Sunday, May 15, 2016

Diamond-Dust Perfector

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After a year plus, while many other make up products I'm using daily changed,
my base foundation has remained the same.
Simply because the Diamond-Dust Perfector from IDS Clinic is THAT fantastic!

If you're into the scientific bits, you can read up on their ingredients list etc here:

Why I feel such a sense of attachment to the Diamond-Dust Perfector is because I've been using it even when it was in the beta phase.. pretty much like a guinea pig :P

It first started out I think two years ago as the "EE Cream", which came in a tiny tiny temporary white tub.
A few of us tested it out for a few weeks and gave our reviews, and Dr SK Tan improved on the formula.
Another version of EE Cream came out, cycle repeated.
Easy to apply, coverage could be better, slightly dry but works great with OM (from IDS Clinic as well).
Love the new formula, coverage is great, no longer need to apply moisturizer before applying the EE cream, doesn't cause outbreaks, doesn't clog pores even when I forget to remove my make up.....

After a few rounds of testing out a new batch of EE Cream, Dr SK Tan came up with the improved DD Cream, with vitamins and some other really awesome stuff that's great for your skin!
At this point, I'm super IN LOVE with this formula already, and I've never been more pleased with my base make up than now,
and I kept asking Chester (for almost a year) when IDS Clinic would be putting this up for sale officially cause it's DARN GOOD and more people need to be able to get their hands on this!

And now comes the final version of the Diamond-Dust Perfector,
in a sleeker, compact, pocket-friendly version that you can bring around even in your travel pouch so you can have fresh make up, all ready for photos even after a long flight!
Also, with the coverage as good as the Diamond-Dust Perfector, you really only need like a pump of RICE GRAIN size to cover your whole face omg.
I'm serious though!
I'll be uploading a video of my make up routine soon, so you can see how a tiny little bit of this magic formula can go a long way.
One bottle like this could probably last you for MONTHSSSS even if you apply make up daily like I do!

Isn't the packaging super pretty? :D :D

Reasons why I LOVE the IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector:
1. Easy to apply. 
I apply this with my fingers since I only require a tiny bit for my entire face.
And because there are components inside the Diamond-Dust Perfector that's great for your skin, it feels like I'm applying skincare on my face.
2. As mentioned above, it feels more like skincare product than make up. It feels light with no cakey feeling.
3. Long lasting. One thin layer of this usually lasts me the entire day.
4. Doesn't clog my skin. My skin reacts badly to certain formula of foundation and results in lots of clogged pores. But with the Diamond-Dust Perfector, it's been great with no hiccups so far!
5. One tiny bottle of this lasts me so much longer than other brands I've used.
6. NATURAL LOOKING! I can't emphasize this enough!!
Whenever I apply the Diamond-Dust Perfector, I instantly look more refreshed even if I don't have eyeliner or other make up on. And from time to time, people have complimented on how great my skin looks (it's actually the make up though LOL!)
7. It doubles as a concealer for me.
I don't like to apply concealers because most I've used are super sticky and cakes up/ leaves fine lines under my eyes when I try to blend them, so in my case I only use one product for base make up for my entire face hahah! Too convenient.
8. My skin's been reacting so well to the Diamond-Dust Perfector and its predecessors that I'm actually AFRAID to try another brand of foundation for fear of outbreak.
So I think I'll be sticking to my ultimate comfort zone for the next few years to come!

If you're still in search of a suitable foundation for your skin, or are not entirely satisfied with your current brand,
I will highly recommend giving the IDS Clinic Diamond-Dust Perfector a try! :)
I'm not professional make up guru, but I definitely can feel and know what's good for my skin when I chance upon it.

The IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector is available for purchase online at $43.50.
To purchase the IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector, please email
or head over to IDS Clinic at
#05-07 to #05-10
Tel: +65 6568 3555

Also, there's a giveaway for 2 Diamond-Dust Perfectors on my IG HERE!
It'll be ending in a few days time, so do join now if you haven't! :)

Thank you for reading!

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