Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feeling Good!

Today's #OOTD in Takumi Romper in Mustard from
Quote "pxdkitty" with your purchase and get 10% off!
Grey comfy cardigan and shoes from Bangkok! :)

Hair was tied in a low side bun... and it was by chance that it ended up like that haha!
It's more of a I'm lazy to blow my fringe nicely so I'll pin it back, and I want to tie a nice side pony tail but gave up halfway and somehow bobby pins saved my bun so yay!

Coincidentally I wore this on a day I went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for more DIY projects with GoodFeelim!
A little bit of a colourful auntie (δΈƒε½©ι˜Ώε§¨) feel with the hair tied like that hahaha it's okay, I accept!!!!
I'm 26 this year already, time to admit I'm old LOL!

Happyyyyyy :D :D

Also, my gorgeous charm bracelet from SOUFEEL!
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Expires 31st July!
The quality is fantastic, and it even comes with a 925 sterling silver certificate!

Here are the charms that I got!
Singapore Merlion because #patriotic LOL ;)
Perfume because the pink blings add an exciting pop of colour to the silver bracelet!
Laugh, love, live because I really like that quote and I want to remind myself to be happy as much as possible.
SOUFEEL was also really kind to send me a complimentary stopper in the package as well!
Also noticed that the Perfume charm is at a 50% off at the moment so hurry and grab it before it's all sold out!!

Speaking of GoodFeelim, I'm hosting a food related video series called Food My Life there,
and it's been a ton of fun so far!!! ^~^
If you LOVE food or like to watch videos of people eating food/ making food/ recommended food places or anything food related at all, please do Like & Subscribe to GoodFeelim now!
There are lots more content coming up (not just food!! :D) and I can't wait to watch them!
In the mean time, embedded below are Episode 3 on Supper Places at Kovan/Serangoon area, as well as Episode 2, a tutorial on how to make the highly sought after Raindrop Cake! :)

The stretch of road at Kovan featured in Episode 3 is also where I got my Captain America Portable Charger from!
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Thank you for reading, love you all!

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