Thursday, December 10, 2015

A regular day at Boufe

If you've visited my Instagram page today, you'll see that I just updated my IG bio with "Events Marketing Manager at @boufesg" hahaha!
#loyal I know right :P

It's just that everyone at Boufe works really hard, 
specially Shifu, the kitchen team and pastry team,
and I really wish that Boufe can continue to soar to greater heights!
Really hoping that I can help Boufe to the best of my abilities so that we can expand our team and lessen everyone's workload! :)
If you haven't visited Boufe Boutique Cafe before, please come visit us one day! ^~^
Directions to our cafe:
I think sharing a cab with your friends from Orchard MRT/ Redhill MRT is the best!
Same price as taking a bus if you share cab, plus you don't have to walk in hahah! :P

Anyway, we're testing out some camera lenses today and just somehow ended up with these pictures.
And I think my hair looked nice in them so I'm posting them hahaha!
Thank you once again, Sio! :D
Read my previous post on Cleo Hair & Make: Violet Hair for more pictures of my new hair!! ^~^

Looking all busy tending to emails, texting our Christmas Giveaway winners and doing some admin stuff! :)

When you kinda hate the person taking the photo but you kinda want to smile and look nice for a photo as well.... ^~^ _|_

One of the fun parts of working at Boufe is that we often invite bloggers/ youtubers,
and sometimes celebrities come to our cafe to chill as well.
And it's always exciting to see them in person!! ^~^
Here's Michelle from NOC on YouTube with her friend Zhi Yan!
We invited them over to try out our Christmas High Tea Set today~~ :D

And here's my #ootd for the day!
I just realised I have a whole bunch of bruises on my legs from shifting tables at the cafe from past events, and I'm very careless and violent about it hahah!
Have to stop wearing skirts/ dresses/ shorts for awhile and wait for the bruises to fade I guess!
Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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