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Have you guys heard of the old Paramount Theatre (where myVillage is located now) before?
Even if you haven't, our grandparents would definitely have!

In the 1950s to 70s,  Paramount Theatre was a hot spot for couples to pat-tor (go dating) - to catch a film and then grab a sumptuous bite after.
They would patronise hawkers who pushed their carts to the entrance of myVillage (then Paramount Theatre) every night.
This continued until the NEA relocated them to where Chomp Chomp is now.

Side note: I grew up with Chomp Chomp food hahah! Supper every night with my grandparents :P

Transformed from the old Paramount Theatre to a modern mall now, myVillage holds true to what its predecessor offered - a hangout where great friendships are built, and new memories are created!

Peishi and I went to myVillage the other day and we ate to our heart's content, shopped and took a ton of photos till our memory cards almost exploded xD

I still vividly remember when I came to Serangoon Garden Village's Coffee Bean and Cafe Cartel almost everyday when I was 15/ 16 (almost 10 years ago... LOL) with my friends to mug for O Levels because the area was really cosy and we all lived around the area.
It was also the place where I hung out with boys I liked, bumped into my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend (deng deng deng!!!), got stuck in the rain many times, ate Coffee Bean's bagel and cream cheese whenever I was studying, craved for Ming Garden's no chopstick Laksa every other day etc...
Good or bad, those were some of the best days of my teenage years and I'll never forget them! ^~^ 

Though it's been revamped into myVillage, I still got that same nostalgic feeling of when I was a teen when we went there the other day.
The area gave me a sense of familiarity, yet with new feelings of freshness and chances for new beginnings.

Now a modern building that houses an array of beauty, retail and F&B outlets, myVillage strives to be our “home away from home”,
where we can comfortably hang out with our favourite people, bond over a manicure, indulge in some retail therapy or an after- meal dessert.

I was suppose to meet Peishi but I reached a little earlier so the first thing I did was... check out the washroom hahah!

Love the modern rustic feel with the brick walls design!
My outfit of the day shot :D

Once Peishi arrived, being vain girls as we are, our first stop at myVillage was Beyond Beauty,
where they have a myriad of PERSONALISED services based on customers' needs.
From manicure to facials to weight loss treatments etc - you name it, they've got it!

We were given a tour around the treatment rooms and the ambiance was so cosy and pampering!
Can't wait to try a treatment or two here ^~^

Mirror selfie again because I really liked my outfit today! :D

One of their couple treatment rooms at Beyond Beauty

Beyond Beauty's cosy manicure room

They also have a range of products to recommend to their customers to ensure that the products used during treatments and the skincare products customers use at home complement each other, further enhancing the beneficial effects.

We had to book our treatments for another time, but we still went forward with consultation itself that day :)

What impressed me most during consultation was when we were told that if some customers weren't comfortable with the more technology-based treatments (with lasers, machines and what not),
Beyond Beauty do have products to help in our problem areas as well.

Thank you to the staff at Beyond Beauty for being so helpful and patient with our questions! :)
Although we haven't tried any of their treatments at the moment, but their customer service attitude is fantastic! ^~^

During our visit to myVillage, I realised that myVillage is truly a one-stop-spot for beauty services,
where we can literally get a head-to-toe pampering.
From a hair treatment at Gui Ren Tang, to a facial or spa treatment at Beyond Beauty, getting nails blinged by Nail Addict, followed by a foot massage at Chen Kang Foot Reflexology,
myVillage is simply a perfect place to just hang out and get pampered the entire day! ^~^

Speaking about a girls' day out, we would certainly not miss out on shopping!

myVillage is a really comfortable place to shop because it's quite an unassuming space,
and it's not heavily commercialized like many other malls.
What's retail THERAPY when shopping adds stress to you when you have to wait half an hour queueing to pay for your items and squeeze with the crowd?

At myVillage, Peishi and I simply took our time to stroll around, touch a little bit of everything, put them back, try this hat on, slip that dress on,
everything at our own pace with no care in the world.

Allscript, Twobros Lifestyle Gadgets, just to name a few cool shops you can find at myVillage.
And to me, one of the most prominent shops would be U-Design at Level 1, #01-06.
It's really easy to spot cause the interior of the shop is like no other, and you'll see why in a bit!

Also, we saw a familiar face at their entrance - Qiuqiu! ^~^

So many intricate details and so much effort put into designing the store.
Not only are their accessories and shoes stunning, I was awestruck by their gorgeous shop design!

U-Design is run by a pair of siblings who source for their designs from overseas.
Each of their designs is usually limited to only 2 pieces (if my memory doesn't fail me), so there's a really really low chance that you'll bump into anyone with accessories that clashes with yours :P

Sorry for the massive amount of photos, but I really couldn't stop snapping pictures of their store lol!
It's just so unexpected that a shop this beautiful would be found in a quiet neighbourhood close to my home!! :D

By the way, if you really wanted to, you can actually BUY THEIR FURNITURE hahah!
Each of their cupboards and even hand-held mirrors are tagged with a price, specially for customers who are keen in purchasing them! ^~^

This collection of bears displayed at their shop actually hold a very special memory to the siblings' parents.
We were told that their dad gave these bears to their mum one by one, over the period of their courtship!
So sweet right?  ^~^

Artsy shot of me shopping at U-Design, picture taken by Peishi! :D

I loved so many of their designs and I even remembered commenting, "Their necklaces are so nice, the one I'm wearing actually looks like crap now"

After browsing for what seemed like hours, we walked out super happy with our loots! ^~^

Anyway, just for our readers, U-Design has came up with a promotion!
To enjoy 10% OFF your total bill, Like U-Design's Facebook Page
and quote ‘Rachell Tan during purchase! :)

This promotion will be valid till the end of April 2015.

If you're heading over with your family to myVillage, there are tons of shops like FairPrice Finest, Home-Fix and Bedroom Affairs that make shopping for family needs so much more convenient too! ^~^

And while browsing through FairPrice Finest at myVillage the other day, I decided to look at the oils section because I wanted to look for truffle oil.
Several other supermarkets at other areas I went to didn't sell any truffle oil so I was keeping my fingers crossed....

OH-EM-GEE look what this is??? :D
White Truffle flavoured olive oil! xD
BETTER THAN NOTHING, seriously hahah!
And it's only $7.90!

So I tried making truffle fries at home, as inspired by the cafe I'm currently working at,
and although my cafe's truffle fries tastes a lot better,
but considering that this bottle of oil is $7.90 and it's home-made, I'm contented enough hahah!
Plus it's not exactly easy to find any truffle-related items in supermarkets too. So glad I made this trip to myVillage! ^~^

Pampering - checked!
Shopping - checked!
And now it's time for our tummies to be satisfied too :P

It's definitely a pretty hard choice at myVillage with so many popular dining places like Subway, Coffee Bean, iSteaks, Little Wimbly Lu and even dessert bistros like Bakerzin and Udders Ice Cream.

But for that day, Peishi and I went to Yogiyo Chicken for lunch! :D

We were really excited about trying Yogiyo Chicken because we were told that the owners are Koreans
and they prepare all their dishes fresh daily, with a taste of authenticity!

One of the super friendly owners who can converse in a little bit of English :D
Really felt like I was back in Korea for a moment there hahah! xD

I like how the back of my hair looks here :P

The owner recommended Ginger Tea to us, which is good for digestion, while we indulge in some delicious and sinful fried chicken! xD So sweet of them!

Even without eating it, their FIRE HOT chicken looks soooo crazily good already!
I'm salivating from this picture!
These two are boneless chicken meat which makes it super easy to eat~

And then there's also the crispy Sweet Soy and crispy Hot Soy wings which are SO DIVINE!

I couldn't stop eating this!!! :O
If you love spicy food, you'll find yourself non-stop munching away on the Hot Soy :P
Peishi preferred the Sweet Soy version though!

By the way, check out these transparent plastic thingys..
I don't even know what to call them because I think Yogiyo specially customised them
for their customers to wear over their fingers while they eat to keep their fingers clean!

Unlike gloves, these do not make your palm get all sweaty while you eat. and they give you the convenience of removing and putting them on easily!!! :O
Genius hahah!

Happy faces!! :D :D
Thank you Yogiyo Chicken for the gratifying meal! ^~^
I will be back for more hahaha!

Guess who's up for a second round?
WE WERE! ^~^
Our next stop was Udders Ice Cream at myVillage, where we got to meet Peck Lin, the founder of Udders Ice Cream,
have a little chat and enjoy some cold sweet treats with her :D

Saw these chairs at the myVillage branch and found them really interesting.
Peck Lin then told us that she gave each of her staff a chair each and told them to paint whatever they wanted on it! :D
Such a fun concept for the store design, isn't it?

She shared with us many stories about how the two different textures of waffles at Udders came about, how some flavours were decided upon, why some flavours were taken off their list etc
and I'm really honoured to have been able to meet her in person!
Not to mention she's so chill and sweet (like ice cream hahah), Peishi and I had fun hanging out with her.
Meeting the genius behind the creation of all these wonderful ice cream flavours is a totally legit reason to celebrate.... by eating more ice cream :P

Udder's signature giant waffle cigar.
As quoted from Peck Lin, "If you see a sundae with a super big cigar, that's us".

One of the reasons why eating at Udders with your loved ones is always a good idea is because they always have really fun flavours with equally amusing names to complete them.

This premium Mari Kita (Red Velvet, Cream Cheese & Brownies) flavour is officially my favourite from Udders.
It's a special flavour for National Day last year and it's friggin UH-MA-ZING!!
If you haven't tried it before, please go try it!
I honestly can't wait to see the flavour that Udders will come up with to top last year's NDP flavour for our SG50 :D

Got to do some tasting of their flavours!

Mari Kita is probably one of the best unique flavours of ice cream I've ever tasted??
It's a little fudgey, moist, not too sweet, and it's delicious!
Not to mention how gorgeous the deep red colour is ^~^

Tried to make a little heart shape out of the sample ice cream cups... I tried :X

Did you also know that Udders actually has an alcohol license for their ice creams? Hahaha!
Because their alcoholic ice cream flavours actually have quite a high alcohol content in it, such that you have to be 18 and above to buy it!
I'm super weak when it comes to alcohol and I really can't take anything related to it, but I still tried a mouth of their Tira-Miss-U.
The moment I tried it I exclaimed, "FWAHHHH??!! So strong??"
But if you're someone who can appreciate the taste of alcohol, you'll definitely get a kick out of these!
I think I'll just stick to my chocolate and vanilla flavours :P

Knowing that we're almost stuffed, Peck Lin recommended us to try the more refreshing flavours - Mango and Strawberry.
Udders uses fresh ingredients for all of their ice creams, no artificial flavourings nor essences,
just pure good stuff,
and you can really tell the difference when it comes to their fruit flavoured ice creams.
I usually hate strawberry flavoured ice creams, sweets, biscuits etc cause they always kinda taste plastic-y and artificial.
But that day was my first time trying their strawberry flavoured ice cream and I couldn't stop at one mouth! :O
It literally felt like refreshingly sweet, frozen strawberries melted in my mouth and I dare say it's comparable to the real fruit ice creams I had in NZ which I loved so much!

Picture spam because we had a really exciting, fun-filled day and we were in high spirits ^~^

Some of the interesting sights you'll notice at myVillage would be the conversational signs all around the mall.
Instead of your standard "CAUTION" sign on the transparent glass doors, this one says "Step out for a breather", which not only serves its purpose of preventing anyone from knocking into the glass, but it also adds a very personal touch to it.

Same goes for their signs for the washroom and lifts! :)
When you visit myVillage, remember to look out for these signs! :D
I think myVillage's concept of creating a home away from home to allow shoppers to feel welcomed to simply hang out at the mall is really sweet! ^~^

And nothing makes me feel more welcomed in a mall than....FREE MOBILE CHARGING!! :D
I appreciate all your efforts myVillage!!! Thank you very much ^~^
You have made me a very happy shopper hahah!

On a side note, I realised that myVillage's roof top level is a really great place for outfit shots haha! ^~^

The awesome customer service, the shopping, the food, and the gorgeous design of the place; thank you myVillage for such fond new memories! ^~^
I'm looking forward to creating more memories at myVillage in future! :D

And myVillage can be yours too! :D
Here's how you can get there:

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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