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Korea (Part 3)

16 Jan 2015 (DAY 11)
Continued from us getting lost...~
We finally arrived back at Seoul and somehow managed to take a bus that cost us $2 each to Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower) LOL!
We're actually really really lucky that a lot of locals we asked with lots of random hand gestures were helpful enough to give us directions! ^~^

We bought a lock of love to clip at Seoul Tower heheh! xD

Die die also dug our way through the heaps of heavy rusty locks to place ours on the fence itself
cause we didn't want to clip our lock on others' locks hahah

Success! ^~^

Then we decided to eat at HanCook, cause they have a package price at Seoul Tower's visitor center! :)

Pretty worth it because the food was delicious and there was a free flow of side dishes!!! :D
I ate sooo much Korean pancakes lol!
Plus the breath taking night view of Seoul!! :D

Saw these beautiful golden heart shaped locks which I was told were the limited edition locks of love which are all sold out :(
I really wanted oneeeee~~

Paid 1,000 won to play this wishing well thing (still inside Seoul Tower) twice using their special coins... and I think we kinda failed badly at throwing it
but the staff was so nice she GAVE US 2 EXTRA COINS TO KEEP heheh!!!

Really cool postcards to send back home!! ^~^

Then we bought tickets to take the cable car down Seoul Tower! :D

Selfie fail hahah can't see anything xD

17 Jan 2015 (DAY 12)
Woke up really early again today to have a hearty breakfast near Hotel Centro!! :D
I MUST MUST MUST have Kimchi Soup with rice at least once a day because I love spicy food and because rice was the easiest to eat for me haha!

Googled to get the Korean translation for Seoul Zoo in Seoul Grand Park!
It helps to have screenshots like this to show to the cab driver to prevent any miscommunications! ^~^

And here we are!!!

Found a pretty donut shop with many Line characters as designs

We're going to the zoo, zoo zoo!
How about you, you, you? ^~^

The entrance fee of the zoo was hella cheap, like $6 for BOTH OF US if I didn't remember wrongly!
But you have to buy a ticket at $1 each time you want to take the tram or chairlift etc :)

The zoo was almost totally EMPTY because it was freezing cold and they had to hide all the animals indoors.
Nevertheless, Martin and I took it as a trip to a beautiful park and took our time to slowly explore the area! ^~^
Plus having so much privacy with just us alone in the ginormous zoo felt quite awesome!! :D

Took pictures everywhere we went although we were 90% covered up cause it's so friggin cold hahah!

There was a section with all the warm-climate creatures which was pretty creepy and cool at the same time!

Crazily hugeeeee tarantula O_O omgggg

Us being tourists~~

Hello there llama!
We managed to attract it towards our direction by crushing some plastic bag to pretend we had food for it aahahah
I was so amused xD

Ze glorious solar flare~~~

And then it's time for lunch!
Can't wait to dig into a plate of piping hot meal in this cold weather~~ ^~^

Next, we went to Myeong Dong to shop and explore :)
Very quickly, it was dinner time and we chose this restaurant because we were attracted by its menu with LIVE SQUID on it HAHAHA!

Another exotic dish, cow's tongue :P
It actually tastes really nice and chewy. If you like beef, you'll like this too!

Tadah!! Live squid!
I actually took videos of this but I haven't had time to edit them yet :X
Um.... soon...... when I have the time..... :X

Due to my wounds I'm not able to eat the live squid which was still wriggling around on our plate.
But I still wanted to try how the squid feels like on my mouth/ tongue without eating it, so... hahahaha

Found a store selling giant macaron ice creams at Myeong Dong!
Super crazily full but I'm not giving this a miss!

Whoaaa~~ ^~^

Found this famous churros street store which had THE BEST CHURROS I'VE EVER EATEN?!!!
Crispy on the outside, soft, chewy and delicious on the inside oh my goodness T~T
Nothing else I've eaten comes close to this I swear!
If you ever go to Myeong Dong, please eat this!!!
Not expensive also!

Some prettily packaged strawberry mochi (quite expensive) we bought from Myeong Dong~

18 Jan 2015 (DAY 13)
Woke up super late today because we had an eventful past few days and old people get tired easily LOL!
We pretty much just nua-ed the entire afternoon away in the hotel.
Finally decided to step out to look for food because it was dinner time
and the moment we got out of Hotel Centro, we felt little drops of rain and we were like "hurry run!"
But on a closer look, HOLYYYYY CRAP IT'S SNOW??!!!!
Just right outside Hotel Centro???
It didn't snow the entire day while we were hiding indoors, and then the moment we stepped out we saw snow!
:'D :'D
Thank you thank you to all the snow fairies for letting my baby see his first official snowfall!
He was so happy and excited and so was I! ^~^

Ate at a Korean restaurant that serves chicken and beer within a walkable distance from our hotel! :)

Fishcake soup!

Spicy chicken!!!

After dinner, the night was still young so we decided to head over to Myeong Dong again!

I know it was snowing and all but.... 25cm ice cream leh!!!!

GOT IT! ^~^
Martin judging me at the back cause he was totally against me eating such a huge ice cream in the cold hahah
My ice cream still had free topping from the high heavens - organic snow powder xD

And we went to the cat cafe at Myeong Dong!
It's quite easy to spot the cat cafe because they had this cat mascot going around pointing to the direction of the cafe! :)
It's quite cheap compared to Singapore's cat cafes and their cats there all like super atas breeds and furry furry one!

Pajiao and pajiao XD 

Here's pighead yours truly with a gorgeous cat LOL

More food~~

And again, supper before bed! ^~^
Love going overseas because you're entitled to 5 meals a day with all sorts of snacks in between~~~

Alright, that's it for today's post!
One last post & maybe a video or two of us in Korea and Ima done hahah!

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Thank you for reading, love you all! :D

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