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Korea (Part 4)

19 Jan 2015 (DAY 14)

Our last official day in Korea :'(
I'm gonna miss the food soooo bad I love spicy food and anything soupy T~T

Can't remember how many bowls of Kimchi soup I had in total LOL

Read some tourist brochures and found out about this place called Hanok Village (if I didn't remember wrongly) where they had traditional buildings, a time capsule placed there etc.
Best of all, entrance is FREE OF CHARGE hahah!
We were somehow on an unintentional budget trip, but we ain't complainin'! :P

Made a lil snowman at the entrance

Byebye little fella~

And there was a thick later of pure, white, untouched snow everywhere!!!!

Left our mark as usual xD

Spam of tourist-y selfies again!

A nice view of the Seoul Tower from here!

Baby tried to grab it for the photo....... tried :X

This one's close enough xD

Not sure if we were there to check out the traditional infrastructure and the history behind it
or to play with the gorgeous snow :X

Yay another snowman!!

This one was particularly fashionable, with a hat and a tie!

With the Seoul Tower in the background! :D

M ♥ R

We drew these using our foot prints and if you see the part where there are exceptionally big dents....
I couldn't balance and I fell hahahaha

Laid down on the snow ^~^

I'm the warrior!

And Martin's the pretty little girl whom I will protect with my life, lol!

My damsel in distress xD

Took a rest at a cafe nearby~
Bought these chestnut traditional cakes (super ex.. meant to tok tourists I think) right outside Hanok Village.

Still gonna eat them anyway! :P

Fooooood :P

And then it was time for my final appointment at Regen! :O
Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my surgery!
It was time for another facial treatment to help with deswelling and recovery, plus the removal of stitches inside my mouth!

Felt really good to not have any stitches hanging around my mouth.
This calls for a celebration... with lots of food!! :P

Final review with Dr Oh Myung June.
He checked on the xrays and the reports, said that I was recovering well and the surgery was a success! ^~^
He taught me how to practice exercising my mouth again so that I can eat and talk normally soon!

Hi guyz this is me :D :D :D
It's my own skull but I think it still looks kinda creepy lol!

Thank you so much Dr Oh Myung June from Regen for making this all possible!
Thank you for your fantastic skills and special talent in giving girls their confidence back!!! ^~^

Also, a huge thank you to Shin Park from Docfinderkorea!
Without you, I would probably have been super lost in Korea since day 1 LOL!
You can read about how much Shin Park has helped me in my Part 1 post:

Shin accompanied Martin and I during my last review at Regen the whole time as well! :D
And he also very kindly offered to fetch us to Hongdae (which he highly recommended us to go) after my consultation
but we kinda wanted to walk around nearby so we politely declined! :)
Big big thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet to my family and I, Shin!! :')
I will never forget you!!!
For those who are interested in engaging Docfinderkorea's services or would like to enquire what clinic options they can suggest to you,
Docfinderkorea is a medical tourism company accredited by the Korean government.
When you're staying in Seoul during the medical trip, they will be there for you 24 hours,
so whenever you need something, you can count on them.

Also, Docfinderkorea has a BLACKLIST of clinics that have had accidents happen before or committed malpractices before that you SHOULD NOT go to (which I almost went to one of it, luckily I didn't!!).
You can email to find out about these blacklisted clinics too.

As mentioned, this is NOT a sponsored nor paid post in any way.
I'm treated just the usual way as Docfinderkorea would treat all their other clients.
I'm only shouting out for Docfinderkorea because Director Shin Park has been extremely extremely helpful to me throughout my entire plastic surgery experience, be it in Singapore or in Korea,
and has provided a lot of important information to prepare me well for my Korea trip.
The surgeries were successful and I'm safely back in Singapore and I can't be more grateful!
And plus Docfinderkorea's services are FOC, so I don't know what else I can do to thank him hahah!
If you're reading this, thank you so much again for everything Shin!!
Dinner time back at the first restaurant Martin and I ate at!!! :)
This time, we ordered the most expensive meat cause it was our last day here!

Ordered a bowl of Kimchi Soup to share

And the lady boss gave us another complimentary bowl of soup! ^~^
Thank you so much!!!

Dropped by 7-eleven on our way back and found this interesting yogurt thing

It's like half cereal half yogurt

And you just flip the cereal over to mix with the yogurt and it's ready to eat lol!
So cute one!!

Also bought a few bars of Hershey's chocolate

And decided to use the personal pot I brought all the way from Singapore over to Korea for the last time!

Korean strawberries are the friggin bomb diggity lah ^~^
So sweet, juicy and big!! :P

Swirly, melty, deliciously warm chocolate!

What a sweet way to end our trip! ^~^

20 Jan 2015 (DAY 15)
Damn tired at 2am but anyway here's how my face looks like today!
Can't sleep for much longer cause we gotta go!!
Got to check in at Incheon Airport and return our pocket wifi :)

Before we left Hotel Centro, we bought some pretty biscuits to treat their staff for helping us so much all this while :)
Thank you Hotel Centro for making our stay in Korea such an enjoyable one!!! ^~^

4am.. On the cab to Incheon Airport~

Ordered Kimchi Soup even at the airport hahah

Martin ordered Japanese food

Byebye Korea!
We will be back for sure!
I'll try to learn some Korean so we won't get so lost as well hahah!

My eyes got look slightlyyyy bigger ma? xD
This is thanks to the vertical canthoplasty by Dr Lee Seung Hwan from Regen!

Transit at Ho Chin Minh airport!
Looks so much bigger in the day, plus the shops were all open so we could walk around :D
Saw a plane parking just right beside us while we were eating (again...)

Beef pho!!!!
Spicy and soupy hahaha I love it!

Bought this cool snack from Incheon airport
it's a chili flavoured chocolate which actually has quite a kick to it lol!
Gonna be so fun to trick everyone! ^~^

It's late evening and I'm so tired for now~~
Can't wait to apply make up again and take proper photos when all the swelling and bruising goes down!
Before - After photos soon! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!!

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