all in Korea too hahaha
we probably should've tried to learn some Korean before coming here xD

What. Is. This....... T~T

Bloody lost bloody lost bloody lost T~T
We're still damn far away from Seoul, so no internet connection and no GPS to help.

Give up, let's walk around and look for food again!
At this point we were so desperate and almost wanted to take a super expensive cab ride back to Seoul.

Thankfully we didn't!
Cause after much struggling and getting lost around the interchange,
we found a bus service that would bring us back to Seoul!!! :D
I think it cost $10 each or smth?
I'm not too sure either cause like I said... we were really just trying our luck with everything HAHAHAH!!
Just damn lucky it didn't send us off super crazily far such that we won't be able to go home lol!

Quite a scary and risky adventure, but I'm glad I had Martin by my side! ^~^
Even getting lost becomes fun when I'm with him LOL!!

The intercity bus dropped us at one of the subway stations in Seoul and from there it was a lot easier cause the train service works just like the one in Singapore :)
Just buy prepaid cards and done~!

Will continue writing about our Korea trip again soon~
And if you're interested in the recovery of my face, it's actually deswelled a lot during the two days Martin was with me because we were moving around so much! :D
Plus I was in such high spirits, many times I end up forgetting that I just had surgery LOL!
For girls who are planning on going for surgeries as well, doing things you like and being happy really helps with recovery :)

To read Part 1 of my Zygoma Reduction Surgery,

Ending off this post with our snowman hahah!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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