Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Outbreaks be gone!!

Warning: Some gross photos ahead!!
Not a sponsored post, just my personal review of my experience with laser in search for good and radiant skin~

Hi everyone~~
I haven't been taking a lot of pictures previously because of work,
and also because I actually got quite a bad outbreak and lots of clogged bumps
because I didn't get enough sleep cause my Shifu at work went overseas so I was alone and quite stressed LOL!
You know that awful feeling when your complexion looks so bad you don't even want to look at your face anymore? T~T

But when Shifu finally came back to SG, I got a few days off from work and I finally went to IDS Clinic to save my face!!! xD
Whenever I get one of these horrible outbreaks, I can always count on IDS Clinic's Hydrotherapeutics Facial Treatment (HTF treatment) because it doesn't only clear a ton of my clogged pores, it also helps hydrate and brighten up my face! ^~^
It's like the best facial treatment ever for me because I can see results immediately after.
Plus the effects of the facial lasts for quite long for me so I think it's really worth it :)

I've written about the HTF in detail plus a video before in this post:

So today I'm just going to show you guys the amazing Before & After photos!
All pictures are unedited so you can see the difference.


My main areas of concerns are congestion of pores on my forehead and my chin area.
Damn gross T~T
Concealer can't even hide them cause once the light hits my face you can see all the bumps omg hate itttt

My forehead bumps have gone down by a lot!!!!
Just a few tiny marks left but they should be gone in a few days cause I'm using IDS Clinic's scrub religiously ^~^

I feel like my skin looks more refreshed and a lot cleaner now!!

This was taken after swimming today~
Got a little sunburnt so my skin's all pinkish hahah, not complaining though, I really like it! :D

A selfie I took a few days ago! :D

Yesahhhhh, my confidence is back~~~ ^~^
Especially cause I'm too lazy to apply make up to work in the morning anymore
so I really need my complexion to be at least presentable and not gross.
Thank you IDS Clinic for your awesome HTF treatment!! :D :D

Love you all, thank you for reading!

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Tel: +65 6568 3555

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